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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 21, 1928

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Subscribe For T II E KERNEL mmmmnmtmmtmttttmmtttttttjtmmMmmmmttmmmmmm ALUMNI PAGE And Help the Association Edited by RAYMOND Secy.-Trca- Published By and For University Alumni WELCOME KIRK Let Us Cut Your Hair Alumni Assn. s. STUDENTS Ladies Haircutting a Specialty W. B. Martin's Barber Shop GREAT PROGRAM ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of THE UNVERSITY OF KENTUCKY "LANDING, FOOTBALL ALUMNI OFFICE IT IS LADIES SHAMPOO, 50c HIT BY FLOOD SCHEDULE 1928 '2.1, Lexington Cnrson-Ncwma- n L. KIRK, '24 SECRETARY-TRUASURE- Open 7 a. m., to 8 p. m. October 13 Washington & Ixe Lexington October 20 Chicago Northwestern ... October 27 Lexington Centre . November 3 Vnndcrbilt .. .... Nashville, Tenn. November 10 Alabama Montgomery, Ala. November 17 V. M. I Lexington November 29 Tennessee Knoxvillc, Tenn. Files and Equipment Destroyed When Heavy Rain Floods Basement of Basket-ha- ll Building. UNIVERSITY On the morning of June 29 when the office forco of the Alumni office THE ALUMNI GREETINGS South Limestone Records, Tho officers of the Alumni Association who were elected last spring came to work they found that their already have begun work on n pro-graoffice had been flooded during the of expansion for the Association EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE night and that water was still standbe the most incluwhich promises to ing in the basement of the Basketball Wylnnd Rhodes, MB Mrs. E. T. Proctor, 'IG building, where the office is located, sive and ambitious program attemptV C. Wilson, '04 to a depth of six feet. As n result C. Elliott, '02 Dr. E. Listed in the ed in several years. of an almost cloudburst the night program are the following phases Dr. GeorKc H. Wilson, '04 Walter IHllenmeyer, 'IS preceding, the sink behind the buildwhich will be pushed this year as ing failed to drain fast enough nnd never before: A larger and more acthe water backed up, forming a good membership; a system of tive paid-u- p sized lake with the building as an class reunions; collection of all the island. pledges to the Greater Kentucky FROM ANNOUNCEMENTS When tho water receded it was Campaign Fund; a reorganization of found that practically everything in the different Alumni Clubs; n better ASSOCIATION The Homecoming game this year the office wns destroyed or damaged organization of the different classes will be on October 27, with Centre beyond repair. Fortunately the office with the officers more active; and the on Stoll Field. Plan now to come collegiate year of the University of opening of the 192 The force wont mto the basement before publication of nn Alumni magazine home. Kentucky brings ninny old and many new faces of students to the the water had had time to completely which will be exclusively an Alumni University of Kentucky Club of destroy the individual records of the Alumni Association of the University extends to the campus. The publcation. Greater Cincinnati: Luncheon at members of the Alumni Association, It is hoped For several years the active memstudent body its loyal support in its ninny undertakings. noon on the first Saturday in each and carried them out. As it was it bership has shown a modest increase that this year may bring a closer contact between the student body, month at the Industrial Club, Pike was necessary to recopy the individual each year, but never has it reached the faculty, and the Alumni, and the Alumni wish to aid and share and Madison avenue, Covington, records of every graduate and former . . the proportions that it should. The Ky. in the responsibility of the college careers of all the students. years student, and since they aro carried in werpbersjijjJ foe several University of Kentucky Club of three different files, something more The Alumni Association is particularly desirous that this ypar ; pafdup Gorily aQoyt-'.teper cent of has been Chicago: Luncheon third Monday may bo the brightest and greatest of all the years in the .history than 15,000 cards had to be rccopicd. l, lujrnbpr of Alumni. This in each month at 12:30 P. M., in of this University and this can only be measured by the scholaflp year; it.ls tHeaim"pf ."the officers to During the past year the Alumni the grill room of Marshall Field's attainments, the moral and physical development of its studerits. bring the