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9 > Image 9 of Guide to civilian organizations. Madison County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

I f i .. .. U J , X AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY, JESSE M. DYKES UNIT #12 tdmerjgnn Lggjdh AuXj1 r I; iary, Department of Kentucky), c/o Emma Fowler, Wallace Apartments, Rich- ? mend. Founded 1928. President, Evelyn Fowler, iallace Apartments, Richmond. it Telephone.792. Secretary, Emma Fowler. Telephone 792. Terms expires August, ? 1e42. f, Membership: 50. Qualifications, open to wives, daughters, mothers and sist- li ers of World War veterans. _ :__. , Q Committees: Employment, Hrs. Edgar Brandenburg, High Street; ChildWolfare, ll Mrs. John Floyd, West Main Street; Americanizations, Evelyn Fowler, Wallace V tv Apartments, all of Richmond. A Q Purpose: To assist the American Legion and promote Americanism. ~* Q Normal Civic Activities: Cooperating with K ntucky Crippled Children's Com- { mission, school lunrh fund and other welfare agencies. I Defense Activities: Engaged ir Operation of Cantcens, Child Care. Trainin L _v for Hospital and Clinical Assistance, Sewing ard Preparation of Surgical s Dressings, Rod Cross Assistance. Interested in Recreation, Entertainment. I Local Publications: None. C LNERICLU TED CROSS, NADISON COUITY CELPTER (Amcricsr Rational Rod Cross), A q/o H. L. Duncan, P. O. Box &63,'Richmond. Founded 19l5. Chairman, H. L. l Duncan. Telephone 778. Secretary, hrs. Mary leach, East Eoin Street, Rich- j mond. Terms expire November, 1942. F Membership: 725. Qualifications, Annual subscription of one dollar or more. ti G Committees: First Aid, D. S. Somerville; Disaster, J. L. Katherly; Product- ii ion, Nrs. R. 0. Moberly; Junior Red Crsss, Miss Ellen Pugh, all of Richmond. {Q V? m y 3 Ht Purpose: To provide aio and temporary relief in thc event oi disaster or cat- g , ustrophe. g I Q . . . . . . _ . ,, . ... . _ a dermal Civic Activities: lrodrction oi clothing, aiding in the local veterans Q rolitf and cooperating with thc Telford Community Center. g Dtionse Activities; Engaged in hospital and Clinical Assistance, sewing and N Preparation of Surgical Dressings, First Aid, Fmnily Social Service in Ind- H ustriol Arc s. Training for First Aid. Interested in Motor Corps Service, [ Ambulance Service. Training Home Nursing. [ Y E? 3 Local Publications: None. K 2 1 BELEVOLEET PROTECTIVE CYBER OW ELXS, RICHMOND LODGE;5Sl (B. P. O. E. of _ Ihitod States of America), c/ Lodge Hull, East Hsin Street, Richmond. Founded 1900. Exalted Rul;r, Uhrficld Z. Miller, Richmond. Term expires . April, 1945. Secretary, T. T. f'Ieil, Richmond. Term indefinite. gg { lil 2 Ei E: m I \.