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20 > Image 20 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 21, 1928

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy Available PAGE EIGHT THE KENTUCKY KERNEL M mmmmmmmmmmmmim Distinctively if eren National Ice Cream contains no butter, condensed milk or powdered milk commonly used in ordinary ice cream, being made with fresh milk and cream. It is sweetened with pure granulated cane sugar, and flavored with fine vanilla and the choicest of fruits, berries and nuts. It has creamy goodness characterthat istic of home made ice cream plus that velvety smoothness so noticeable in National. It's tremendous sales indicate it's superiority over ordinary commercial ice creams. It is distinctively different! old-fashion- ed good National Ice Cream, a sweet milk and cream product naturally carries the qualities of milk supplying mineral matter for bone and teeth, protein for the development of muscle and natural sugars to put energy into the muscle. Then there are those mysterious elements called vitamines, needed for growth and health. Enriched further with fine flavors and choice fruits, it's about the tastiest food and dessert that has ever been placed on the American table. For both health and enjoyment, serve it often. cake of Pineapple Made with rich, cream, skillfully frozen with pure granulated cane sugar, real vanilla, choice pineapple and meaty pecans. Between layers of this wonderful ice cream is a generous filling of delicious fruits to give you a new taste thrill. Cellophare wrapped pints only". A Luscious Ice Cream. Pecan billowy two-laye- Ice Cream will enjoy this delightful combination of flavors and find many occasions on which it may be appropriately served. A Cup ofOrange old NationalYou Sherbet. and r V:. : I Anyone who enfinest chocolate coating. joys a chocolate coated ice cream bar will of a treat. find this truly a "PIK-NIC- " Don't Say "Ice Cream," nf nplirinjitrjpcri msm National Ice Cream ingredients are all so pure and good that it is unnecessary to "doctor up" or put through so called "purification processes." National Ice Cream doesn't need it! Enjoy its old fashion creamy deliciousness today. Compare it in every way with other ice creams. Your palate will tell the difference and will surely advise Real vanilla A Aniceunbeatable "eatable."coated with the cream generously ft Prhf COM P package of A Four ounce that will both surprise apple Sherbet luscious pine- Also contains a tray holding small spoon and paper napkin. And what a surprise the price is only five and delight you. cents! Say " 9 fAfAfAfAfAfAfAm fAfAfAfAfAV ""l M fAfAfAfAfAfAV fAfAfAfAfM fAfBff fAfAfAfAfA VAfAfAfAf tit a. ' ? ii It Means So Much More MADE WITH REAL CREAM A' i