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The Kentucky Kernel, February 11, 1927

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL SECOND CONCERT! UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA PLAYS IN GYM SUNDAY UNIVERSITY LEXINGTON, VOLUME XVII SPECIAL COURSES TO BE OFFERED TO TOWN PEOPLE KENTUCKY Campus Song Book Containing Popular University and Fraternity Airs Is To Be Published by Phi Mu Alpha, Honorary Musical Fraternity; Offers Several Cash Prizes Colleges of Engineering and EdThe University of Kentucky is at ary member of the local chapter. ucation Cooperate in Giving All music and words for the last going to have an Courses in Industrial song book, the need of which has long songs must be submitted to Mr. Problems by and alumni s" new Sul- students of zer not later than Tuesday, March 1. university. Phi Mu Alpha, The winners of the prizes will be anMUST ENROLL AT ONCE the men's honorary musical fra- nounced the following week. ternity, is compiling and issuing the The book will be divided into five Special Course Is Offered in book. parts consisting of the following: and Operation of IndiCare Prizes amounting to $15 are offered 1. Regular university songs; 2. Two vidual Automobiles to students by the fraternity for songs for each sorority and fraternity three new songs, 55 being awraded on the campus; 3. One song from Practical courses in industrial prob- for each. The new songs desired are each honorary and professional frawill be offered to the people of as follows: a song to supplement the ternity on tho campus; 4. One song lems Lexington through the, cooperation regular university airs, a song repre- from leading universities and colleges of the Colleges of Education and Eng- senting dormitory women and another with which Kentucky has athletic reineering of the university, it was an- for dormitory men. lations; 5. Standard songs such as nounced this week. The courses will Plans for the issuing of the book "My Old Kentucky Home."' consist of foremanship training, auto were made at the meeting of the fraPhi Mu Alpha is sponsoring the mechanics blue print reading, and ternity last Friday night at the home publication of this valuable book for care and operation of individual auto- of Prof. C.'A. Lampert, and Prof. the university campus with no expecmobiles, and will be directed by Pro- Elmer G. Sulzer, instructor in the de- tation pf- realizing profits. The frafessors David N. Singer and John S. partment of music and director of ternity, which is interesed tn all musHorine of the College of Engineer- the- university band, was appointed to ical activities on the campus, has ing and Proessor A. N. May, of the make preliminary arrangements for merely consented to take the responCollege of Education. the book. Mr. Sulzer is a member of sibility of publishing the song book The foremanship course will include Lambda chapter of Phi Mu Alpha at the main factors in good foremanship Depauw University and is an honor (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) based on recent scientific studies in the field of employment. The class meets once a week, from Friday, FebTo ruary 4, until May 20, and is open to foremen and superintendents of Strollers to Begin Work on New buildings, construction and manufacProduction Monday turing companies. No entrance fee is required hut the class is limited to The first reading of "The Truth 12 members. Entire Membership of Nine Or- About Blayds," the play selected by The study in auto mechanics con; ganizations Buy Tickets the Strollers for their annual spring sists of a series of lectures on mainTo Open With Comedy production, will be given in White tenance, minor repairs and emergency By Kelly Hall at 4 o'clock, Monday afternoon, aids in connection with the operation February 14. All Stroller members of garages, trucks and motor cars. CITY and eligibles who are interested in The class will meet twice a week 'from SEEK STUDENTS FOR trying out for parts are urged to atFebruary 8 to March 18, two hours tend the meeting as Addison Yeaman, each session. A fee of 3 per studirector, announces that manuscripts ROMANY HONOR ROLL dent is required and the course is will be distributed at this time. open to auto mechanics, apprentices "The Truth About Blayds" is a play and truck and bus drivers. A limit The following organizations on by A. A. Milne and has been favorof fifteen persons is placed on the the University of Kentucky camably criticized wherever produced. In class. pus have gone "100 per cent," each selecting this play for their annual in blue print reading is The course member having subscribed to the prpduction, Strollers have chosen one Romany theater by purchasing a of the very best plays available, ac(CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) sason ticket: cording to critics, and it is expected and the Sigma Chi that interest