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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 20, 1922

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY ; Continuous Performance, 10 a. m., to 11 p. m. THREE PICTURES (Changed Every Day) Personally Selected, so that the variety is sure to please everyone. Courteous Attention; (Best of Order. "Go Where The Go's Go.") ORPHEUM THEATRE : ;i AyrjyiyT AT inn lVir AI TUT? JVrrl Lafayette Billiard nail, For Gentlemen TVTI7 .$, CAMPUS : interesting social events of the campus during tho holidays was the marriage of Professor Grant C. Knight and Miss Ruth Elliott of the English and Art Departments respectively. The native beauty and the gracious disposition of Mrs. Knight made her favorite upon her an instantaneous arrival to take up her work, and the scholarship and literary attainments of Mr. Knight have made him an outstanding figure in tho University. One of the distinctively The annual Easter egg hunt given under the auspices of the University Y. W. C. A. was held on the Patterson Hall lawn Saturday afternoon. It was attended and enjoyed by about seventy-five children from Lincoln and Harrison schools, the Associated Charities, and the Neighborhood House. Nellie Stone was the leader for the afternoon. Spcndburner! Father (to young suitor): Why you ig man, you couldn't even dress her. Suitor: Zatso? Well, I guarantee it won't take me long to learn. Organization Starts With 100 Charter Members Who elect Officers Thursday afternoon, April 7, for tho purpose of organizing a Girl's Athletic Association. Following an address by Dean Jewell in which sho outlined the aim and pur poses of the organization, officers of the Association were elected as fol lows: president, Dorothy Potter; vice president, Olivia Smith; secretary, Es ther Fertig; ttasuror, Elizabeth Jnck- son. The association is composed of a uumbor of divisions, at the head of which is a committee. The chairmen of the committees together with tho officers will act as the ececutive board. The chairmen are: Track, Antionetto baseball, Minnie Denton Harrison: Peterson; rifle, Mary Lyons; tennis, Ann Riddle; hiking, Mildred Morris: swimming, Mary Druce Rishardson; hockey. Lora Banta; soccer, Margaret Lavin; basketball, Margaret Jameson; volley ball, Elizabeth Snapp; publicity, Laura Hubbard. The constitution has been diafted by the board, and mimiographed copies will be distributed among tho women students. A very interesting point system has been devised for obtaining membership in the organization. Friday afternoon the association took a hike to Clark's Woods and those who attended are charter members of the organization. More than a hundred students wont on the hike. Dean Jewell announced at the meeting that every woman student who wishes permission to swim in tho river this spring must obtain written consent from her parents and a certi-catfrom her physician. newly-forme- Henry Wattersou chapter of Alpha Delta Sigma, men's Journalistic fraternity, hold pledge services Wednesday for tho following men: Emmet sporting editor of tho Kernel; J. A. "Simp" Estes, '21, sporting editor Hor.ild: Arthur nt tim T.nvhurtnn Hodges, '23, member of tho Kernel staff Harry Petrie, '23, member of the stnff; John Whitaker, '25, assistant mnnnging editor of the Kernel; Troy Perkins, '23, member of Kentuc-klastaff: Deri Boyd, '22, member of tlio Kentucky Legislature. Initiation for new pledges will be held next Monday afternoon and night. Tho active members of Alpha Delta Sigma are Gerald Griflin, Ed Gregg, Henry Taylor, Joe Jordan, L. B. Hall and Arthur Cameron. There are at present only six active chapters of this fraternity but several lovals are petitioning. 621-- Y PHONE 621-- fl j Ice Cream 'That Smooth Velvety Kind" In the attractive sliced "Brick" form It cannot be Surpassed a frozen refreshment easily served full of delicious flavor and wholesome cream. and NOTICE "Delivered when you want it" There will be a meeting of the Catholic Club of the University at the Assembly room on Barr Street at 10: 150 Sunday morning April 23. All Catholic students of the University whether they have already joined the Club are invited to attend the meeting. Phone 1060 or 269 Dixie Ice Cream Co. MILLER d When You SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Think You Need a New Suit, You May Need Only "LEXINGTON SERVICE" Our way of cleaning is complete in every detail...! We do not rub the Dirt in We Take it out. Building Woolworth e Phone 982. CORRECT ENGLISH How To Use It College men will find the shop of Graddy-Rya- n an ideal place to secure clothes for Spring: and Summer. Only apparel of dependability and service is shown and each garment was selected with an eye to the snap and style insisted upon by the younger fellows. JOSEPHINE TUCK BAKER, Editor A Monthly Magazine Phone 65 $2.50 THE YEAR Send 10c for Sample Copy -- i Lexington Laundry Co. to- Correct English Pub. Co. EVANSTON, ILLINOIS "We Return Your Garments With Out Trace of an Odor" Men i 't lead: 1 See our new displays without delay. We'll be glad to show you through the new styles whether you are ready to buy or not. 38 Represented on the Campus by smooth ana perfectly graded 7 DEGREES MVS EVERWHNTED !' "X 't 'X 'V i" 't l' C 'I "i1 'I B. B. 'I' 'I 'I' 'I 'I1 'I' 't1 't1 4 i t' ' 4 'I t, SMITH ., ,. ., ., ! .. . !! l & CO. "BETTER VALUE FOR LE88" and other Metal Pencils "pHE name VENUS isyour guarantee of perfection. Absolutely George (Red) Woolf crumble-proo- f, 2B soft 6i black H med. hard B soft 2H hard F firm 4H extra hard HB medium for general use Uc pet tub of 12 Itadti fl.50 per dozen tubtt lfo.irfWtrrnnotUDDlvvouwriteui. GRADDY-RYANfC- O. v PHONE LIME & HIGH CORNER n For College Men 140 "Cleaners That Satisfy" n Spring Clothes (Incorporated) mcnt) Being the only tables of this late design! in the City. A Game of "Billards", or "Pocket-- i Billiards", will be Enjoyed, as we permit nothing! but perfect order. BECKERS' Brail-loy,2r- i, A meeting of tho women students was held in the University Chapel Equip- - First Class, (New 7 a. m. to Midnight. Have your last year Suit Cleaned, Repaired Pressed and Save the difference of a New one CALL of Men's Journalis Do Held Monday. Services AT U. OF K. Initiation tic Fraternity to ..J.................."..'..'.AAAA..AAAA..AA.t, Kmniott Swissliolm, Louisville, a student In the University during tlio session 1021 In his sojiliomoro year, now a student In the Modlll School of Journalism, Chicago, spent several days sinioni; friends and amid familiar scenes on the campus during the holidays. Mr. Swisghelm Is nmkliuiK rapid progress In Med 111 school, which is an adjunct of Northwestern Unlvorsitq. "Swiss." as ho was familiarly known on the campus, on account of his excellent training here has been nitctl to the dignity of night editor of the Daily Northwestern, the University paper, and is keeping up with the excellent scholastic record he made while at the University. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA PLEDGES SEVEN MEN GIRLS FORM ATHLETIC CHATTER 2 KERNEL i WEST MAIN STREET American Lead Pencil Co. , NewYotk 215 Fifth Ave., Dept. Atk kj about the new VENUS EVERPOINTED PENCILS Ladies Suits, Coats Skirts Millinery, Etc. 301-31- 5 W. Short St. Lexington, Ky vi