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6 > Image 6 of Check list of Kentucky imprints, 1811-1820, with notes in supplement to the Check list of 1787-1810 imprints

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

ix are religious or theological, and 4 are histories. -During the period covered by the present list of titles, the press of "entueky was still much occupied with matters affecting the religious life of the community and the activities of religious organirations. There are about 80 books and pamphlets of religious controversy and propaganda, sermons, hymn books, and the like, and about 90 titles of the minutes of Kentucky's numerous associations of Baptists-a total of about 170 titles concerned with religion. The next largest group comprises sons 80 titles concerned with civil govern- ment-laws, statutes, digests and compilations of laws, legal text books, court reports, legislative journals and resolutions, messages and proclama- ` tions of the governors, and the like. There are 26 Masonic titles, 20 alma- nacs, ll school books, about a dozen titles dealing with the economic life of the state, about the same number of works of fiction and verse, and also some valuable histories and personal memoirs concerned mainly with Wentuoky's part in the Var of l8l2. The Kentucky legislative journals and session laws of the l9th to the 29th sessions, inclusive, are all represented in the present list by copies located in various libraries. It should be noted, in the case of the legisla- tive journals, that each title page, as printed, bore the year in which the session began, although the sessions (wit? the exception of the 29th) all con- _ tinued until January or February of the following year before adjournment. In this list, therefore, the legislative journals will be found under the years in which the sessions adjourn d and in which the printing of them must have been completed, and not under the years printed under their imprints. For ex- ample, the journals of the lQth session, vmioh began on December 3, 1810, but did not adjourn until January Bl, ldll, will bo found in this list under ldll, although the printed title pages bear the date l9l0.