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7 > Image 7 of Check list of Kentucky imprints, 1811-1820, with notes in supplement to the Check list of 1787-1810 imprints

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

xi As with the previous list, each title in the present list has been clear- ed through the Union Catalog of the Library of Congress. The information avail- able from the resources of that catalog, as always, has been of invaluable as- sistance in finding locations of copies of a large number of the titles here presented. To the librarians of all the libraries represented and to the owners of the private collections the compilers of this list are under continued and gratefully acknowledged obligation for assistance received, directly or in- directly. A great many of the librarians and private owners have most pa- tiently and generously responded to innumerable direct requests for aid in the preparation of bibliographical descriptions or in other details of the work. A great many others, with whom no direct contact has been made, have cooperated with the many workers who have been assiduously collecting ma- . terial for the American Imprints Inventory of the Historical Records Survey. Thus they, too, have made their contributions to the preparation of this list. During the last few years, in fact, the final stages in the work of bringing this list to publication have become a cooperative effort to which so rany persons have contributed that it is impraotieable to make acknowledgments individually. With the "Hey to Symbols for Librarios" there is here presented a ro- vised count of the number of titles thus far known to the compilers as lo- cated in each library for the entire period 1787-l820including many loca- tions of copies in the previous list which have been reported since that list was published. It must be understood that this count does not by any means purport to be a complete census of all the Kentucky titles through 1820 which are to be found in each library or private collection represented. ln fact, the figures are decidedly subject to change without noticc." Yany librarians,