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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 20, 1922

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL wero relensed during one of the figures Hotel, Saturday, April 8 at 12:30 Blades, Ralph Boron, L. R. Burroughs, wns hung o'clock. F. W. Crcodle, S. E. Flick, C. R. Gibnloft In the center of tho ball room. The tnblo was placed In tho main bons, H. E. Glen, J. L. Gray, J. It. Kelly, Tho programs wero little booklets with enfo of tho hotel nnd covers wero laid E. E. O'Hara, T. II. Oliver, D. M. Ram-soC. M. Rlefkln, J. H. Slater, E. R. covers in black, on which tho coat of for fifteen members. A clover fcaturo arms appeared In gold nnd was tied of the program was the "goat" stunt ,'SnicIor, S. M. Spears, R. A. Stoossor, A. ) t .J. .J. $J J Jl Jl .Jl lj l .J. .J. with white leather ribbons. A large by Sue Shonault, Daisy Loo tlnsloy W. Stone, J. E. Truo, A. V. Voclcker, J. Sigma Nu Convention Dance number of guests were present for tho and Amnnda Forknor, who gavo read A. Wilson and R. C. Wilson; nnd tho A moonllRht Kanlon scene was the pledges, C. T. Benson,, .1. II. Butler, ings of original pootns. brilliant event. settlnK for the beautiful tlnnco of Inst Those present wero: Misses Ruth II. B. Little, Arthur Nutting and L. C. 'r from a contrivance which Society Thursday evening, with which the SlRnm Nu of tlio University entertained at tho Phoenix hotel In honor for the fourth division convention. Tho hosts were II. TaRgott Allen Guthrie Duvall, Ed. R. Orogp, L. 13 Herrlnc. T. Jero Beam, J. William Colpltts, Jr., Neal W. Wllkerson, William O. Finn, T. Bruce Fuller, Charles D. Graham, Graham B. McCormlck, Troy L. Perkins, Sam H. Itldgway, Jr., John D. Taggart, Clyde T. Watts, Madison Caweln, Jr., Henry D. Chenault, R. R. Dinwiddle, Beverly B. Mann, Alfred P. Sturges, John C. Scott, William W. Whitfield, James D. Atkinson, Theodore Brewer, Maurice G. Buckles, Thomas A. Fennell, L. Stokes Hamilton, LeRoy DeHaven Lltsey, J. R. Rico, James D. Wlmsatt, Howard B. Asher, Asher, J. Leslie T. Breckinridge Brown, C. J. Haydon, Raymond P. Thompson, Reed S. Miller, Roy A. Wedeklnd, Holman A. Wilson. The ballroom was mode into the moonlight garden, with a canopy extending the full length of the ceiling. This was hung low and represented a sky. The room was shining at the south end of the hall opposite the enrance. There was a garden gate with a low fence on which were climbing roses. Between all the windows tall trellises of lilacs were lovely and groups of palms were all about the room. An old well was arranged from which the fruit frappe was served and an arch of black, white and gold was placed over the orchestra platform. For the special Sigma Nu dance the shield of the fraternity, made into an electric illumination, appeared as a "sign in the sky." The favors were balloons, which Announcement of Interesting Engagement Mrs. Flflne Parrott Simpson an nounces the engagement of her niece, Miss Elizabeth Wilson Clare, to Mr. Chalrlcs Oilman Mllward. Tho marrlngo will be solemnized In June. This is one of tho most interesting announcements of the Easter time on account of the prominence and popular ity of these young people, both of whom were students of the University, she a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma fraternity and ho of tho Phi Delta Theta. Miss Clare Is the beautiful young daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Fulton W. Clare. Mr. Wilward Is the son of Mrs. Charles Mllward and a successful young business man of Lexington. Saturday the Chi Omega fraternity of the University will entertain with a from 3 to G o'clock at Patterson hall. Saturday afternoon tho Kappa Delta Alumnae will entertain with a card party at the Phoenix hotel. The party will be for the benefit of a hospital fund with which all Kappa Deltas) are assisting in the care of Invalid children. e star-lighte- d A lumni Directory The F. D. Lawrence Electric Co. Fourth 8t. i Cincinnati. Ohio Electrical Supplies k Wholesale Distributors for the Electric Co. General The marriage of Miss Ruth Elliot and Mr. Grant C. Knight, both of the University faculty was solemnized at the homo of Dr. and Mrs. Paul P. Boyd Wednesday evening, April 12. Following the ceremony a delightful supper was served. Mr. and Mrs. Knight reKentucky chapter of Triangle fra- turned from their honeymoon Monday Saturday night evening and are at homo with tho ternity entertained with an unusually pretty dance at the Misses Hanna on EaBt Maxwell Street. Lafayette Hotel from 8 to 12 o'clock. Southern stnilnx trailed from the lights and festooned the four improvised R. W. SMOCK arches, while spring blossoms and balloons were effectively