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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 10, 1919

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

v THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE 8 James Speed, who for tho last year has had charge of publicity work for The writer of this column seriously tho College of Agriculture and Exobjects to folks leaving so many choc- tension Department, has resigned nnd olate wrappers lying about Ms type- accepted tho position of Kentucky writer, which after Investigation In- editor of the Southern Agriculturist with a branch office In Louisville. variably prove to be empty. Mr. Speed spent a number of years as a farmer, was eight years on President McVey Is preparing the Chautauqua and lyceum platforms, nnd program for the meeting of tho Asfive years editor of Farm and Family. sociation of SRito (Universities which In Chicago November will bo held members of tho Band made a President McVey is secretary of Ten trip to Jackson, Ky to furnish music tho association. for Saturday's program of the Upper Kentucky River Educational AssociDoctor Tlgert has become very busy ation, leaving here Friday night and lecturing on his experiences jwhllo returning Sunday. Tho men were overseas, since returning, and If he warmly received. hasn't already done so It Is feared he may turn over his class work to John Lcman, Engineering nnd Elec"Shakespeare" Haley and go on a lectrical Class '19, is with Warren Web ture tour. ster Company, of Indianapolis. Headquarters in Louisville. Former Lieutenant Governor as a special compliment- to President McVey announces that the the Democratic Club of the University Kentucky Conferences of Social Workwill speak In Chapel Friday night at ers will meet at the University, In his 8 o'clock in interest of Judge Black's office October 16. for Governor. The public Is cordially ABOUT THE CAMPUS 10-1- Class Ring Committee Especially solicted to call in and secure samples and prices of rings for this year's Graduating Class. Julius Wolf, honor student in the Class of '16, has roamed the country over, holding positions of responsibility but has at last returned to Mechanical Hall in the capacity of assistant professor of Steam Engineering. He is planning to revive the once famous "homely quartette" in which he was a leading spirit. The women District Agents in Kentucky met for a conference with Dean Cooper in his office at the Station, Wednesday. Those who had the work in the several districts are: Mrs. M. D. Jonas, Louisville; Miss Luie Logan, Lexington, and Miss Minnie Parker Durham, Paducah. 123 in town to do your cleaning, pressing and repairing? We can press and get back to you 100 suits a day and guarantee them to be in East Main Street condition. first-clas- s Becker Dry Cleaning Co C. R. McGAUGHEY Lime and High Phone 621-- Y Lexington, Ky. Yes w The're Strikingly Different find one type of coat that Is not being d worn by every Tom, Dick and Harry for instance, the new model in the fall line of Young Men's Suits. It's refreshing to be able to double-breaste- VICTOR BOGAERT LEADING JEWELERS Established 1883 133-13- 5 Frank Street, who finished with the class of '17 and was editor of that year's annual, is doing work in apple Professor J. R. Johnson, first gradpacking in Henderson County. While uate of the College of Engineering, in the College of Agriculture he speClass of '93, has been appointed Procialized in that work. fessor of Applied Mechanics and has already entered upon his work. ProL. A. Bradford and C. L. Morgan, fessor Johnson for several years has prominently connected with road class of '17, are doing County Agent been and Agricultural work in Carroll Counbuilding and mining in this State. ty, Kentucky, and Clemson College, Agriculture North Carolina, respectively. The Short Courses in that Becker is the best equipped shop Opp. the Phoenix Prof. J. J. Hooper left on Monday for Chicago, where he will attend the National Dairy Show which is being held there this week. The U. S. Government Is spending $25,000 on an exhibit to demonstrate the food value of all kinds of dairy products for home consumption. J. O. Barkman, E. M. Prewitt and J. R. Dawson are Professor Lampert announces that a number of students have entered the Normal Class in Music. The work includes training in the art of using and furnishing band instruments music. Do you know Heintz, Jeweler - invited. COLLECE STUDENTS 1919-2- 0 "THE HALLMARK STORE" W. Main St. Lexington, Ky. These nifty garments have a waist line seam all around, vertical welt pockets and soft front. They are new in design, striking in appearance, and you will be surprised at our moderate prices. The Stenographic Shop 204 Fayette National Bank Bldfl. United Clothing Stores Incorporated. Tyelephne 2046 Letters Notary Public SPECIALISTS IN APPAREL FOR MEN AND BOYS THE SNAPPY STUFF FOR COLLEGE MEN and Home Economics will begin NoKappa Delta wishes to announce the vember 3 and continue until February 27. Neither an entrance examination pledging of Mary Edith Venable, of nor a high school graduation Is re- Franklin, Ky. quired and preparation is being made for enrollment of a large number of IMPORTANT NOTICE students. N. Hollls, president of the Wor- Ira cester Polytechnic nstitute, comes to the University on October 22, under the auspices of the Student Branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, complying with a request made by Dean Anderson. Mr. Hollis is an eminent engineer of our country and was, during 1917, president of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He Is a Kentucklan and was living in Louisville when he entered the Navy Academy in 1874. Since his graduation he has become one of the best known men in naval affairs. Brlnkley Barnett, Mechanical and Electrical Class '13, visited the campus Monday. Monday was his fourth wedding anniversary and he is still game. W. H. Scherfflus, Class of '99, formerly connected with the Experiment Station but since 1909 engaged in work with the British Government at Transvaal, South Africa, as tobacco and expert, will return to South Africa October 19, after being in The States since May. co:-to- u An erroneous Impression has spread about the campus ai to the duties of the student social committee. It is not, as has been supposed, this com mittee's duty or privilege to arbitrarily ' exercise any power over any student social organization. On the other hand however, this committee was appointed to arrange dates for the various social functions. Therefore to expedite matters, all fraternities and other student organizations have previously been requested to All out an application for dates. It was requested that these applications bo secured from Professor Melcher, filled out, and returned to Professor Melcher not later than October the Eighth. This notice was delayed in being sent out. Any fraternities or other student organizations who have not done as is above requested are requested to do so before noon of Saturday, Oct. 11. At this time dates will be set aside to such as have requested them. Your cooperation in this regard is urgently solicited. R. S. PARK, Chairman. This is a front view of one of the new Belted Suits we are showing in both Single and Double Breasted Styles. varieties; plaits; yokes; plain backs; many new pocket There are many styles. SEE OUR WINDOW DISPLAY Kaufman Clothing Go. Incorporated We're so sure of our quality we say "Money Back If Not Pleased" THE COLLEGE MAN'S SHOP