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17 > Image 17 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 21, 1928

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THE KENTUCKY Forlorn Figures (By CLIFFORD McBRIDE) TWO MEMBERS OF Mussolini Used to Be School Teacher FACULTY RESIGN President McVcy Announces Withdrawal of Dr. J. E. Rush and Mr. I). S. Ross, Both of Hygiene Department. 4V . President Frank L. McVcy announces the resignation of Dr. J. E. Rush, director of the University dispensary, and professor of hygiene. Dr. Rush hns been at the University for the past four years, coming here from the Carnegie Institute of Technology at Pittsburgh, Penn. He is n graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at Cambridge, Mass., New York University, at New York City, .the University of Pittsburgh, and holds degrees of S, B., C. P. H and M. D. Dr. Rush hns mcen employed as instructor of biology and public health at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, instructor of bacteriology nt the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Wis., assistant professor of biology nnd public health at the Carnegie Institute of Technology, and assistant professor and in charge of sanitary engineering at the Carnegie Institute previous to coming here. He is a fellow of the American Public Health Association and also of the American Medisal Association. The resignation of Mr. D. S. Ross, also of the hygiene department, was made known at the same time by President McVey. Mr. Ross has been am employed at the University for the last three years as hygiene instructor. asMr. Ross was undergraduate sistant at the Massachusetts Institute Courtesy C. P. A. of Technology and later assistant instructor there before coming to the University.- - He holds a B. S. degree Miss Helen King, who took her A. from Bates College, Louistown, Me. B. in journalism at the University, manager for and was advertising Wolf-Wi- le and Company, and also on Only the advertising staff of The Lexington Herald, accepted a position in the publicity department of the John Bruce Barton, Noted Writer, Says No Set Formula S. Shilito Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, about for Personality two week ago. Miss King's sister, Miss Willy King, "Bruce Barton, noted writer, after also a graduate of the University, and being questioner by hundreds of an outstanding journalism student in women who would become perfect her career here,- until recently con- - hostesses, and men who would be a 1 i..-'ilme xveiibucKy iiecieu wiin it-- .i:iiirai tr l i una popular in their business careers, has Company, has taken a position as come to the conclusion that there is publicity representative of the Lafay- no nixed formula (for attaining a ette hotel. successful personality. "There is none," he declares, writing in the American Magazine. Be ing yourself is the nearest anyone can come to attaining the admiration M. A. No two of friends and associates. great men are alike and no one can Eight Take Education as Their attain personality by trying to Major Subject; English Is change himself. Selected by Three "Take the United States Senate, for example. There are nearly one Eleven students in the University hundred Americans, each of whom completed their work for their master has managed to impress himself, on, of' arts degree with the end of the the imagination of a state, l ueiy second semester of the summer ses- anyone to examine these hundred sion, according to an announcement specimens and draw any conclusions. by Dr. D. W. Funkha'user, dean of No two are alike- yet all have arthe graduate school of the University. rived. "It is the same with men and woEducation seemed to be the most popular subject, as eight of the stu- men in all. sorts of business and indents selected this as their major sub- dustry. Gerald Swope, president of ject. English was the only other ma- the General Electric Company, and jor subject selected by those who re- Alfred Sloan, president of the Gen ceived their master's degree. Three eral Motors Corporation, are unalike students selected this as their major in both manner and method. Judging them merely from the outside subject. Those who received their master of there would seem to be little in com yet arts degree and their major subject mon, world-wid- each has risen to the top e organization and has are: George White Fithian, English; of a Rhoda Virginia Glass, English; Al- the unquestioning loyalty of thou sands." bert Theodore Punting, English, and Elizabeth Warner Hart, Frances M. When Noah sailed the waters blue Irwin, Hubert Howard Mills, Kenneth He had his troubles, same as you. Hill Harding, Daniel William Ham-inac- k, Mary Bradley F. J. Fossit, For forty days he drove the Ark Before he found a place to park. Moss, and , James William Bowen, Hardware Age. Education. mxag&eratcet Di6cif& &or& Students Accept New Positions University Graduates in Journalism Are Making Good, According to Reports Graduates of the journalism partment, of the University are de- making: good in every field of the news- paper game that they have chosen to enter, according to reports recently received by The Kernel. J. Abell Mills, as an applicant for a 'position in the advertising department of the Philadelphia Public Ledger, received praise from- - F. L. CrMtt, manager of the classified advertising department of that paper, in a letter to Professor Enoch Grehan. Sallys Sallies OA- - MYVBAR FmIuoo it to ugly It hat to be changed wytix months. Courtesy C. P. A. PAGE KERNEL El Ores? a&er wiw a True Personality Is "Being Yourself" xj Summer Students Degrees Receive Italian Premier Substituted terest for Discipline in I I In- Teach inp o RELIGIOUS DISCUSSION HKLKJION AND PERSONALITY The days when Signor Mussolini, F. C. EISELEN the Italian premier, was a school President of Garrett Biblical Institute teacher, have been recalled by tho Evnnston, Illinois finding of a report in the municipal The present age is marked by a A re- nrchives of Gualtlcri, Italy. Lenders rnnt. rllannfrri frntn Hnmn fn I tin T.nn. lively Interest in religion. don