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11 > Image 11 of Catalogue of the University of Kentucky, Volume 11 (1923-1924)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

Y}- ` A I . Q I . F EXECUTIVE OFFICERS S OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT ` < FRANK L1-;R0NI> MCVLY, B. A., PII. D., LL. D., President of the University TEIcEsA BUCIIIGNANI, A. B., Secretary. _ . JANE J. NICHOLS, Clerk. OFFICE OF THE BUSINESS AGENT U DAVID I[O\\'ARD PEAK, A. M., Business Agent _ LINN I{EMING\VAY MCC,-\IN, Accountant. V MINNIE PIIEKIGO, Order Clerk ` MAIIEI. IRENE LEWIS, Assistant Accountant 4 ANNE GORMLEY, Voucher Clerk. MARIE EAENEST, Cashier. OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR , O I EzIzA L. GILLIS, A. B., Registrar and Secretary of the Senate LIzz1E LEE GVRADDY, Assistant Registrar. MAI>LE Moomcs, Secretary VHICLICN HA\DlCN STANLEY, B. S., Chief Clerk. LIu.IA CANNON, Clerk. > *VIOLA BIz0cK FAULc0NEIa, A. B., Clerk BESSIE O. CLEVELAND, Clerk. . . ALICE ESTELLA HPZIIDIEN, A. B., Clerk { DEAN OF MEN CoI.UAInUs RL1>oLIII MELGIIEK, A. M. ` f DEAN OF WOMEN - _ SAEAII GmsoN BLANDING, A. B. ` \ . VL LIBRARIES MAEAGKET ISADORA KING, A. B., University Librarian MARGARET LOUISE WALLER, A. B., Cataloger GRAcE LEE SNODGRASS, Librarian, Experiment Station { CLARA WARLAND WHITE, Librarian, College of Law LoIIsE COLBY, A. B., Assistant _ ARTIE LEE TAYLOR, Assistant UNIVERSITY Y. M. C. A. ` BART NIxoN PEAK, A. B., Secretary. l "Resigned to take effect October, 1924_ A