in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon production itself will be greater than Triangle for many years. Phi Beta Phi Sigma Kappa Theta Sigma Phi Alpha Chi Sigma Team Participates in Two Radio Delta Sigma Tau ; Orators Meets Next Month Norwood Mining Society been felt a, Read Play REPORT TO COACH GA3IAGE FOR SPRING PRACTICE NOW KY., FEBRUARY 11, 1927 NUMBER 18 Football Bring Them On! ROMANY HONOR OF FOOTBALL MEN! Are You Cultured? Men Interested Asked to Attend This Afternoon Coach Harry Gamage has called a meeting of all men interested in football on the basketball floor in the men's gym at 4 o'clock this afternoon. All "K" men and all other men who intend to go out for the varsity are strongly urged to attend .this meeting as Kentucky's new gridiron mentor announces it is a very important one. The exact date has not been announced yet bu;t spring football practice will begin very soon and a strenuous training season will be held, according to Coach Gamage. When the weather permits practice will be held on the field and on bad days it will be held indoors. Professor Sax Submits Questions to Test Students' Knowledge; University Journalists Go Down in Defeat When Not One Passes Examination" Are you cultured ? If you are you . chael; the Archangel Michael; Michael should be able to pass the examina- Franklin. 4. The Grundy Family. tion printed herewith with flying colTell what you know of Sidney Grunors. But if you are like the average student of the University of Kentuc-- i dy; Solomon Grundy; Mrs. Grundy. 5. America, England, Germany, ky you will be doing well if you succeed in correctly answering a third France, Spain, Italy, Austria and of the following questions which were Russia, the Scandigiven by Prof. Carol M. Sax, head of navian countries. (a) Name one of the greatest livthe art department, as a "culture test" to the class in art criticism for ing novelists of each of the above journalists. countries. (b) Name the greatest painters; CULTURE TEST 1. Keeping up with the Jones'. sculptors; poets; dramatists; actors; Who was Indigo Jones; Burne singers; composers; musicians; archJones; Robert Edmund Jones; Emper- itects. 6. Name six of the greatest comor Jones; Tom Jones; Davie Jones? posers in their chronological 2. The order, (a) Identify Ben Lewis; Ben Bolt; identifying each. Ben Bernie; Ben Hur; Benvenuto 7. (a) Name three great Classical Cellini; Benremo; Ben Ali Hagan; sculptors. Benjamin West; Ali Ben Hassan. (b) Name three great Renaissance (b) To whom or what did the term sculptors. Big Ben originally refer? (c) Name three Modern sculptors. n Michaels. 3. Some 8. Name five grand operas in the Identify Michael Strange; Michael Angelo; Michael Arline; Mt. STT Mi (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) Czecho-Slovaki- a, . STUDENTS-HONO- R DEAN ANDERSON Graduates From All Over Coun try Attend Birthday Dinner Given at Phoenix Hotel As Tribute to Him PROMINENT MEN SPEAK To Give Concert SIGMA DELTA CHI TO BE INSTALLED 'CATS TO MEET "OLE MISS" IN GYM TO-NIG- HT Mississippi Quintet Comes Here with Impressive Record, navmg .Lost Only Two sl Games This Season TIPOFF IS AT 8 O'CLOCK. Recent Improved Showing off Wildcats Gives Supporters Hope for Victory (By WARREN A; PRICE) Another whirlwind in Southern Conference basketball, the University of Mississippi quintet, will step upon-- tne nardwood of the rfew gym tonight and battle the Wildcats in one of the feature games of the scasony3 The festivities will start at 8:00. "Ole Miss," the team that set the hearts of her Conference foes last year with her skill and ability to subdue nearly all opponents, will come to Lexington with only one man missing, out of the winning aggregation last year. This year nothing has been lacking in Mississippi's conquest, having lost two games to Southern Conference opposition. Coached by Hazel, former fullback of Rutgers University, Mississippi's athletics are riding on a wave of sue- - t cess, which will be up to the Wildca'tsto oreaK tonignt. Tribute was paid to Dean F. Paul Philharmonic Orchestra to Make Anderson last night when former stuSecond Appearance Sunday dents from all parts of the country assembled at the Phoenix hotel for a camp, but hungry glances are turn- -, The Philharmonic Orchestra of the dinner given in honor of the head of university will give a concert Sun- Professional Journalism Frater- ing toward the Southland whh a keen College on the oc- day the Engineering nity Will Establish Chapter desire to partake of some of the juicy; afternoon at 3 o'clock in the casion of his sixtieth birthday. An men's gymnasium. No admission will basketball meat in that region before, at U. K. February 27, Acinteresting program including the be charged and all students are invitthe season ends. I desire is not ful- cording to Announcement following talks, was prepared for the ed to be present. filled tonight, the.1 there will be