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The Kentucky Kernel, February 13, 1931

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

f THE KENTUCKY Best Copy Available Ull I FRIDAY EDITION KERNEL SEMI-WEEKL- II IIMI LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, KERNEL NOTICE, Delta Tau Delta Will Have New Building FRANK STONE IS SELECTED EDITOR Petitions of Kikcl and Cooke for business Head Arc s to Be Selected Monday nnd Tuesday at Class Time Co-ed- Approved , ( JUNIOR CLASS PLANS V ELECTION'OF MANAGER THREE ARE ON BALLOT FOR RANK OF COLONEL Hoard of Student Publications Declares Stone Is Automatically Elected t SI NEW SERIES NUMBER 38 Wildcat Basketeers Leave for Southland OF KENTUCKIAN Twenty PRE-MED- MEDICAL APTITUDE TESTS MUST HE TAKEN TODAY FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13, Ifl.U BY MILITARY MEN Selected Girls to Take Part! in Annual Fifth Area Corps Inspection .. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY VOLUME XXI R.O.T.C. SPONSORS ARE NOMINATED . SISTERN! JJRETHERN! By; JACK BENTON Elfa Alexander Doole, President of the W. C. T. U. Is a member of Knppa Kappa Gamma. Mary Duncan, movie actress, is a member of Chi Omega. Bobby Jones, famous golfer, Is an S. A. E. Alvan E. Duerr, president of the Intcrfraternlty Conference is a member of Delta Tail Delta. Bobby Dodd, half back from Tennessee, Is a Slgmn UNBEATEN BLUE WILL CLASH WITH GEORGIA TONIGHT Coach Rupp Takes 1 Men on Tour; Georgia, Clemson, Tornado, Opponents 1 The petition of Frank Stone, for SQUAD IN EXCELLENT Nominations for 20 R. O. T. C. I the editorship of the 1032 Kcntuck-lacoed sponsorships were announced CONDITION FOR TRIP and the petitions of Albert Wednesday by the department of Kikel and Roscoc Cooke for busimilitary science following the subKentucky Is Dark Horse in ness manager of the publication Nu. mission of petitions signed by the Conference Race; Tech were passed on by the board of Sally O'Nell, movie actress, Is members of the basic and advanced student publications at a meeting in to Attempt Revenge a member of Alpha Xi Delta. courses in the department. room 53 of McVey hall Tuesday af Hugh Rhea (Nebraska) Three girls were nominated for ternoon. Ky LAWRENCE CRUMP Is an Alpha tackle the position of regimental sponsor, The petitions carried the slnga-turSigma Phi. Conch Adolph Rupp, Trainer with the rank of Colonel. Tills Is. of 20 juniors. Stone autoGrantland Rice, sports editor, Mann and 11 members of the Wildthe highest sponsor position that matically becomes editor of the cat basketball squad left last night loyal member of Phi Delta is a can be held by a coed. Miss Mary Kentuckian and either Klkel or for a three-gam- e trip into the Theta. Armstrong was selected Colonel last Cooke will be elected at a meeting Southland, where they will engage Erny Pinkert (So. Calif.) year. Nominees for the honor this Georgia, Clemson and Georgia of the Junior class which will be halfback is a Sigma year are Miss Betty Board, Kappa Tech. Tonight the Kentucky team, held In room 111 of McVey hall Chi. Kappa Gamma; Katherlne Drury, undisputed leaders of the Southern Wednesday afternoon. Rear Commander Richard E. Alpha Xi Delta; Virginia Young, Confrence, and only unbeaten conMr. Stone has been connected Byrd's fraternity is Kappa Kappa Delta. The proposed new home of the Lexington chapter of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity Is pictured above as it ference team, will play the Bullpast with the Kentuckian for the The election to select a regimentwill appear when completed. Contracts already have been signed with a Lexington Arm, and construcdogs of Georgia at Athens. year serving as associate editor and sponsors, al sponsor, two batalion building of Georgia Colonial architecture to be located on manager of the feature section. He tion is to begin at once Hpon this four-stor- y Due to Injuries and three hard and six company sponsors, will be and strenuous games, Rupp is takForest Park road across from the Triangle fraternity house. The building, housing a minimum of thirty is a member of the Pan Hellenic conducted during the class periods ing 11 men. They are: Captain military science department men, will be ready for occupancy before the beginning of the fall semester. Dedication exercises are