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4 > Image 4 of Check list of Kentucky imprints, 1811-1820, with notes in supplement to the Check list of 1787-1810 imprints

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

Preface v This second installment of the Ehegk_List_gf Kentucky Imprints carries the record of early Kentucky titles through the year 1820. The circumstances under which these titles have been gathered, compiled, and edited, and the 1 important part played in their publication by the Kentucky state office of the Historical Records Survey, are substantially as described in the preface to the Qhigg ist_pf_Kentucky imprints 1787-1810 which was published earlier in the year 1959. lt is hoped and expected that the publication of these titles for the period 1811-1820 will still further stimulate the interest of librarians and scholars in early Kentucky imprints and thus lead to the discovery and record of important items of local printed source materials which are as yet unknown. To this end, notes of new titles, or corrections or amplifications of titles herein recorded, are earnestly solicited, so that they may be included in a future supplementary list or incorporated in a revision of the present list. The supplement published with the present list, containing newly discovered titles of the period 1787-1810, shows that the possibilities of discoveries ` in the field of Kentucky imprints have by no means been exhausted. This installment of the Kentucky check list presents 429 titles-408 for the period 1811-1820 and (in a supplement) 21 new titles for the earlier period 1787-1810. The supplement also contains improved descriptions of three items previously recorded. The number of titles for the first thirty-four years of the Kentucky press has thus been brought to a total of 308. 0f the 429 additional titles 50 belong to the classification of broad- sides, leaving 379 vhich are pamphlets or books. Seven of the broadsides and 14 of the other titles will be found in the supplement. Locations in libraries or private collections are indicated for 406 items (48 breadsides and 558 books or pamphlets). Thus there remain 25 items (2 of