active membership up to at office had, after practicing the strictThe Alumni Association is watching you and expecting great ; least 50 .'per cent of the total. At Men's store. The Louisville Alumni Club of est economy, been able to get the nathings from you in the classroom and in the many fields of sport,' fleijst tmV, many; active Alumni are tional organization out of debt, and the University: Luncheon first needed to carry on the program we feeling assured that your conduct at all times will be gentlemanly considerable Saturday in each month at the later had purchased have outlined. equipment to facilitate and to make and sportsmanlike and we want you to know that we back you, Brown hotel at 12:30 P. M. more efficient the work of the office. d excellence and well deserved victories. urging you on to Class Reunions Note Will the officers of other After remaining under water and mud With such ideas in mind and with such a feeling towards the Alumni Clubs please send us the Already President Buckner has be12 University, we feel sure of the growth of the Alumni Association dates and places of their regular for aboutmost hours this equipment was gun working up the interest in class part ruined beyond refor the meetings? wheh may be of greater service. reunions Plans are under way for a pair. This included typewriters, an G. DAVIS BUCKNER, reunion of the following classes: addressing machine, letter folder, en18G9, 1874, 1884, 1889, 1894, 1899, President Alumni Association. velope sealer, multigraph machine, and 1924, 1919, 1904, 1909, 1914, and enough stationery to run the ofFLOOD FUND DONATIONS 1927. An elaborate program of enfice for a year. tertainment is being worked out and However, the most serious loss was will be announced just as soon as it is Below are listed the names of those completed. Dr-- Buckner was one of Alumni who have made donations to that of the complete files of the the Kentucky Kernel, prethe guiding spirits in the reunion of the Flood Fund. The officers of the the class of 1908 which was held last Alumni Association wish to take this vious publications and correspondence Doubtless there are many members of the Alumni Association spring and the success of the reunion means to publicly thank all those who file. This for the greater part can who have failed to receive answers to letters and requests which not be restored. All members of the is a good indication that those held have contributed. you have sent into the Alumni office within the last two or three Association have been asked to connext year will be interesting and Lexington Alumni Club ...$200.00 This We here wish to explain why this has occurred. months. any copies of the above publiI. Lyle worth while. 26.00 tribute office lost almost everything in it during the flood which swept cations that they have and are wilH. Lee Moore 5.00 The Greater Kentucky Fund ling to part with. part of the University campus last June. A large number of unG. C. Spencer 50 For several years the payments of L. C. Brown answered mail was included in the things destroyed. Some of it Members of the Association also 2.00 the outstanding pledges to the Greater Maxwell W. Smith we were able to save and it has been attended to. However, for 2.00 have been asked to contribute to the coming in C. Kentucky fund have been 2.00 Flood Fund which was started by the the most part all the mail, along with the records, were completely J. McPherson so slowly that the University is ex- G. N. Sharpe 5.00 Lexington Alumni Club with a donalost. If you have addressed any mail to us and have not received embarrass- John T. Faig .. periencing considerable 2.00 tion of $200. The loss to the Alumni an acknowledgment, please communicate with us again and we will ment in the payment of the outstand- C T. Dotson 1.00 office was more than $1,000, and to jL see to it that your requests are answered at once. ing obligations for the stadium and G. E. Hicks 1.00 date that amount is far from being 1$ Asbasketball building. The Alumni When you mail (n your Henry L. Spencer V 1.00 subscribed. T sociation pledged the total amount for John S. Reed a. 2.00 check for dues, add a donation to this the erection of these buildings and it Clara W. White fund. The officers of the Association 1.00 is up to the Association to make the C. H. D. sborne 2.00 are doing all in their power to keep HISTORY pledges good. A committee will be E. Harold Clark . 