Council, Alpha Delta Sigma, proof the Spfcer, McGinnis, forwards; Yates, advertising fraternity, the on next Monday and Tuesday. planned for October. In order to carry out the southern atmosphere of the stractare's design, specifi- fessional staff, and the varsity rifle center; Worthington and Bronston. Guignol The selected coeds will assume cations call for red brick construction, green tile roofing, and a white trim for all outside woodwork. The team. He is president of the Eng guards; the reserve men are Forest office immediately after the elecSale, Bill Kleiser, Darrell Darby, sketch and illustrates his conception of the lish club, and also belonged to the above photograph is taken from the architect's water-colore- d tion and will take part in the anEllis Johnson, Bill Trott, and Ercel Men's Glee club. During his first Corps Inspection finished house. nual Fifth Area Little. year he was a freshman football which is to be held this spring. manager. "Le Malade Imaginaire" to Following the game with Georgia Miss Virginia Young, Junior in tonight the 'Cats will make an over Mr. Klkel was a member of the the College of Arts and Sciences, Be Played at Millersburg NOTICE, PRE-MED- S night hop to Clemson where they 1929 and 1930 advertising staffs and and member of Kappa Delta sororFebruary 18 meet the Tigers in a return enwas advertising manager of the 1931 ity, was nominated as honorary gagement. The Wildcats will spend All students of the university year book. He Is president of the colonel and also on four other petiThe Guignol Theatre will inau- Sunday at Clemson, resting for the who are contemplating entering ic council, is preMen's tions. Misses Betty Board and Kitgurate a new policy of giving Sat- return battle with Georgia Tech, next fall are remedical schools sident of Alpha Delta Sigma, proty Drury were also nominated for presenta- Monday night. quired to report to room 111, fessional advertising fraternity, and urday matinees with the Twenty-nin- e the regimental sponsorship. at Are Pledged on McVey hall, this afternoon at Undergraduates, a member of Delta Sigma Pi, pro- tion of "Le Malade Imaginaire"FebThe entire sqjad is In excellent to be nominated it was In order 2:30 o'clock, the afternoon of 2:45 p. Hi., for the purpose of Sale Bid Day, Concluding Week Alumni, Write for January fessional commerce fraternity. He ruary 24. The play will be given shape with the exception of Light necessary for 20 or more men in and the injured Johnson. is a member of Lances, Junior honof Active Rushing by Greek taking the mental aptitude tests. the military science classes to sign Number of Law Publica- orary fraternity, as usual in the Euclid avenue workouts have been the order durMedical schools throughout and is active in Women a petition adjoined to a nominee's tion it has been playing ing the week as' Rupp is anxious to the country are refusing to con,j Y. M. C. A. work. He is advertising theater, where name. Basic course students nomsider applications of students manager of the Kernel, and of the all this week to full houses. Tickets prevent his boys from going stale on inated the sponsors for the comWith the first bid day of the who have nof taken these tests. The Kentuckw Law Journal, quar- Kampus Kat, a humorous publlca for the matinee may be had at the the home stretch. panies, and the members of the second semester over and the cessaThe move Is sponsored by the terly publication of the College of boxofflce for fifty cents, Georgia's Bulldogs are certain to university. advanced corps signed the petitions tion of active sorority rushing camcompletion of its run make it tough for the Big Blue as American Association of Medical Law, in the rJcent January issue tlon at the When interviewed concerning his in With the regimental and battalion paigns, Sarah B. Blanding, dean of Schools and Is designed to deof the Lexington. Prof. Frank Fowler, they have been vanquished onlyby contains a nunjber of articles and campus activities Roscoe Cooke, ; -- , women, Tuesday released the folsponsors. termine the likelihood of the reviews oy momoers oi tne law Georgia Tech. The Bullddgs deThe battalion and company spon- lowing list of new pledges to the success of the applicant in medifaculty, undergraduates and alumni. feated the Golden Tornado at ten