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14 > Image 14 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 21, 1928

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy HP . THE KENTUCKY- - KERNEL PAGE TWO FOUR GAMES SCHEDULED FOR RESERVE TEAM The Sportgraph SPICER MAKING STRONG BID (lly WAYMAN THOMASSON) FIRST GAME FOR PROMISING HALFBACK CANDIDATE SCRUBS, MORE-HEA- D NORMAL PARAGRAPH A SIMSCIAL The first paragraph of this column will be devoted every week to the Laurence Shropshire eulogy of the Hluc nnd White "honor man." The "honor man" will have Keeping pneo with the Big Ten plnycr or He may be host promoted that week the success of his team. teams and other lenders in the renlm His picture will be published. c5aeh. of sports, Head Conch Hnrry Gam-ng- o schedhas arranged a four-gnm- o THE FIRST SPACE ule for his reserve footbnll squad Tlie first space is reserved, ns I have snid, for heroes and for hero for the coming season. The Wildcat scrubs open their short but snapworship. Conch Gnmnge is the first "honor man." 20 on py competitive It was the season for resolutions. when they lock careers with October horns Morehcnd In January, 1927, a world was for- Normal reserves on the Intter's getting a yenr of failures; its people Loyal were living in new hopes. In rapid succession following the Kentucky students nnd alumni just Normnl scrap, are contests with the had sat in McLean reserve teams of Ohio State, Ohio two months before stadium nnd shivered, had grown Wesloyan, and Indiana University. numb nnd cold while Centre, the most Two of these schools are prominent be nncient of our rivals, had submerged in the Big Ten, so no more need team, our Hluc and White colors in ignomin said nbout them. The other the Ohio Wesloyan, is a member of ious, defeat. Vo,(, anger had filled I Buckeye Conference, and always has! . j our Droasts wnnc we looKcn on nuip- v.a,,f i ,,.,. But with the new year came Conch This year marks the inauguration at Harry Gamngc, a man from Illinois, the University of the reserve team as at the Zuppko who had been tutored more or lest independent unit with oracle, who had absorbed his football separate schedule and it is just CAREY lore from tho "Great Master," who was filled with inexhaustible energy, a man with a purpose to bring the Kentucky star to the prominent position it should occupy in tho galaxy What of the Southern Conference. With What a purposel a man! absolutely no material, he finished the season successfully by defeating V. M. I. 25 to 0 and then avenging our loss to Centre in 1920 with the most overwhelming defeat the Gold and White has suffered in 20 years. ReRemember that 63 to 0 score! member that wearers of the Blue and White, nnd, in the future, let it be said, "It was ever thus." SPICER Carey Spicer, one Of Lexington's contributions to the University, is n Carey candidate for one of the halfback positions on Gnmage's machine. weighs 165 pounds and is putting every ounce of that weight in his cfTorts Spicer is one of the smoothest runners on the to make his presence felt. As a receiver of tnam nnd has an uncannv way of coverintr the ground. passes, Carey is one of the best, nnd whenever Gilb, Portwood or Knight heave the ball in his direction they have the feeling that it will be caught During the because Spicer can "shore" enough snag them into his arms. summer months he was employed by the Playground Association where he was one of the dirctors. UNWISE MEN the three wise men of Bethlehem and the star they You have hoard of followed, but have you heard of Kentucky's three married men and the stars Of course we know that this is Leap Year and that the thev are seeincr? We know that the calendar women aro enjoying an open hunting season. only makes this hunting legal every four years, that the men are tame hunting. In fact men have been nnrl rWiln nnd. thus, unsnortswomanlike easy victims since Cleopatra inveigled the Anthony into being a "yes" man But, we and made the old boy wish he had been drowned in the Nile. didn't know that the women would take advantage of our football players Pull up your chair and and make Stoll Field their happy hunting ground. take a fall for this Herbert "Bull" Brown and Jeannetto Lampert are mar So are Tom Walters and Catherine White, and Lombard Squires ried. This gives rise to questions. and Elizabeth Dilks. THE THREE eagle, the arrov below it. The tar$ and the word$ with the $trangc 1 How dear to my heart i? the old thing? they tell; the coin of our father?, we aro glad that we know memSilver dollar, when $ome kind it, for ?omc time or other 'twill come ber pre$ents it to view; the Liberty in right well! the Spread-eagl- e dollar, dollar; the old ?il-vhead without necktie or collar, and the all the trange thing? which to u dollar we nil love ?o well. The g eem o new. The Enthusiast. DEAR OLD SILVER DOLLAR .It- '- H. M. DAVIS, Prop, . Hi : THE QUESTIONS Will marriage interfere with a football player's success on the grid iron? After marriage, do football players lose the great lure of the game and fail to catch the fighting spirit of contact with a charging foe, the thud of a shoulder pad on a ball carrier's kneos, the sting of a cut, the ache Have any married men ever become great football players? of a bruise? of WELCOMES THEY ARE ANSWERED A few years ago Ed Hess was playing at Ohio State. He was married before his senior year on the football team, but still, he was an unanimous Wally Mcllwain. who was a plunging guard. selection as an halfback in tho same backficld with "Red" Grange, was married, but he helped Grange by his wonderful blocking ability in the interference to beGlen Miller, captain of come famous for many long runs to touchdowns. Iowa in 1923, was married but he was feared by every team in the Western A captain of Wisconsin's football team, "Steve" Pulaski, was Conference. married, but he played such a great game all season that he was finally end. named unanimously, an THE RETURN OF STUDENTS to the University AND, IN KENTUCKY boy, W. Madden, of