2.00 the Association out of debt. formed to look after the outstanding Wallace T. Duncan 2.00 As the editors of this page announced last spring, it was our pledges and probably will call on all R. L. Jones 2.00 plan to complete the athletic history of the University teams this who have not paid in full. When they Wm. T. Carpenter 1.00 fall. We find that this will be impossible for several .weeks. The make the call, respond with at least A. B. Phister 2.00 history ran in an Alumni publication of more than ten years ago. a part of the unpaid amount of your Russell C. Mayhall 2.00 pledge. During the flood our file of these publications, along with most of 2.00 C. M. Bettinger The Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority Alumni Clubs our records, was destroyed. 1.00 For this reason we are forced to defer Kathleen McGuire of the University has purchased a 5.00 the publication of the remaining part until we can obtain those Only a few of the Alumni Clubs Edford M. Walter house located on East Maxwell street 1.00 copies of the Kentucky Alumnus in which the history appeared. of the University of Kentucky Alum- A. F. Crider from the Maxwell Street Pres 1.S0 across . ni Association have been active dui-in- g Marion B. v The history of athletics created so much interest last year that it byterian church, and next door to the 2.00 A Thomas F. Ott the past five or six years. is with genuine regret that the editors are forced to postpone the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity house. 2.00 part of the work of this office this Dan S. Morse publication of the remaining part. They hope to be able to resume Plans for the buying of a new house 2.00 year will be an attempt to reorganize F. Pete Derrick made at the annual meeting of where they left off, within a few weeks. Please bear with them. 5.00 were all these clubs and get them again on W. M. Shobe alumni association of the sorority 1.00 the a functioning basis. Not only can Lucy B. Gardner February 10, 1923, and it was said at 2.00 . these clubs be of great service to Fred Chappell time that a home would prob2.00 that ica if the buildings were a bit more the Association and the University, W. S. Palmer ably be bought within four years. 2.00 but they can be a source of pleasure John C. Roley modern in appearance. With the purchase of the new home 1.00 and entertainment to all the members G. W. Rhoads Old two sororities at the University own At the cocktail hour the streets are 2.00 who have been away from the cam- C. B. Smoot The Alpha Gamma Delta so gay with bright sweaters and blazers 1.00 houses. pus for a number of years. If you J. Bromagen bought a dwelling last year. PARIS The old town of Fantain-bleaand one hears little but American 1.00 rority W. McDonald an officer in one of these The old Kappa house will be occupied the prominent have been much beloved by Napoleon, is chatter. Several of 2.00 clubs, communicate with the Alumni Louis Hillenmeyer by the Kappa Delta sorority. once more thansformed into a little cafes have installed large soda foun- office at once and help us get your tains, American style, and have been club back in the lists of the active. $298.50 Total American village with the arrival of doing a rushing business these hot several hundred students at the Amer- days. Class Organizations STUDENTS! ATTENTION ! ican Conservatory of Music which is Even the swans in the lovely little Our Association never has had a Make a day's wages for one which s urround the palace are successful organization of the differ- within the very walls of the old cha- lakes R. W. SMOCK hour's work after classes. No teau. The Louis XV. wing and the of American nationality, at least, the ent classes. This year we will make Watch Your Watch experience or investment necesPavillion du Titre have seen set aside students claim them, inasmuch as eVerv effort to get the permanent sary. We have an opening at for study, classrooms and sleeping they provided the new ones when the cjass secretaries interested in the U. K. Applications considered building up of interest among their women stu- old swans died. quarters. Seventy-thre- e in order of their receipt. Write Clock Many Americans who knew the classmates. We plan to furnish each dents can be accommodated in the dortoday for free particulars. mitory, the others have pensions in celebrated amusement hall, "Magic 0ne with a complete list of his class Work called for and delivered BRADFORD & CO., Inc. will be sad to