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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 13, 1931

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best THE KENTUCKY PAGE FOUR KERNEL. Friday, February 13, 1931 SEMI-WEEKL- Y SHEEPMEN HEAR AO MEN The entire quartette spent its spare moments in perusing copies of I Assistant Dean Horlaclicr and "Boots, Straps, and Garters" and State Agent I. C. Grady, 01 me "Whiz Bang." The books were College of Agriculture, attended the treasures, filched from the libraries Extension Training Conference for bookshelves of Mayflcld comand No one can afford to be without Sheen Breeders of Washington moners, and the magazines were Causes Moving one, be he man or be she woman, county, which was held yesterday Instrument a part of the budget labeled misObjects to Appear Vcs, dear reader, it's nothing more at Springfield. Both men appeared Forensic Quartette Returns cellaneous. which Motionless palled on Sidney than a good old nineteenth century, s speakers at the conference Cooks soon From Exile in West lwas conducted, wth the coopcra-tw- o Schell and Clyde Reeves, the wrinkles on a side, hairpin. Kentucky Uon of thc cmmty ngcnlt ns a DEVICE IS PRACTICAL of the group, who pounced Swords and pens have accom- - training school for thc local shecp-pllshc- d on the telephone directory of the mighty things in their day mcni Dcnu Horlachcr is a na-bA group of actors could hardly By FKANCES HOLLIDAY unpretentious city and began using they must shirk back in shame tionally known authority on Cheviot believe their eyes at n private demThe unofficial expense nccount of it at the A's. The conversations when a hairpin confronts them. sheep. the four university debaters, Sidney ran .something like this: onstration held recently by engineers Granddaughter can use the same i Schcll, Hugh Jnckson, Clyde Reeves, "Is his where Mr. A lives?" straight piece of curved wire tnnt of the Wcstlnghousc Electric & An-wto Do you have a daughter?" and John Kane, who have Just regrandmother used, despite the fact Manufacturing Compny aboard Capexile In "No." Click. turned from a ten-da- y that It has nt one time or other tain J. W. Mcnkc's Golden Rod Western Kentucky following the And so down the line until a end to pick a hooked dissemblance of the chariot which certain Mr. Adams answered, "Yes been catch a on the button a shoe. Assembly Showboat casting anchor in the lock, fish or was conveying them thither, Is sub l have two," when questioned. Up-'o- n Allegheny River near Pittsburgh, Just straighten It to its proper mitted here, having been released request the daughters were sent curve William H. Danforth. president Pa. to The Kentucky Kernel. Prof. W. to the phone and questioned as to originaland it will again serve its purpose of keeping unruly of the Purina Mills, St. Louis, Mo., Thc actors saw the blades of an R, Sutherland is frantically prc- - looks, age, etc. Upon explanation strands that in place. at narirur additional and numerous of the situation the young ladies on your of hairor pen and Try what will be the principal speaker will the electric fan stand still while they sec be Agricultural assembly which sword lectures on "Big Business" to meet agreed to endeavor to furnish happens. held at 10 o'clock Saturday morn- icib wie uircze wmcn ioia mem the demands of the creditors whom amusement for Mr. Schcll and Mr. ing in the Livestock Pavllllon on that the blades were turning at high Why women patented the young men left behind. Reeves, and thither proceeded the hairpin under haven't name isthe the Experiment Station farm. a another speed. The forensic quartette was bliss young men, not once a day but two brunette mystery, Mr. Danforth is sponsor of the for It has efffully gliding along the highway be- or three times dally during the iciently This strange phenomenon was are accomplished thc following Danforth scholarships which pos- achieved by a new portable tween Paducah and Mayflcld on exile. Confidentially, one of the deeds in Instru agricultural students its flexible life: pulled given to good Monday morning, February 2, when suitors confessed that the average corks, sessing scholastic standing, ment which fits into a suitcase. It Jabsewed, a crash, boom, rah, heralded the cost of each date amount to 19 V bed tramps, 'knitted, darned, pipes, qualities of salesmanship and of .operates on ordinary house current cleaned drain collapse of the faithful engine. The cents the young ladles were in the improvised suspenders, fixed toys, leadership. The award has a value i and can be carried anywhere. It re- Willys-Knigwas towed Into May-fie- ld habit of serving tea. pried shirt studs Into tight button of $400 and enables the receiver to 'quires but little skill to run and be-- 1 and abandoned while the necspend a six weeks' summer term at fore the demonstration was over, the Weary of constant romance in essary debate trips were taken to one spot, the suitors prevailed upon holes, has done practical plumbing, tne funna natus, wnerc me most actors ana actresses themselves were untied knots, served waiting community audiences in the kindly motorists to convey them pin, whipped cream, as a clothescapable students are selected for making the whirring fan appear surrounding towns. And we begin to numerous spots of interest in sure in gas meters, reduced pres- further work in the Purina organi- still. kept bills and zation. The working term at the the budget: Western Kentucky in search of new receipts on file, has spread butter This instrument, called the strob Taxi (to make debate towns and .game. Most notable of the exclu and cleaned fingernails, (the last Mills is followed by two weeks in oglow, makes moving objects appear incidentally see Western Kentucky) sions were the ones to Rcelfoot two are mentioned in order because Camp Minniwanka, on Lake Micni motionless by means of flickering local agricultural $100.00. Lake, where the young men stated they are usually performed at the ean. Two have been awarded stu lights regulated to flash at Intervals the dents who Having finished the debates, the that they found only water, and table) cleaned a watch, opened a scholarship In recent years arc Joe corresponding to the speed of the Thus, the lleht Is energetio young men were quite to Murray, where two fair damsels can, fastened a door, dug worms, Thompson In 1929, and H. P. Klrk-ma- n moving object. ready to return home to the univer- were unearther who provided fur- curled hair, repaired automobiles on" only when two of the blades in 1930. sity and registration. And here ther entertainment. and the ears of great and small The winners of the James B. Hag-gi- n are vertical and two are horizontal, began the first of the now famous Hugh Jackson, the sophisticate of have submitted, at some time or Memorial Essay will be an- and "out" while the blades are redaily telegrams sent from the chief- the quartette, attempted to while other, to the surgical hairpin ex- nounced at the Saturday assembly. turning to that position. The eve university debaters to the away the hours by palaver with traction. tain of The prizes in this contest have a sees the blades only when the lleht waiting quartette: "Be comfortable many varied young ladies, the is "on" and not when the light is total value of $150. Life would be just one hair-raisibut frugal" Parts to repair the faculty play(?), the slightly worn "out" affair if we were deprived of This scientific development faithful bus were ordered from the productions of The Princess (May-field- 's that precious little thing called a CONNELL SPEAKS to be of great practical useful other side of the earth, and the Dr. W. B. McConnell, of the Y. theatre), a series of yawns, hairpin. The Torch, Valparaiso. ness. to bridge, and the uncovering of a exiled ones sat themselves down M. C. A. graduate school, Nashville, Applied to airplane proneTlers. the await further orders. prominent citizen's daughter whose Tennessee, spoke at the weekly AG SOCIETY TO MEET meeting of the dormitory Y. M. C. stroboglow makes visible to the The Hotel Hall at Mayfleld open- father lived under the name of ed its doors to them (for a sum) Hugh R. Jackson and wore a derby. The Agricultural Society will meet A. last night. The subject, The naked eve any crocks or ouiver in the propeller while the motor Is Miscellaneous items on the bud- in the Judging Pavilion at 7:30 Blue Ridge Y. M. C. A. Encampand there they made their home for the long separation from friends get, with which it closed, were list- o'clock Monday night. There will ment. Proceeding the speaker a wanning up previous to flight. The The valve action of the motor can be program conducted musical program was given. $50.00. and familiar faces. And