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6 > Image 6 of Guide to civilian organizations. Madison County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

Tho Madison County Dcfonso Council is Affiliated with thc Kentucky Jwfcnso Council Frankfort, Kant ., cky Eonornblc lcon Johnnon, Gcvcrnor of Tontucky {1l1oi1*n<;;.11 John J., Stnto Dircotoio of . Civilian Doionco LADIES? CCUIIY QETEYS! COUTUIL Richmond A. P. Donny, Chairman Z3IEG*S Mayor William CTcil Judge Vornon Lcor Commissionor, Jxgos W; Hamilton John RL Smith Loon Eldor H. Bennett Fnryis This guido is QTOQGTGG for tho official uso of thc Dcfonsc Council of Yadioon County and othcr ngonciis cngxgoi in dcfonso work. lt should not bo Ando avail blo for oommoroinl uso. Additional copies co; so obtuinod only ot thc office of the iodison County Dofonsc Council. .j- c, L ;g,: