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11 > Image 11 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 21, 1928

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f Available wit THE KENTUCKY PAGE ELEVEN KERNEL The Kaufman Clothing Co., and The K Shop WISH TO Welcom'e You Back to the Old Campus The New Policy About a k of Kaufman Clothing Co. The K Shop In keeping step with progress, new methods of merchandising, that we may be able to give the utmost in style and value, we will in the future confine our men's suits to five prices $33.50, $38.50, The K Shop, Kaufman Clothing Company's branch store for University men, will be under management of Mr. William Ware, assisted by Mr. Jessie Chase. Mr. Ware, better known as "Bill," is a young man of wide clothing experience. He is a native though for the past five years has been connected with one of the leading clothing stores of West Palm Beach, Fla. Mr. Chase, better known as "Jock," is a sophomore in the University of Kentucky. $45, $50, $60. There will be suits with one or two pairs of trousers at each price. The advantage of this is very evidnt to us. We will be able by concentration to show not only a much larger selection at Ken-tuckia- n, each price, by reason of fewer prices, but will be -- able to give values that would be impossible if clothing were carried at so many different prices. For concentration is the keynote to successful merchandising today. We are very anxious to have you see the styles and colors in BRAEBURN and LEARBURY SUITS Again we wish to extend to all students a hearty welcome to the University of Kentucky. We hope your summer vacation has been a most enjoyable one and you're now ready for your studies. As always, we are ready to outfit you with the newest styles that University men. Our display of are popular with all styles are different and so clothing this fall really "stands out" you. are colors. We'll be glad to show New FaE HATS Featuring narrower brims and tapering crowns, in green, brown and grey well-dress- $5 to $8.50 FALL for Smith -- Smart SHOES The smartest Styles we have shown yet you'll say so, too, when you see them. ed i - $8 $10 $12 Braeburn and Learbury New Ideas TWO TROUSERS SUITS -- in FANCY SOX SLIPOVER SWEATERS SILK NECKWEAR $350 V'it',M,: $3g50 $4500 $5Q00 fa": TOPCOATS ETC. DROP IN AND SAY "HELLO" .rr V. The K onop Branch Store of Kaufman Clothing Company Enro WHITE AND FANCY SHIRTS Collar attached styles with the fine fitting, long point Enro Collar. $2.50 to $3.50 I I