social sororities on the campus: sor nominees are as follows: cal school should he be admitAthens, but at Atlanta, in the Prof. Roy Mojeland and Mr. Ru-fwomen were pledgted. The results of this test are First battalion, with the rank of A total of 29 Rambling Wreck's dingy gymnaLisle present conflicting views major: Misses Floy Bowling, Jane ed during the past week. considered along with the grades select inose sium, they were soundly trounced by on the "Right rof Privacy," in ar however, that he was a member of he Produces tries Unlike the fraternity rules that Dyer, Virginia Hollis and Virginia attained in the margin- a ticles receiving mucfyprominencerin, TMtfstfWulty and was assist-- ! courses and the general recomMills. For second battalion, major: govern rushing, the sororities are The Kentucky boys are strong cerProfessor Moreland n 'This is the only the Journal. mendations. man3BCr Misses Mary K. Montgomery, Car-lee- n permitted to rush girls only at girls cast. favorites to defeat Clemson, Saturle Pre"lsentatU by a tain periods of the year. The time at which the test may be is a professor of law and Mr. Lisle Grant and Virginia Young. day night. Clemson has been unan undergraduate of the law college. SeThe bTrd of student publication at tne various taken. Nominees for company sponsors, are entertained der quarantine because of smallpox. , ,Q houses and, after a specified time For further information call "Considerations in Mortgages" is which considers the petitions for i UPJ with the rank of captains, are: but it is believed that the game will Dr. R. S. Allen, department of the title of a discussion by Mr. these offices is composed of the Company A Misses Floy Bowling, r""?", Guignol players precede be played. Kentucky had no trou- second, anatomy and physiology. Clarence Barnes, an alumnus of the Martha Chapman and Virginia Hoi preference, giving their first, curtain- - ble in turning back the Tigers at with a light, amusing U. K. law school who is at present lis; Company B Misses Jean Daw- - and third choice. The sororities ; oddly enough does not Lexington ana uoacn ttupp nopes V. an instructor in business law at the of the Journalism department, Rex raiser which th mood nQ1. spoil t0 be able to save hls reguiars for pledge their respective organiza- X77 "Oklahoma A. and M. College and Allison. Gordon F nley, Georgetta , pany C Misses Irma Pride; Com- - ioris u lf Tne the game wlth Georgia Tech Mon- g a member of the Oklahoma bar. Walker, Catherine Katterjohn , "e.menn.e" l pany E-Mary Elizabeth i Alpha Delta Theta: Agnes Burn. sketch rests day night. Yates Drobably has the toughest Virginia Wardrup and V r- - slde Lebanon; Betty Clo. Flushing, the heading of "Notes," and Katherine Kennedy. Under Fisher. mainly upon the shoulders of that job ahead of him. as he will face ginia Young; Irma Pride and Vir- - L j . vloja combs, Whitesburg; Dean Alvin Evans briefly considers versatile yuuiis uum, im. Coneither "Catfish" Smith or Stanford ginia Young; and Mary Elizabeth Elizabeth Hardin, and Polly Offut, the "Sealing and Delivery of Hoover. ' tonight at Georgia, followed by Shearer. tracts in Kentucky and the ReLexington; Roberta Hulett, Frank- 18-1- 3 Crane at Clemson. Crane is the while Prof. Forrest As Home statement," fort, and Hortense Smith, Horse scoring of the Tiger squad. on the "Control Over Black writes cave. Riley finesse which many remember Monday threat he will tangle again 1 1. Gertrude Gamma Fire, which had its origin in the i fr0m "The Dagger." Mrs. Thelma with the night scoring ace of the lMII fl vl I i Alpha plkeville- Delta: Margaret Kercheval and Polsgrove Armed Forces." high and 'Evans- of the home pollitt Fulton conducts herself as South, Perkins, who counted 12 closet of a A number of excellent book reLead Attack for Kentuc 'K views are included in the contents of Mrs. Sarah K. Holmes, assistant a true artist and actress in her points against Yates last Monday 1 1 U UlVjLi ky in Second Defeat Alpha XDeKa1:' Ruth King, Lex- of the Law Journal. The majority dean of women, at the corner of i sorichtlv presentation of the maid, night In their first meeting. incrton. Ennllri nvenue nnd Avlesford Place. TViinnHo mid Miss Martha B. of these were written by local uniTech still feels that tney " The undefeated Eastern