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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 13, 1931

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Available r THE KENTUCKY KERNEL, Friday, February 13, 1931 01 RM imtmtmit::tttJHtmtittttttitmmmtttmtmtt QOCIETV IkftT ELLEN MINIHAN, Editor am: Hi i:int:t:t::m:::t:;:::ttt::: mtmmmmtwmmmmtmwmwmtw Liabilities: The front fence, up stairs rooms. About 100 guests called during the afternoon. ENGAGEMENTS Hlbbs-Glbso- n The engagement of Miss Dorothy Hlbbs, daughter of Mrs. Lula Hlbbs or smithland, to Mr. Edwin Mar tin Olbson of Plalnfield, N. J. Miss Hlbbs 'was grnduntcd from the university in the class of 1928 and was a member or the cm Omega sorority. Mr. Olbson is connected with a construction company of Pittsburgh. The marriage will take place in the spring. PAGE THREE SEMI-WEEKL- Y Sneers Snick ers Scandal By WILLIAM AKDKKY May We Be Qaren of the May7 Every Cherokee In The election of officers of SuKy, dlan in school has pledged us his student pep organization, for the support in the coming May queen second semester, which was to have been held last Tuesday, has been election. postponed until next Tuesday due to a misunderstanding concerning the time of meeting. All members of the club are urged to be present Tuesday afternoon at 5 o'clock, ? nextofficers must for be elected at that j time. The present officers of the circle are: president, Bill Young, Triangle; "Red" Looking Over The Magazines By NICHOLAS WINN WILLIAMS Collier's Weekly" has been pub Breeze from the South Faculty club tea from 5 until Messrs. Cecil Bell and Lynn Jef Valentines greetings warm, sincere Line of the week to Prof. Enoch lishing serially a scqual to "All o'clock in the club rooms. year, to Cincinnati ov fries were visitors With a wish for all the Grehan "The wildcats changed Quiet on the Western Front." It is er the past week-enAdvance Date That with every day you'll find called "The Road Back," and It may Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity an- the Tornado to a zephyr, Life is sweet and hearts arc kind. Febraary 20: be quoted that there Is not so much nounces the pledging of Mr. Erie Alumni dance. Ordinary Occurrences Walton, of Mumfordsville, Ky. Febraary 21: CALENDAR It occurs to us that no one In the blood and gore In it as was found Mr. J. W. Gardner has been Kentuckian dance. guest at the Alpha Gamma Rho university Is exactly what he would in Remarque's first book. This time Febraary 27: Friday, Fefcraary 13: like to be because he constantly the young fellows war weary and house for the cast two days. Military ball. Gulgnol performance in the eveAmong the out of town guests for must be observing some silly rule restless are on their way home ning at Mm theatre. . . .that even the Kappas are of- from the trenches. In their eager the Alpha Delta Theta formal win Tea at Maxwell Flace tadeat Art exhibit on display at be Misses Bety Salmon, Mlddles- - ten In by 10:16. . .that the Zeta the Art Otofttr. President and Mrs. Frank L. Me boro; and Dorothy Borelng, Louis Tau Alphas did not make us mad ness to get back some of them rldo SatartUVfclraary 14: by failing to invite us to their tea on the tops of overcrowded trains; Vey entertained with a delightful ville. n part or tnese are Knocked off upon nartv (cranes aeain). . Valentine Day. informal tea at Maxwell Place from Phi Delta Theta fraternity an reference to the Kappas as fhnt B,nB through a tunnel and crushed Last performaBce of "Le Malade 4 until 6 o'clock Wednesday after nounces the pledging of Mr. James chosen people," changed to "God's i like meat in a grinder. The return Imaginalre" at the Ouignol theanoon. "God's Oary, Hopklnsville. ter. froeen people is always amusing ing soldiers are wondering if they Mrs. Anderson Brown presided at Mr. W. K. Smith. Louisville, win . . .that sacrilege Is never Inten really are a part of peace; war Gulgnol matinee, 2:30. tne tea tame and poured tea. As In Lexington. tional. . .that one's opinion Zeta Tan Alpha sorority dance. sisting in entertaining were Misses spend the week-en- d of the seems to be more of their element, Guests at the Kappa Delta nousc human race depends on how three Tner are repelled by the profiteers, Kappa Delta formal dance from Margaret MCHatton, Anna eulton, 9 until 12 o'clock at the Lafayette Elizabeth Ooff, Clarice LeVin, Mary for their formal dance this week or four nersons treat nno that profiteers who are such "block- Dorothy Bewell, Middles- will heads" to hotel. Orifflth, Catherine Culton, Jean boro; beLucile Bywater, Louisville; everyone except us knows what ' anyinmg when it comes war. knowing aoout ine Then should to In this column. . .that Alpha Delta Theta formal dance Glbbs, Alice Mae Durllng, Arwana