we might ed at be a musical add here the second item of the At 5 o'clock Wednesday moraine:. by Dorothy Strother. All members program was greatly enjoyed by studied in the same way. Because of the lmoortance of hav account: the audience. February 11, as the gray dawn broke have been urged to attend. ing the nroneller and enrlne in ner-fp- ct Room (with shower bath) ten into a downy snow, the recuperated condition, it is said to be mob- days $40.00. chariot rolled Into Lexington, laden able that the stroboglow will be Room (with bath-tuten days with sleepy young men. who found made nart of an almlane's required $50.00 one of the young men was to their utter amusement later In lnnectlon before fllffht. afraid to get his face wet. the day that late registration was Since the strobofflow can eallv Of course the instructions of the harder to manage than they had be taken anywhere and onerntM on daily telegram were sacred, so each expected. ordinary current, it can be taken in day, the young men stayed abed The unofficial expense account as factories where engineers can watch until noon that they might dispense revealed to the Kernel was for Johnathan Swift as a man and have little Idea of the tremendous the amount of slip of a belt moving with breakfast. Lunches and din $300.00. When questioned as to the persons and industry and research that must over a oulley. the vibration of ners for the four of them for ten extra $10.00 which had not been writer who hated necessarily have gone into its madays, taken with the smiles of the accounted for, the young men ex- things in the same natural manner kinga quality which speaks most meshed gears, and the movement of valves in gasoline or diesel engines. charming waitresses, amounted to plained: in which most people love them is eloquently of its excellence. J. W. The speed of ertrnnelv small motors 550.00. "We wished to save the business the picture Carl Van Doren gives In P. not having sufficient power to run To be truly comfortable amuse office the trouble of an uneven sum. pamconventional Instruments can be dement was necessary, and each, In so we added the extra $10.00 to his biography of the famous published the termined. Mark Sullivan has Observers can actually his own inimitable way sought to the original $290.00 and bought phleteer, published by the Viking count the difference in find it John Kane sought refuge peanuts with it." Press. Whether or not you have third volume of his "Our Times" between motors, turbines, revolutions discs, and Travels," or even history, and it deals with the events read "Gulliver's in such books as Boccaccio s "De revolving at approxiother cameron," an unexpurgated edition LOST Yellow Gold Signet ring. care to, and whether or not you are and characters of the era just pre mately units same sned. the political intrigues of the "Arabian Nights," and SuthFinder please call Dean Melcher's interested in the The greatest advantage of the and horseplay of England in the ceedlng the World War. Most mid erland's "Plain Tales to the People". office. Reward. newspapermen remember stroboglow is its compactness which d early 1700's, you will like this book. stage of national life with enables it to be used on the Job inthat ecoIt is an excellent biography, writ- relish. Perhaps it was because I stead of trying to dnnllcate "Job nomically tersely, beautifully was intimately in the thick of so conditions' in the laboratory. ten. many stories in that time that it "The secret of the stroboglow lies The words Swift used, Mr. Van Doren writes, "were as bayonets to seems a golden age to me. Doubt In the lamo which is a develoronent a soldier, verdicts to a magistrate, less the reporters of today regard nf the grld-gl- w tube." said Dr. T). laws to a minister." They usually this as the best of all possible eras, TTirev of the Wstlnehome Research grew out of his passionate hatred out rrom Mr. Sullivan's book I am Laboratories, who Is In charge of the for certain persons or customs, going to mention a few names and moiect. "The lamo Is lighted hv the which hatred, Mr. Van Doren re- ask if they suggest that the current oclllatine current dtechnree marks, "was no more disposed to brand of romance in public life havvcondenser. It carries an enorof a g scrupulous justice than another and is more highly mously heavy charge for an infinman's love." His writings