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27 > Image 27 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 26 (1958-1959)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

24 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY Personal Expenses (not puyuble to the University) H1 Books and Supplies. Range from $40.00 up, depending on the students sched- A ule of classes for the semester. S6 Laundry. Laundry facilities are provided in the residence halls. Information w concerning bed linen service is provided. Subscription to this service is w voluntary. ` te Dry Cleaning. Both men and women students make arrangements for their dry H cleaning. The cost is comparable to that in any city. K Personal Living Expenses other than the above vary according to the habits of W the individual student. t; ti RESIDENCE HALLS FOR WOMEN A ce The University of Kentucky maintains five large residence halls for women ;( and four small residence units. All undergraduate women are required to live C; j in the residence halls unless they reside in town with relatives. Upperclass- V women may reside in sorority houses. Cooperative houses have limited ac- $ ` commodations which are assigned by special application. The residence halls 3; are under the supervision of the Dean of Women and the Director of Residence Halls, assisted by a head resident in each unit. Application forms for a room d reservation in a womens residence unit should be obtained from the Housing K Administrator in the OiHce of the Dean of Women. The students are assigned to residence units according to classification. Admission to the University by the Registrars Office does not constitute an application for admission to the residence halls, and does not reserve a room. Likewise, an application for a room does not constitute an application for fl admission to the University. _ a` ` Room and board rates for the various residence units are handled as 0 follows: Applications for a room and board reservation are to be accompanied U by a check for $50 to assure the reservation. This amount, of course, applies tl to the total fee of $295 for each semester. The remaining fee of $245 is due and payable at time of registration. As noted on the application blank a student U may elect a partial payment plan. ii Patterson, Boyd and ]ewell Halls are freshmen residence halls. All girls U assigned to these halls have three meals a day (except Sunday night supper) in ll the Boyd-]ewell Hall dining rooms. Room and board is $295 per semester, t* including the $50 down payment to reserve a room. E Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors are assigned to Keeneland Hall or ( Holmes Hall. The Student Union Commons is the dining room for the girls assigned to these halls. The cost for room and two meals per day is $295 per ll semester, including the $50 down payment to reserve a room. IY Dillard House is a semicooperative house in that the girls assume some t of the housekeeping responsibilities (not for meals). The cooperative house assignments are made by a committee on the basis of high personal and f scholastic standards, financial need, and ability to cooperate. Room and board Y is $235 per semester, including the $50 down payment to reserve a room. P] Partial payment plan can be arranged. Girls selected for Dillard House take I thrce meals daily (except Sunday night supper) in the Boyd-]ewell Hall E dining rooms. E Checks should be made payable to the University of Kentucky. ( A room reservation may be cancelled with the down payment refunded if { notiiication of the cancellation is received by the Dean of Women one calendar t