Huntington, W. stool pigeons are the most detesta there is the scene when they are from 9 until 12 o'clock. Osborne, Ray Mitchell, and Juanlta and Louisa Bickel, Va. persons in the world, (no, we tramping through Belgium. A shot ble San day: Febraary 15: Osborne, and Mr. Olyn Wienman. Mrs. E. L. Noel. Somerset, spent have not been breaking any rules) is heard and one of their company niiiiiniiiiiinmmtr4mtumjuu:untmmniii)i!iiiniiMini!KinMiiimmtt last Sunday in Lexington as the . . .that football captains may is killed. Poor fellow I He was guest of her son, E. C. Noel. come and go but Damage goes on looking forward to obtaining re. CoahUl noei. somerset, was in forever. .that one feels queer venge on his wife who had been unen route when he is expected to be em- - faithful while he was away at war. Lexington last week-en- d, to Richmond to attend school. barraiied aad cannot. . .that there He must content himself as he dies Measrs. Bill Preston. Hooper are three distinct social classes at with the thought that his comrades Campbell. Ralph Vonnoy. Harry K. this institution. . .that we should will carry out the revenge In his name. That is realism; Remarque Scott, and J. JB. Croft, all of Lamb- have enjoyed belonging to the . .that no one has time Is able to catch the feelings of these da Chi fraternity, drove to Madi-sonvil- le -and Bowling Green last to do the work and get credit for half starved German soldiers; he . It eee must specialize. week-en- d. .that knows the rhythm of their emotions. Messrs. Harry Brown. Lambda freahette are usually smarter than Chi from Washington and Lee, was the ettes who rush them. . .that Without speaking disparagingly of a guest at the Lambda Chi house our chair is very hard. "The Nation's Roll of Honor" for last Friday night. 1930, as published recently in the Ob, We Say. . . are: Misses Delta Delta pledges At Centre the dear old Fiddlede- - "Nation," one cannot help from be Eugenia Beck, LouUvMe, Justine have an Englishman who ing amusea at one oi its entries White Huntington, and Virginia thetas to asked Join the fraternity, went y.nder the, heading "Drama" It Malln. Ashland. o uuuui iuu i. lie creto Oxford, is surprised that anyone p""" v The following group attended the here ever ators of the animated motion picattends classes. Beta Theta Phi formal at Centre ture cartoons, particularly as exemCollege, Danville, Miss Sara plified in the MICY MOUSE and Cattare at Keatacky Theo Tebbs, Betty Board, We are told that the engineers SILLY SYMPHONY series. It is Anna Mae Lewis, Myra Smith, hard to disagree with them at that. Josephine and a member of the English de McCandless. Frances partment play a little game that the Connelly and Elizabeth Ann Gamaliel Bradford former usually win. to be victori very excellent study has written a of Theodore ous the men of wood and Iron must Roosevelt for February "Harper's." yell, louder than It is called "The Fury of Living." the pre X can lecture. Typical of Bradford's style he remarks of Roosevelt "From birth till gjpaa Na death he lived in a storm." Action, After a night of stealing horses, movement, the vivid, restless, emSCHOOL pushing buggies onto sorority phatic assertion of the ego, these porches, turning in fire alarms, de- things mean life to him, were the Spectator, Columbia Studeat railing street cars, singing, "John evidence of life, and he was uneasy wandered Into Paper, Sponsors Examina- Brown's Body," they exclusive south and dissatisfied if any moment a palatial on passed was not filled with tion Which Many Profes- Euclid and home soundly. Several them." that Bradford during 1930, slept Mr. days later the owner of the home as the readers of "Harper's" will sors Refuse to Take returned, found them sleeping. Hav- remember, wrote a series of porshipA list of 40 questions, prepared ing been young himself at some traits. Among these were Lenin, by an engineer and a lawyer, were prehistoric date he woke the gen- Ford, and Mussolini. tlemen, gave them house 'recently published in Scribner's returned to Sweden.the One of and the The "Cosmopolitan" for February magazine along with an article by coys moved out ne uvea next aoor i contains a statement by Theodore college anyway wnen ne learned that a Dreiser. He very briefly tells about Thomas Beer. Twenty-fiv- e uawiuurj' was uuuub w ue com tne mystery surroundiner his birth. students had flunked the examinawe mean organized, "Three graces danced at his birth tion dismally, and Mr. Beer took Formerly the fraternity had two and a witch with a piece of string the occasion to comment on the spring suits which the brothers he would live." ignorance of modern young peple. took turns wearing on warm days , predicted is hailed by many as Mr. Dreiser the The Spectator, student paper of and was regarded as the lodge for greatest of the contemporary novel-joll- y, to Columbia, offered the same list Jolly college boys and fireplace . ists in America. The use of su- 53 faculty members, or this numathletes. It has steadily declined perlative is dangerous, to be sure, "Home of the College Folks ber, only 10 would take the exam, fnnn tYia orOiliiiiHlMI nf Drnnl. h.if tViocn .rlfl.