Referee says that the document' in all walks of life are insisting thnt 2, Is dated when Signor Mus- the great need of our ilny is n revi solini was 19 years of age, and is val of religion which will make It a entitled, "Yearly report of the teach- vital factor in human living. Alonger, Benito Mussolini, to the Mayor side of this interest there is persistent questioning as to whether religion as of Gualticri." After noticing that out of 35 pupils defined and interpreted in the past is there was an average attendance of adequate to meet all the problems arising from the complex life of to33 daily throughout the year, Musday. As a rosult of this questioning solini's report states: and of a searching for a satisfying "But It may be a sign of the times, is daily more appreciated conception of religion, several points education by the masses and has become a so- with reference to theology are receiving greater emphasis thnn at any cial necessity. "I have always exacted and obtain- time in the past. Only one of these ed discipline by very simple means points of modern emphasis I desire by stimulating emulation and inter- to touch upon In these paragraphs. It is recognized as never before that est in the work on hand, and by .unobtrusively studying each boy's char- religion brings nnd ought to bring into play the entire personality. There acter and special inclinations. "Discipline obtained by methods of have been fragmentary ideas of recoercion is no real discipline. It ligion which say the evidence as well checks boyish individuality in the bud ! as the test of religion in the exercise and gives rise to latent sentiments of of only a part of man's being and Until school and home go powers. There have been those who revolt. hnnd in hand in the work of educa- put chief, if not exclusive, emphasis tion, true discipline is destined to re- on emotions. The religious man was main n pious and utterly 'Utopian the man who enjoyed a highly exaltwish. How can you expect a boy to ed state of being. There was no in to school bring a clean copy-boo- k when he has probably been doing his ? lessons in a cow-she- d "Practice has taught me to throw many ideals to the winds, and that is why I get along very well with my boys. It is a mistake to judge the teacher by the number of his pupils who get through their examinations successfully. On these occasions both teacher and pupils mainly trust to luck." sistence on checking or controlling emotion by thought or any demand thnt the emotions should find expression in noble decisions of the will or exalted living. At other times, religion placed almost exclusive emphasis on intellectual assent to doctrine or creed. The religious mnn was the one who raised no question regarding inherited formulns of belief, but who unhesitatingly said, "I believe." Again no question was raised as to the quality of the spirit and attitude dominating life and conduct. The present controversy between modernism and fundamentalism is in a lnrge measure based on a definition of religion primnrily In terms of the Still others have defined intellect. religion as implicit obedience to laws In such instances, nnd regulations. religion has been in danger of losing vitality. The spirit disappeared and the letter took its place, until the warm human nnd divine quality of love, the sense of pcrsonnl union and relationship, wns sacrificed. Once more, there have been times when observance or rites nnd ceremonies was thought to be the essence of religion. We have not fully overcome this danger. Attendance upon church services, the formal act of baptism, in communion are or participation still considered by some the chief or sole condition of salvation; Religion, irgiitly conceived, stirs the deepest emotions of man. It involves loyalty to certain fundamental intellectual convictions. It creates a deep sense of obligation, demands rigid obedience to eternally true moral Student Dies From Sudden Attack Of Appendicitis Lucien B. Kcach, son of Mr, and Mrs. Obrie Keach, of Henderson, Ky., died during the summer, following an opcrntion for appendicitis which was performed the same day. Mr. Keach was a sophomore at the University last year In the College of Arts and Sciences and was a member of the Sigma Beta Xi fraternity. ideals, and it finds in, ceremontas, rites and Institutions valuable means of quickening and strengthening religious life. Let it be remembered that religion is not exclusively or preeminently a state of exalted emotion, nor is it an intellectual assent to statements of even eternal truth, nor obedience to laws and regulations or painstaking observance of rites and ceremonies. Religion is more than any one of these, and, important as all these factors arc, it is really more than all of them combined. This significance of religion is being recognized, as never before, in recent discussions of religion. Relig ion quickens, inspires, enriches and brings into play the entire personal- ity. It stirs and purines the emotions. It challenges the mind to con stant endeavor and it inspires the will to noble decision. Thus is trans formed personality to loving, service. 10 Library Enlarges Staff; Adds Books DUCFOED PEN DE LUXE During the summer months the University library has catalogued a total of 469 valumes, including works on general and special subjects and fiction. Additional new books of fiction are to be received in the near future, according to Miss Margaret King, head librarian. The library staff includes one new member, Miss Ellen V. Butler, assistMiss Butler is a ant cataloguer. member of the class of 1925, and is also a graduate of the New York State Library School in 1926. wtiiuujJnttrumMM youve tvvMen. BLACK&PCARL Barrel Non-Breakab- le Pressureless Touch and Guaranteed Forever Against All Defects Here's a new De Luxe Duofold Pen in offering the handsomest writing equipment any lady or gentleman can possess. Crystals of silvery pearl and Parker Permantte Material must be delicately arranged to produce the in ode me effect of this unique rl, HCWBKE 3OHE6-U- NtYtfT HfYM ft design. 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