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[2] > Image [2] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1970-05-may5.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

C. Change in Committee Appointment Mr. Clay said it had been brought to his attention that Dr. Nicholas was presently serving on both the Medical Center Committee and the Fmnance Coen- mittee and, inasmuch as these two committees meet simultaneously, Dr. Nicholas had requested that he be replaced as a member of the Medical Center Committee. Mr. Clay acceded to his request and named Mr. Thomas P. Bell to the Medical Center Committee to replace Dr. Nicholas. D. Executive Committee and Officers of Board Elected After being recognized by the chairman, Dr. Nicholas made a motion that the present Executive Committee be reappointed and that Mr. Albert Clay be designated as chairman. The motion was seconded by Mr. Hillenmeyer and passed with all present voting aye. The members of the Executive Committee for 1970-71 will be Mr. Albert G. Clay, chairman, Mrs. Rexford Blazer, Mr. Thomas Bell, Mr. Richard Cooper and Mr. Robert Hillenmeyer. Mr. George Griffin nominated Mr. Albert Clay to serve as vice chairman of the Board of Trustees and Mrs. Rexford Blazer to serve as secretary of the Board (the secretary of the Board also serves as secretary of the Executive Com- mittee). Mr. Cooper moved that the nominations be closed andthatMr. Clay and Mrs. Blazer be elected by acclamation. His motion was seconded by Governor Chandler and all present voted aye. E. Resolution on Timothy Futrell Adopted Mr. Clay noted that because Mr. Futreli, former non-voting student member of the Board, had had to report for active duty at Fort Campbell on Monday, May 4, it was not possible for him to be present at the meeting to hear the resolution which had been drafted by a committee appointed at the April 7 meeting of the Board. Mr. Jesse NM. Alverson, chairman of the committee, read the resolution, a copy of which is attached at the end of the Minutes. On motion by Mr. Alverson, seconded by Dr. Sears, and passed, the resolution was adopted, ordered spread upon the Minutes of the meeting, and a copy sent to Mr. Futrell. (See Resolution at the end of the Minutes. ) F. President's Report to the Trustees President Singletary started his report but, at this point, the noise made by the students assembled outside the Board Room became so great that it was impossible for him to be heard by those in the Board Room. He excused himself