State versity men. Three appear under about 8 o'clock last night, resulted j Loughridge adds a truly delightful j Georgia best ball club and intends Delta Delta Delta: Eugenia Beck, , . have LOl- - Louisville; Virginia Maun, Ashland, Normal freshman team defeated the Director of Cincinnati the signature of Dean Evans, two in Durns io Mrs. noimeu muiu, aim aasn oi aesineuc uuiiums iu net pr0ving it at the Cats expense lege of Music Will Appearand Justine White. Huntington, W. University of Kentucky Kittens anmuges ui wciuiny uppmci iu mc apanisn cinnce, 3 are from the pen of Prof. Forrest Monday night. Following their de juu. o: feat last Monday at Lexington they at Vespers in Memorial Va,elta Zeta. Sara Bethe, Lexlng. for the second time tills season Black, and Professor Murray and extent Are approximately companies answered the BOYD RECOVERING Two alumnus William Gess have one came back strong the next night at Hall ton. in the Euclid avenue gymnasium alarm, but members of the family Knoxville to take the Tennessee Zeta Tau Alpha: Ann Brown, last night. This victory gives Eastern each. James W. Boyd, Paducah. Junior Volunteers into camp. The Vols The Kentucky Law Journal, while had the blaze under control before Montague, Elizabeth Sidney C. Durst, director of the Falmouth; Alabama the of Engineering unLexington, and Thelma Jones, Wll- - the undisputed state championship primarily of interest to those en the firemen arrived. Although was in the College emergency operation had previously defeated two years. College of Music, Cincinnati and for the Tide's first loss In derwent an gaged in the legal proression, oners Injury to Mrs. Holmes' hand for freshmen teams. dean of orcanists will cive a recital uumauurB. Ercel Little, the 11th man to a store of valuable information to very painful, it is not expected to for nppendicltls Tuesday at the 10-- 5 Omega: Ann Coleman, Lex Chi and The first half ended at the Vesper services at 4 o'clock ington, prove serious. Good Samaritan hospital. He is make the trip may have his big and Jean Sutherland, Cin- was very slow. Lack of team work all educated persons. Sunday afternoon in Memorial hall. The damaged clothing consisted rapidly improving and will probably chance in any one of these games. cinnati. by the local frosh featured the well known to the Mr. Durst Is largely of evening dresses, which be able to leave the hospital within Should Yates be forced out on fouls McCarthy is speaker Kamm Kappa Gamma: Gladys or injured, Little may have to take people of Lexington, this being the Gilboy, Chicago; Frances Griffin, session. For the winners, Adams caught fire while hanging in the the next week. starred on the offense and Madden his place, as Sale Is not in condisecond year that he has presented Los Angeles; Betty King, Lexingcloset. Delta Sigma Pi, honorary comtion to play an entire half. In the SPEAKS FAKQUHAR at the university. For the ton; Frances Roads, Hillsboro, Ohio, was best for the defense. Both merce fraternity, held a luncheon recitals are former Carr the guards is past year he has been giving weekly and Henrietta Whittaker. Russell-vill- e. of these players Prof. E. F. Farquhar, of the Eng- events that one of go SUKY TO MEET at the Lafayette hotel at 12:15 o'in at guard Cl66rC StfllS was the principal forced out, he may recitals at the George Berry home, Suky Circle will hold a meeting lish department game was clock yesterday. The speaker for ability and In the last half the He "Juniper Hill" In Frankfort. at 5 o'clock, Tuesday, February 17, speaker Thursday at the chapel because of his defensive ankle has McKanna Delta: Sarah Connin. Cov speeded up and the locals outscored the occasion was Mr. W. C. Y. M. for the purpose of electing officers. exercises at Morehead State Teachfact that Johnson's the has written several compositions for ington; Martha Gunterman. Louis Carthy, secretary of the local not healed. os- - the Richmond boys eight to six. C. A., who gave a talk on condiorgan urged to be ers' College. His subject was "Abrathe All members are ville: Arwanna. and Juanita Kentucky, always a dark horse in ham Lincoln." Helen Polsgrove and Kercheval led the tions in India. and Somerset, present. In addition to his musical activi-- 1 borne, the Southern Conference basketball Klttten attack. ties. Mr. Durst is also an authority Wunsch, Louisville. race, gets blacker with each win. Eastern defeated Kentucky there He will play again on Spanish. They have proved on several occa0 three weeks ago. in Lexington on Sunday, March 15, E. G. Sulzer) sions that they are not The lineup and summary: and will make that recital a request and have plenty of reserve to (17) Eastern os. Kentucky (13) program. Anyone who has a request come back when games seem to be Adams (9) Polsgrove (10) for this final program may see Mr. lost. Followinc the game with Feebach (4) George F Durst after the recital Sunday. 