were flavored than that of the previous itesimal period of time. This current scattered and random, but yet he generation: Theodore Roosevelt, Ad World-Pow- er was raised to the first rank among mlral Dewey, Joseph Pulitzer, Ida rises to 1.000 amwrei. but remains of a milwriters, the biographer observes, be- M. Tarbell, Frank Norris, Charles there only for one-thilionth of a second. If the current cause of "the high reach of his Evans Hughes, Booker T. Washingremained at that value for anv pride, the magnificence of his ton, Robert D, lenfth of time the lamp scorn." As a journalist, be "used all Rockefeller, M. LaFollette, John In the great new power plant that serves his skill to move public opinion to liam Jennings Alice Roosevelt, Wil would be melted. Bryan, Jack London, political action." "The flash of the lamp Is conthe city of Buenos Aires, Crane valves Mr. Van Doren lets Swift tell his John L. Sullivan, Maggie Cllne, J. trolled bv the discharge of a conand fittings are found in use. In the paper own story from its inauspicious be- Pierpont Morgan, "Divine Right" denser. The condenser Is discharged ginning to its wretched end. Most Baer, Nora Bayes, Marie Dressier, through the grid-glo- w tube. This mills of Ontario and the water power deof the biographer's pages merely Marshall Field, Harry K. Thaw, breaks down the resistance between clear the way for his subject's bit- Evelyn Nesbit, Mark Twain, Otis the hot filament cathode and the velopments of Niagara Falls, engineers ter pen, and are luminous and to Skinner, Margaret Anglin, Elbert H. cold plate anode, and a momentary the point. The biography reads i Gary, Elihu Root, Chuck Connors, rush of current takes place from swear by them. Camels carry them into along so easily that the reader will and Mrs. William Waldorf Astor. Menandomen UnofficialAmount of Expense Given To Kernel Editor the filament to the plate. This rush HIGH SCRIBE TO INSPECT of current causes the lamp to be brilliantly lumlnscent" Mr. Harry Potter, of Marshall, The stroboglow was invented by 111., High Scribe of Alpha Zeta, naD. D. Knowlcs, and W. E. Bahlcs of tional agricultural honorary frathe Wcstlnghousc Rcserach Laboratoriesand L. R. Peters, formerly ternity, will be in Lexington Satwith Wcstlnghousc. urday for thc purpose of inspecting thc local chapter In the College of DePauw University recently re- Agriculture. Mr. Potter will attend ceived a bequest of more than a miltfyc Saturday assentbly of agrilion dollars from thc estate of John culture students and will be guest Hlgglns Harrison, prominent Middle of honor at a luncheon to be given Western publisher. by thc local Alpha Zeta unit, Saturday noon, at the Lafayette hotel. Two graduates of the Oklahoma The local officers of Alpha Zeta Agricultural and Mechanical Col- arc Dudley Smith, president, W. lege arc taking a training course at D. Survant, scribe, Given Dye, thc Oklahoma City assembling plant censor, W. E. Florence, treasurer, and Oeorge Harris, chronicler. of thc Ford Motor Company. ENGINEERS SHOW NEW INVENTION Need Hairpins Ag. Students Hear Purina President at Saturday The University of Cincinnati was Pitt upheld thc affirmative and Western Reserve the negative of chosen as the site of the spring thc question, "Resolved, that the convention of thc Ohio College several states should enact legisla- - Newspaper Association. Oliver Amos of m' editor of the Miami Student, is president the association. "ZJZ mi" Now Playing Now Playing Oh For A Man UnderSuspicion with ' with Jeanette i Lois Moran MacDonald Reginald Denny J. Harold Murray Coning Sunday Sinday Coming Edward 6. Robinson Constance Bennett , in i "Little Caesar" Easiest Way with with Adohthe Menjou Douglas Fairbanks, Robert Montgomery BOOK REVIEWS IHMMMHM! TONIGHT! LAST TIMES! CLARA BOW "No Limit" TERRIFIC AS ALL CREATION EDNA. EEBBCBC rUrHMKlL COLOSSAL MARCHING with modern industry to with Richard Dix STARTS Irene Dunne TOMORROW! DONT FOBOET THE PLAT BY PLAY RETURNS OF KENTUCKY CONFERENCE GAMES the depths of the Abyssinian Desert and dog sledges into the wilds of Canada. The quality of Crane piping materials has won them a New e demand. The Crane distributing organization has placed them within easy reach of power and industrial builders everyworld-wid- globe-girdli- Got a Date for the Formal Dances where. 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