- - vv.ni. V. .Ink. In 43 refusing outright to have any- - j (Shakespeare) Davidson, but shows their conclusion. Mr. Dreiser's v,u. , promise to wung mj uu wiwi ii. novel. comine ud to the zero greatest "The American WE DELIVER PHONES: Ash. 9190 - 2386 of the 10 banded in completed an mane again. Tragedy still creates excitement, swers, and the highest grade, made Assets: The house, memory of not only in literary circles, but in by Prof. C. A. Manning, teacher Maje" wiggieswortn. the world at large. 'of Russian literature, was 55.1 per cent. Close behind him were two more English professors with grades of 54.3 and 54.2 per cent. At the same time, a number of students took the quiz, and although the highest grade in this group twas 46, several students finished ) ahead of some of the faculty members. The Spectator reportor said that the faculty members were nervous and fidgety while taking the test. and otherwise displayed signs of , dyscomnture, jsucn as puning ai their collars. That the professors tend to bluff, just as their students do, was indicated by the answer to, "Name three compositions of Brahms". The answer was, "The first, second, and third sonatas." Some of the questions proving the greatest stumbling blocks were "Who were the Plccollmlni?" and "Who was Tillman Riemenschneld-er?- " along with "For what is Abu Slmbel noted?" which question was not answered by anyone. The easier ones were such as "Name five makers of English automobiles" and "Name three living American architects." "What is chromium" was answered in many different ways. The questlonalre was a part of i"Taj I the Spectator's campaign against examinations. As for the questions, tha Plccollmlni were an ancient royal Italian family, and chromiumwell, chromium is just VALENTINES GREETINGS at Vesper services in Memorial hall 4 o clock. Pep Organization Postpones Election FRATERNITY ROW Chandler, Lambda Chi Alpha; secretary, Mildred Little, Zeta Tau Alpha, and treasurer, Mary Elizabeth Fisher, Chi Omega. JUDGE TO SPEAK Judge John W, Stephenson, of Winchester, will speak to the Law school on the "Law of Oil and Gas" at 10 o'clock Thursday morning, February 19, in the Law building. POUND A Bracelet, lost at the Phi Sigma Kappa formal dance Saturday night at the Phi 8lg house. ttmmtfflmnttitmimmffl:mmtmttmnttniMiiiiiMMmmm: Make Your School Days Enjoyable at Alexander's THE STUDENTS' South Lime STORE Opposite Memorial Hall SANDWICHES SHORT ORDERS FOUNTAIN SERVICE We Deliver Ask. 8251 StValonHnQ'sDay V (dentines Y)ay A Day of Romance and Love JAUNTY QUIZZES BAFFLE FACULTY SPORTS COATS for Spring Remember your "Girl Friend" with a box of our delicious candy a fresh ment just received THE TAVERN riow &&i!S30P6flanBBB Have Luncheon at our modern FOUNTAIN Y.W.C.A. Has Vesper Services in Boyd LUNCHEONETTE A sandwich, a soda and a walk la a health dp that is guaranteed to work. Light foods axe healthful and prevent that after- noon drowsiness that comes from over eating. For luncheon today, or any other time stop st our modern fountain and try a sandwich, salad or any of our delldous fountain foods. Consolidated Drug Stores Incorporated PHOENIX STORE CUBBY'S CORNER 191 W. Mala St. IN E. Mala St. JOHN'S CORNER Ml E. Mala St. Vesper service of the Y. W. O. A. was held in the reading room of Boyd hall Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock with Kellena Cole acting as leader. Following the song services a story, "The Childhood of Christ," was given by orothy Root, followed with a discussion of the "Ministry of John The Baptist," by Helen Dornell. The meeting closed with a hymn and benediction. Each vesper service until Easter will be a discussion relating to the life of Christ. The public is coraialjr Invited to attend the meetings. The 3,453 persons employed by the New York Times are divided as follows: Executive, 84; editorial and news, 618; business office, 883; arhsntoi tf-t- rt 1JB0. The Our beautiful Gold Ballroom is available for fraternity and sorority f ormals. Other attractive private dining rooms for luncheons, teas or Founder's Day banquets. Students organizations are given special consideration. Hotel Lafayette LL that we can think of when we look at these clev er new coats, is that they are just about the youngest, most engagingly smart affairs we've ever seen! . . . You'll adore them and we almost forgot to tell you they are only $29.50