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23 > Image 23 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 26 (1958-1959)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

20 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY granted, the student will be required to do more than the normal amount of work to complete a graduate degree. FEES AND EXPENSES _ Fees at the University vary according to the privileges granted and the place of home residence of the studentresident of Kentucky or of another state or country. The table on p. 21 gives the schedule of regular fees per Y semester and for the Summer Session. Checks are acceptable by the University in payment of fees, room rent, and board, if they are made out for the exact amount due. All checks should be made payable to "University of Kentucky. All fees should be paid at registration and not sent in advance. For the fees indicated the full-time student receives class instruction, health and infirmary service, admission to athletic contests and to Central Kentucky Concert-Lecture . programs, use of the Library and Student Union building, a discount on admis- I sions to the Cuignol Theatre, and a subscription to The Kentucky Kemel," the student newspaper. The University reserves the right to change the amount of any fee at any time. Definition of Residence for Payment of Fees 1. For the purpose of assessing fees, no person will be considered eligible to register in the University as a resident of Kentucky unless he has resided in the state for twelve consecutive months next preceding the date of his _ original enrollment. ` 2. The legal residence of minors will follow that of the parent or legal guard- . ians, except in the case of minors who have always resided in Kentucky - but whose legal guardians are residents of other states. ` 3. No student shall be deemed to have gained Kentucky residence privileges by his mere presence at the University of Kentucky or any other college or university. A student once classified as a non-resident of Kentucky will continue to be thus classified unless he can establish a change of domicile by evidence other than his residence as a student. 4. An alien who has filed a Declaration of Intent" to become a citizen may be classiHed under the foregoing provisions. Identification Cards ID Card. This is a personal identification card issued to each student who has paid the full fee for a semester. It includes his photograph and personal description and certilies that he has enrolled and paid his fees. lt entitles the student to admission to all athletic contests on the campus and to the concert-lecture series. It must be kept throughout the semester. If a card is lost through no fault of the student it may be replaced, but a fee of $5.00 will be charged. Application for replacement of an ID card should be made at the University Registrars Ollice. Fees for Graduation and Special Privileges Graduation Fee. Candidates for the bachelors degree will be charged a graduation fee of $9.00. This will cover the rental of cap and gown, the cost of The Kentuckian, diploma fee, and other necessary expenses. Candidates for