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Page 708 of George Rogers Clark papers, 1771-1784 / edited with introduction and notes by James Alton James. (vol. 1)

708 ILLINOIS InISTORICAL COLLECTIONS Runnaldsen, visited by G. R. Clark, 28. Russel, Colonel, given account nf Vincennes expedition, 316. Sack Indians, see Sauk. Sackville, Lord George, Hamilton reports to, 174. Sacred Bow, description of, 299, n. 1. Saddavis, William, takes oath as prisoner, 112. Sadler, William, prisoner, 1l; serves under Hamilton, 110. Saguina, Clark's relations with, 252. St. Andre, Pierre, serves under Ham- ilton, 1I1. St. Antoine [Antoynel, Franqois, signs oath, 58. St. Antoine, Pierre, signs oath, 58. St. Aubin, Jean Baptiste, signs oath, 57. St. Augustine, capture of, 67. St. Charatous, Baron, signs oath, 58. St. Charles, settlement of, cxxix, cxxx. St. Clair, Arthur, appointed colonel, xxvii, n. 2; Campaign against the Indians, xxvii, n. 2; petition to, from Illinois settlers, cxlii, n. 3; plans Detroit expedition, xxvii. St. Croix, see La Croix. St. De Lise, Endres, signs oath, 57. St. Dusky, Dustrie, see Sandusky. St. Etienne, Marie, signs petition, 449. St. Ferdinand, settlement of, cxxix, cxxx. Ste. Genevieve [Misere, Mozier, Jen- vievel, location of, 30, 235; named as place of retreat, 263. St. Joseph, expedition against, of: British, 301, Dela Balme, 490, 492, Shelby, 366. St. Lawrence River, strategic impor- tance of, 74. St. Leger, Colonel Barry, ordered to assemble Iroquois, xxxvi. St. Louie, Joseph, signs oath, 57. St. Louis [Pancorel, British expedi- tion against, cxxvi; trade with, 419. St. Marie, Joseph, signs petition, 449. St. Onge, Jean Baptiste, signs oath, 58. St. Philippe [Philips], occupied by Bowman, lxiv, 613, 616. St. Pierre [Pierel, Frangois, signsoath, 58, St. Pierre, Jean Baptiste, serves under Hamilton, 111. St. Vincennes, Vincents, see Vin- cennes. Saline River, Clark at, 157. Salines, protection of, 25, n.l. Salt, abundance of, 533; discovery of, in Kentucky, 25, 25, n. 1; furnished to Indians, 105; manufacture of, 494; necessity of, 70, 400; traffic in, 25, n. 1, 105, 555. Sancrainte, takes oath as prisoner, 112. Sanders [Saunders], John, guide for Clark, lxii, lxiii, n. 1, 119, 226. Sandusky [St. Dusky, Dustriel, ex- pedition against, of Virginians, 308; Girty meets Indians at, 108, 109; trade center, 308, n. 1. Sandy River, establishment of post on, 423. Saucier, J. B., magistrate of Cahokia, 412, 412, n. 1; signs petition, 412. Sauk [Sack] Indians, alliance of, with Clark, 25, 72, 172, 258; expedition against, cxxxv; incited by Potawa- tomi, 394; number of, xv, n. 1, par- ticipants in conference, xv, lxviii; treat with Bowman, 71. Saunders, John, see Sanders. Saunders, Mrs., death of, 23. Sawyer [Sawyears], visited by Clark, 25. Sayges, see Osage Indians. Scags, meets Clark, 24. Schieffelin [Shieffelin, ShifflinJ Lieu- tenant Jacob, escape of, 203; pris- oner, 112, 163; sent to scout, 185; serves under Hamilton, 10. Schoolcraft, H. R., Archives of Aborig- inal Knowledge, xv, n. 1, xi, n. 1. Schuyler, General Philip John, letter to, from G. Washington, xxxiii. Scious, 65, n. 1. Scioto River, Indian town on, 6. Scott, Major George, petition of, to T. Jefferson, 501. Scott [Scot], William, serves under Hamilton, 111. Seamon, Charles, works on fort, 521. Seed, request for, 2. Seneca Indians, expedition against: of Brodhead, 352, planned, xlvii; participate in conference, xv, xxiii. Sentira, Baptiste, signs oath, 57. Sere, see Cerr6. i I i I