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623 > Page 623 of George Rogers Clark papers, 1771-1784 / edited with introduction and notes by James Alton James. (vol. 1)

BROWN TO CLARK, DECEMBER 8, 1790 on with this business. The papers relative to the years '78 and '79 are those that I have been at the greatest loss for. Some, I have recovered. In the Winter of 1779, on the request of Col. G. Mason, of Fairfax, I wrote him a pamphlet that contained great part of our proceedings up to that time. I have wrote to him for it, in hopes that he might find it among his old papers, but have got no answer from him. As he is convenient to you, by post, I should thank you to try and recover it for me and send it by the first opportunity. If I get this, I shall be tolerably complete, and correct in what I have done. I am, Sir, y'r h'ble servant. GEO. R. CLARK. THE HON. JOHN BROWN. NEW YORK 27th April 1790.' DEAR GENERAL Your favor of the 20th August signifying your willingness to favor the World with a Narrative of your Campaigns in the Western Country gave me as well as many of your friends in this quarter great pleasure. I hope you have not relinquished a work which would make so important an addition to the History of the Revolution. Mr Madison will chearfully undertake to revise arrange the collection of facts should you please to put it into his Hands but begs you to desend in the recital even to minutia. I am with sentiments of esteem Your friend Hble Sert J. BROWN GENL CLARK PHILAD) 8th Decr 1790.' DEAR GENERAL I had not the pleasure to receive your letters of the 15th 29 of July untill yesterday. They had been detained with all my other letters written from Kentucke since that date by my 'The original is in the Draper JMSS., 53J88. 2 The original is in ibid.. 53J89. 623