learn that it mates and will assist in every way very City, the village which would look St. Joseph, Mich. 157 S. LIME PHONE 7638 of an interested the organization much like "any college town in Amer- - exists no longer. membership in the different classes Any class secretary who desires a list of his classmates can get one ut once if he will write to the Alumni office. NOW The Alumni Magazine We invite you to visit our beautiful store at any time and at all The Alumni Association of the UniAid Come All Good times. Fine Platinum and Diamond Jewelry und Watches versity is the only association of its kind in the country has has no publication of its own. A large number VICTOR BOGAERT CO. of Alumni have expressed themselves (Incorporated) as actively in favor of the publication magazine which will bo exclu of a Jewelers and Importers sively an Alumni publication. To Be PHONE 980 5 WEST MAIN This week we are sending a copy of The Kernel to every gin the publication calls for a great deal of time and work and an Inter whose address we Alumnus, Alumna, and to former student Plans now are ested organization. under way and it is hoped that the have in our files. We are doing this hoping that we will magazine will make its first appear every one of you in your Alumni Association and in ance about the first of the coming CONVENIENCE, year. The magazine will be discussed your University. at length in Tho Kernel in the mean time. The above program will necessitate The Kernel is sent each week to all those interested and much work for tho officers and to Enclosed find $3.00 for my Alumni Dues for the year 1928-192bring it to a successful close will call active Alumni who have paid their dues. The Kernel alone for hearty cooperation from the mem is worth the price of the yearly membership. Three dollars Our Asso bers of the Association. elation has been backward enough is all that it costs you. Class Degree Name going forward beginning this We are year. To do your part will aid the officers greatly and will cost you lit Great things are being planned for this yar. We know Address for sending The Kernel tie in either time or money. Begin today by sending in your dues that you do not want to miss any of them. Send in your RAYMOND 153 fflwwmwwm:mmmmmmmmmmKmimm:mmrmw October 6 Plan Ambitious Program For Association; Cooperation of Every Member Urged. New Officers PRESIDENT DR. G. DAVIS HUCKNEK SARAH PLANNED FOR YEAR HERE THREE MEALS Served on the campus every school day SERVING 1f Kappa Kappa Gamma Purchases New Home Americans "Capture" French Village Careful Watch and Repairing WELCOME IS THE TIME For to the Alumni to Their Association of SIR FOR YOUR dues today so that yu will get evry issue of The Kernel. Fill out the subscription blank below and send it to the Alumni office with a check, money order, or three dollars in currency. He who hesitates will forget. Do it today. Tommy was meandering homeward much later than his usual suppotr hour. A friend of the family who happened to meet him, said: "Why, Tommy, aren't you afraid you will be late for supper V "Nope," replied Tommy. "I've got the meat." Children. Occupation or Employment HOURS: Breakfast Lunch Dinner 7:00 .8:15 11:4512:45 5:45 .6:15 Open between meals for sandwiches, milk, hot brinks ice cream and candy Basement Administration Building: Kentucky Sporting Goods Co. 149 South Lime Phone 7720 Headquarters For the Latest TRENCH COATS SWEATERS SLICKERS LEATHER COATS FOOTBALL BASKET TRACK ATWATER KENT RADIO AN EXPLANATION ATHLETIC CAFETERIA iHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiitmttwttt mm AM The Beautiful TODAY Lexington's Most Comfortable Theatre! ON THE STAGE "LINGER LONGER LETTIE" TODAY-R- OD LA ROCQUE TOM KENNEDY With a Cast and- - Chorus of 30 People ON THE "Love Over Night" SCREEN "The Main Event" with Also white alice McGregor malcolm in ' "Lingerie" VERA REYNOLDS SUNDAY 2 Glenn Tryan FEATURES in "The Street Angel" "How To Handle Women" with And the Jimmie Eviston Musical Comedy Co. in Musical Presentations at 3, 5, 7, and 9 o'cNk, P. M. JANET GAYNOR CHARLES FARRELL The "Street Angel" will transport you to the "7th Heaven" of delight Say; WE sure did miss you this summer-anwe d WELCOME YOU back We want to meet all the new freshmen too Freshman Cap Headquarters R. S. THORPE &ISONS Incorporated - 2 SUNDAY 'THE MEN'S STORE OF LEXINGTON" which is to go to the Flood Furtf- , in Remarks: I also enclose $ " JEANETTA LOFF MAIN AND MILL