'Cat-Tec- h Georgia Tech the team returns to (2) "After High School What?" Kercheval (3) .O... McDanlels (3) Lexington to prepare for their final The program for Sunday: Vest Mattlngly G . trip Is Subject of Feature by to Vanderbilt and prep for the Concert Overture in B minor, RogMadden G Fidler i Hnv Southern com irenca louruumem tttwiiurti ers; Largo, from Concerto for two Band Director Shouts and cries were almost By EDNA SMITH Bach-Neviwas carried at random in Atlanta. Febuary 27. 28. and Violins, The Swan, deaimlng. Friends greeted each SI.ce and ,o .hn Mnmh l. Tho 1 neuD tonight will "Somebody ought to write an ediThomson Stebblns; Russian March, Schmlnkc Elmer G. Sulzer, director of uni- Miss other hilariously, s. with yells and were taking tickets could hardly consist of Spicer . and McGinn torial on this!" Here it Is, not an staggering back-slapArcadian Idyll, Op. 52, Lemare. Students Worthlng-SlVraen is the author of an versity bands editorial exactly, but something to To quickly enough and the forwards; Yates, center; Serenade, Musette, Solitude. Just Joining the milling mob were guards. connote the Incident. article In the recent Issue of "The tried to look othcial In his ton. and Bronston. smiling jovially, but when they beArmstrong; Scherzino, Choral Tho writer has always heard that came encompassed in the center beautiful, shining brass buttons. entitled "After Miss Edith E. B. Thomson, of arPrelude on Rockingham, Noble; School Musician." and Scotland, student at Yale Unlver by the time that boysshould girls Some very precise young co-eHigh School What?" iVlcHargue 10 possess of it, their smiles evaporated like Sonata D minor (Agitato), rive at collece they Internation. emerged from the struggle in such article Is Illustrated with I alty. wM speak to the and mist beneath the sun. The nl Relations club of the university at least some of the traits cen complete disarray that they naa 10 the pictures of the entire men's band; at a dinner meeting at 0:30 Tuesday characteristics of ladles and gentle- - i Gradually those toward just pause, for several moments were so w'"!""" v " type persons rearrange a group picture of Miss Virginia evening, February 10, in Boyd hall ment. You know tho collected and ter Prof James S. McHargue, chief gether that the little short g lrK within the threshold to who are always coolly Dougherty, sponsor, and Messrs. with Mrs. W. S. Taylor, presiding. dlcnlfled In every situation. See if. were entirely obscured from view themselves and to take a good, big cjiemist of the agricultural Experl Shows 3,102 is, "The Several wero seen to to pick out such per behind the broad, athletic backs of deep breath.to the floor In sheer ex- ment Station of the university, will Crosby Bean and Marion Custard, The subject for the address you are able Relation of the United States and sons in tho following episode, have important reports to make at the tall men. As those in front almost sag majors; groups or instrusteps, the whole haustion. meeting of tne Great Britain, Reports from the Registrar's of- drum the eiKhty-flr- st Tho scene was laid before the would go up tho like a huge cater- combinations, and a cut of years After tho game, strange to relate, American Chemical Society, to be sway mental Miss Thomson has for three fice showed that by noon, Thursmen's gymnasium of the university, mass would v all of the doors were opened, even held In Indianapolis been studying nt Yale University, the tlmo is 7:30 p. m., and tho pillar, nesuaie, from March Mr. Sulzer himself. ,l day, the total registration of the tho six big doors In the front of 30 to April 3, according to tho pro",w i!. conceptions of college bands on a fellowship. Beforo coming characters wero members or tne oi u prenim-ythe gymnasium, which give It such gram Just announced. university was 3,107. This is 105 byTwo to this country she attended St student body. The event was the wiminssured of a firm foothold High school musicians accordEven at Huts were shoved askew, coats of an Impressive appearance, Prof. McHargue Is head of the less than last semester's reglstra-whlc- h ing to Mr. Sulzer, are: a band clad Andrews University, in Scotland, game between Georgia Tech and caught that there was no little wait for the division of agricultural and food Miss On Monday afternoon, was 3,207, according to in- In white sweaters of the typical rah-ra- h the Wildcats, and tho students were unknown Individuals were surge forth through the in tho maelstrom which carried tho crowd to exits. chemistry of the society which Is on to Thomson will speak to n political anxiously gathering before the type tooting the team formation received from the deans' persons in the coats along within Inadequate to report new and undoor. victory; other pictures of the col- science group in room 4 of the sweepWhat a relief It would to bo able scheduled work done in experiment olllces tho College of Arts and lege band as a serious academic Administration building, and Monpublished At first there wero only a handful tho tightly compressed moss, with to attend one of the major games from Sciences leads the other colleges organization devoting its time to day will be the guest of the Scrib- of persons assembled, but the num- - ing them away come tothose game, without having to struggle and light stations on the program of the the the whom they had jumped with a registration of 1,145. The tho study of compositions of the bler's club, meeting at the home bers swiftly Suddenly,upwards to was1 Bodies were temporarily pushed out one's way through one single open- third day of the meeting. disclosing afsomeone Hundreds of papers College of Engineering is second masters, an organization so far su- of President McVey. Tuesday Book hundreds. ed door, through which approxi.... ... .. mwuc. will speak progress In practically every manenaisn with uproxlmately 508 students. The perior to their high school band ternoon shemeeting nt to theMcVey seized witn me preceding meu m,ui persons ' raculous way, had one arm rigidly mately 2,500 students must pass. It jor sphere of chemical sclenco will shoving the tho College of Commerce has registerthat they doubt whether or not club, also forward, madly clutched a Is a great rlelef, however, that there be presented by scientists from door which was game at they are good enough to compete home, at which time she will recite through tho single spectators, while distended ed about 330. The College of Agriticket book and with the other Is only one other major writer will the industries, the universities, and opened to receive , re. culture has 111 Home Economics for a place among Its members. a number of Scotch poems, Includ- a T i v...,i t,mnBl in Knlvnc?R the -- - - home this year, and the - -nanasome Bcunemuu ui mw wi , wuu uv... ing some of Burns', In dialect. While not feel duty bound to struggle technical scliools of the country students and 157 boys, making a Mr. Sulzer explains that both of - ..,1.1, I, rt.ee hiitfnna tin nnri mnlns of one side Of the tODCOat. bo the other mob at sessions of the society's divisions, a total of 268. The Education Col- these conceptions are correct, but here, Miss Thomson will O. Jones down'hls coat, stood Inside the di- As those in the middle neared the through more than one and at meetings of other groups. lege has 395 and the Graduate that there Is even more to the guest of Prof, and Mrs. J. slnele ooened door, unbelleveble this year. ,in,.iiv. I college band. and President and Mrs. McVey. school reports 178. Guignol to Present First of Series of SaturdayMatinees KENTUCKY LAW JOURNAL ISSUED TEN SORORITIES HOLD PLEDGING Faculty, sna ajsararas 2 S $fgb$g thZS J?8 Hpnnit Eastern Freshmen Win from Kittens By Score of omTrur n nun err iTif Ill liud HIS el!Z Hni ",,., Dean Holmes Burned Catches Fire JFbA&t& AL Is Author For Music Magazine Students Forget Culture As Hundreds Game Crowd Single Door at tn Edith Deliver Address nepori Chemical Discoveries Total Registration Students