used as decorations. Formerly With Caskey Jewelry Co. The favors for the girls were charm ing programs with address books Careful Watch Repairing bound in soft brown leather with the SATISFACTION GUARANTEED fraternity crest embossed in gold, and "WATCH YOUR WATCH" programs were similar. the men's The hosts, members of the active PHONE 2682 chapter, were: W. P. Ballinger, J. E. 157 SOUTH LIME LEXINGTON, KY. Barns, N. O. Belt, G. W. Benson, W. G. The members of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity were hosts to un Informal dance at their chapter house on South Limestone Wednesdny evening, April 12. A large number of guests wero present. Surely it is for us to do only that which remains to be done to assemble funds and to offer ourselves in ear nest support for the erection of the proposed building as an inspiring memorial. memWhile it is to be a state-widorial for Kentucky's fallen heroes, all are connected with the University particularly concerned since the imposing edifice shall be numbered among the new buildings on the campus to further adorn and to honor the beautiful grounds. Initial Buckles and Belts New Spring Designs HEINTZ JEWELER East Main St. Opposite Phoenix Lexington, Kentucky Headquarters for "Frat" Jewelry e This Junior is learning to be a banker you are a day in electrical IF lab, don't putting in three hoursyears later thefind yourbe surprised twenty to self promoting a public utility bond issue. Or if you start in newspaper work, as like as not later on you will turn to manufacturing or advertising or law. You don't know where opportunity or inclination will lead you. This fact has a great deal to do with your work at college not so much the things you learn as the way you learn them. Don't think of education as a memory test in names and dates and definitions. That knowledge is important, but only as an incidental. Of far greater value is the habit of getting at underlying laws, the basic principles which tie facts together. , The work of the pioneers in electrical experiment, at first glance confusing, is simplified once you realize that much of it hinged upon a single chemical phenomenon, the action of the voltaic cell. Analyze your problems. Look for fundamentals. Learn to connect a law or an event with what went before and what comes after. Make your education a training in logical Newark, N. J. Buffalo Chicago New York Philadelphia MANUFACTURERS OF WEATHER to make "Every day a good day" with the help of the following Kentuckians J. E. Boiling, '15 H. Worsham, '16 It. Waterfill, '20 J. H. Bailey, '20 W. B. Thornton, '21 G. E. Zerfoss, '21 I. Lyle, '96 B. T. Lyle, '68 L. L. Lewis, '07 M. S. Smith, '88 R. L. Jones, '12 R. R. Taliaferro. 'IS "THE BIBLE : WHAT IS IT?" One of a Series of Sunday Evening Sermon-Lecture- Monogram and Keys and Thirteen fraternity will dance at Buell Armory Saturday evening. 750 Frelinghuysen Avenue, J. CUFF LINKS vari-hue- carrier Engineering corporation Boston An Interesting engagement that was undo known Sunday was, that of Brady Stewart of Kevll, Ky a senior in the Law College and Miss Eva Lee Allender of Lexington. Tho marriage will take place In the early summer. TIE PINS entertain with a Members of Theta Sigma Phi, Woman's journalism fraternity, observed Founder's Day of the organization with a luncheon at the Phoenix Sec'y, Sales Mgr. Strow. Saturday evening the Keys fraternity of the University will give a dinner at the Phoenix hotel. 2 WARNER P. SAYERS. Hiighson, Adallne Mann, Frances Marsh, Dayslo Leo Tlnsloy, Irene Mc Nntnnra, Amanda Louise Forkner, Virginia Throckmorton, Jessie Dodd, Suo Shonault, Anna Louise Connor, Kitty Conroy, Margaret Smith, Elizn both Murphy. Marguerite McLaughlin and Dorothea Murphy. SPRING SPECIALS s on The Bible thinking. Published in the interest of Elec trical Development by 0ft Institution that will be helped by what ever helps the Irdustry. , This ability to think straight, whether acquired in Engineering or Arts, is the biggest thing you can get at college. Its aid as a means to success applies equally to whatever work you take up since mental processes are the same everywhere. It is the power which enables u mechanic to become sales manager, a lawyer to head a great industrial organization. Develop it, if you would be ready when your big opportunity comes. By MR. WARD Centenary Methodist Episcopal Church NORTH BROADWAY AT CHURCH STREW Next Sunday 7:30 P. M. Lecture followed by Social Hour Refreshments 10 A. M. Special Discussion Classes for Students. COME Electric Company The executives of this Company have been chosen from all branches ofthe organization. It doesn't make much difference where you learn to think straight, so longasyou learn.