the famous Carr Creek high school basketball team, is a good example of the supposition that marriage is not This colorful player brought a pretty wife from the mouna detriment. tains to Lexington last winter when his team came down to the state How favorably these University of Kentucky basketball tournament. players will nswer the question remains to be seen. We will be glad to see our old friends and to welcome all the newcomers to our A Kentucky shop. We are holding to our old prices SHAVE 20c HAIRCUT 40c A COMPARISON Our Olympic games: Loafing in front of the Administration building for ten minutes between periods and then running to class on time. Viaduct Barber Shop FROM THE RAH RAH BOYS FINALE He: Gertie, dear, were you true to me while I was gone? She: Yes, papa, I kissed only two. He: Who were tho two? She: Just the men's glee club and the football team. Our Compliments. East of Viaduct on East High Street UNIVERSITY DRY CLEANING CO. 164 GRAHAM AVENUE A Part of the Campus for STUDENTS by STUDENTS Call 5906 and $1.25 ..... Pressing 35 : Ladies' Wool Dresses or Suits Ladies' Silk Dresses or Suits $6 Tickets for $5 IIHMIHMMIMBIlll , "SOC" TERRILL d ball of iron and n candidate for, a "Soc" Terrill, another halfback position, lives at Elizabethtown, but has spent the summer in Lex ington where he attended both tarms of summer school at the University. 1UV.I1,. niiA:nr. "Cnn" lMin,1 anrnn Iniaiirn tinin in wVllfVl tin frnt thfi feel of the pig skin, working out almost every day with "some of the boys" in town. Thus, when practice began he was in cbndition and now he is making a serioua threat for one of the halfback positions. Rent a Studebaker or Erskine ROADSTERS - COACHES - TOURINGS DAY AND NIGHT Rate 15 Cents Per Mile OPEN TO COLLEGE STUDENTS SPECIAL ATTENTION Studebaker-MAMMOTH Drive It U PHONE GARAGE 7070 ALL MAKES TYPEWRITERS Special Rental Rates to Students STANDARD WEST SHORT ST. Opp. Courthouse 7 Phone 1792 elcome osJ Start the school year right-wit- h a good sanitary Stylish haircut. Three barbers at your firft-cla- ss service. We cut it tp please you. Ask any upper classman and he will direct you to A new instrument will tell exactly how easily you sunburn. It employs a quartz tube mercury vapor lamp similar to those used in producing light in tho treatment of disease. WE WILL CALL FOR AND DELIVER Cleaning and Pressing: another step in Gamago's program fr bigger and better Wildcat teams. And the pep with which this new venture is being received in the Kentucky camp bespeak.? evil things for the scrub team foes. With such for midable opposition, tho reserves will be hard pressed to annex four victories in a row, but this is just what V.inVtfcaf they intend to do Tf the reserves don't mean business, just wander over to Stoll Field some sunny afternoon and listen. The third team has already adopted "On to Morehead." as they war cry and this ' thrilling phrase is uttered many times during the daily workouts by enthusons of Kensiastic, lusty-lunge- d tucky. Personnel of Team And about the personnel of this team. The varsity man's reserve squad proper, that is, all of the men to be carried on the various road trips, will number about twenty-fiv- e athletes. The remainder of the candidates will compose the reserve squad. Supplementing the lesser luminaries of the Blue and White outfit who are not quite good enough for the varsity, will bo a number of, husky warriors who, for some reason are not eligible for the big games. These will include men who are ineligible because of scholarship and a few who are barred by a Southern Conference ruling concerning men who have won letters in football at Releother colleges and universities. gated to the reserve squad also are several gridiron heroes who ran amuck of the powers that be by not attending practice last spring as they were directed to do. Personnel Not Constant Another feature point about this reserve team idea, is that tho personnels of the varsity and reserve This just squads are not constant. means that if a fellow works hard and shows enough improvement, he will be promoted to the varsity. At the same time, every member of the var sity is in danger of demotion if his playing becomes lax in any respect. These conditions, together with the fact that a large squaii has been training twico daily :nce September 3, give promise that the reserve team will present an effective combination for the opening day affair. One of Coach Gamage's principal objects in establishing a reserve team was to enlarge his squad of aspirants for pigskin honors. He believes that by offering the scrubs an opportunity to play in a regular scheduled game many men who realize that they are not capable of making the varsity in their first effort may be persuaded to eomo out and try for the squad. In this wayi Gamago hopes to have a number of "discoveries" who otherwise would be lost to the team. Make Four Trips Kentucky's reserve team, which is ono of tho first such aggregations in the South, will also pvovide several nice trips for the players and partly repay them for their sacrifices and effort! for the University. All of the reserve games are scheduled on tho same day as a varsity game, but they aro all away from home and tho horaofolk would not be ablo to Etc the "scrubs" in action anyway. It is not definitely decided which member of tho coaching staff will have charge of the reserve team, but in all prob ability this duty will fall upon tho capable shoulders of either Mauer or Shively. The reserve football schedulo fol lows: October 20 Morehead Norma), at Morehead, Ky. October 27 Ohio State, at Colum bus, Ohio. Ohio Wesleyan, at November 3 Delaware, Ohio. November 10 Indiana, at Bloom' ington, Ind. $1.25 Up $1.40 Up The ROOF REPAIRING We repair slate, tile, tin and We also composition roofs. erect and repair gutter and spouting. AH work guaranteed. WISE FURNACE REPAIRING All Kinds of Furnaces MILLER BROS. Phone 2758 Cor. Near High and Lime 105 W. High Students' Barber Shop COR. MAXWELL & LIME J. T. SHUCK, Prop.