only occasion: "Dean Anderson and EduNo special soloist has been ar TO BE FORTIETH CHAPTER one more opportunity and that with cation", Supt. M. A. Cassidy, of Lexthe Tennessee Volunteers. However ington city schools; "Dean Andersori ranged for the concert as on former Sigma Delta Chi, national profess- Kentucky is determined to go at ovch2s';rj. A break-nec- k and Engineering," Dean Mortimer E. appeaan;cs of tho pace and display all the ional journalism fraternity, will esCooley, of the College of Engineering, clarinet trio con.po sed of Cyrus Poole, tablish a chapter at the University of skill that she is capable of, not only University of Michigan; "Dean An- Frank Cummins and Elmer G. Sulzer Kentucky on Sunday, February 27, for the first period of the game but derson and 'His Boys,'" Howard P. has. been substituted for this feature. according to an announcement made Tor the second period as well. Tha . This is the second appearance of Ingels, of New York City, graduate of A by Warren A. Price, president of the Wildcats have held their own or better the College of Engineering with the the orchestra for this school year. per- Henry Watterson Press club of the in the first half of a majority of their large crowd attended the initial " class of 1905; "Response," Dean F. The local chapter will have university. formance and .arrangements Paul Anderson. (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) been made for a capacity attendance be the fortieth chapter of Sigma DelDean Anderson, the son of J. W. Sunday. ta Sigma Chi which is nationally recAnderson, engineer and inventor, was ognized as one of the leading professborn on February 10, 1867, in South ional fraternities. Bend, Ind. He was graduated from For some years Alpha Delta Sigma the South Bend High school in 1885, served as the journalism fraternity and in 1890 from Purdue university. of the university. Kentucky was the In 1891 he was appointed profes second chapter of and one of the sor of mechanical engineering at the strongholds of the fraternity. A few 108 Students Register During University of Kentucky and since years ago Alpha Delta Sigma Last Week; Enrollment This that time his efforts have assisted Is One of Fifth Corps Area's changed its policy and became solely Semester Is 142 Less Than Intercollegiate Rifle Matches greatly in building up one of the best to Enter Intercollegiate an advertising fraternity. The local First Semester for R.O.T.C. Championship ; chapter of Alpha Delta Sigma is beOratorical Contest Be Sel- engineering colleges in the South. With nine student organizations on Annual Production Will Dean Anderson is a member of the Closes February 17 ing retained at the university. ected Soon and Rehearsals TO CLOSE FEBRUARY 12 the campus having their entire memSEVEN MATCHES IN MARCH bership purchase season tickets to club The Henry Will Commence in a (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) U. K. WAS 1926 CHAMPION was organized Watterson Press early last fall for the Enrollment for the second semester Few Weeks the Romany, the directors of the cam of the University of pus playhouse are much encouraged, Members purpose of petitioning Sigma Delta of the university has reached 2126, Thft universitv rifle team is fh'ing Chi. It was accepted into the nation- according to reports Kentucky debating team are making and plans ior the opening of the Given received from nronnmtinns for their radio de fourth season are taking definite YEAMAN TO BE DIRECTOR a match with the Michigan State Col- al fraternity at the national conven- the registrar's office as The Kernel lege team this week. This match is tion of Sigma Delta Chi held in Madbate to be held in Chicago on March from. went to press yesterday. This shows Addison Yeaman, of Henderson, Harry Gamage, Athletic Coach, being fired by intercollegiate lules, ison, Wis., last November. Kenneth an increase of 108 over last week's 3. Kentucky will be represented by Although it was previously contem- Ky., was elected director of the StrollIs Guest of Honor the university team, firing here anu Greogory, the press club representaA. K. Ridout and W. H. Hanratty plated to present Rostand's "Cyrano enrollment. Approximately two huner play to be given this year, at a the Michigan team firing at Mich tive at this convention, was initiated dred of these students are new stuand by one other speaker who has de Bergerac" as the opening produc- meeting of the Strollers held Monday A banquet was given in the pri igan. The final stage of the match into Sigma Delta Chi at the convennot yet been selected. They will dis- tion, Prof. Carol M. Sax, director of afternoon. dents who have not previously attendvate dining room of the Lafayette will be fired tomorrow. cuss the question: "Resolved That the the playhouse has abandoned this tion and will assist Edwin O'Neel, of ed the university. Yeaman is a sophomore in the Col- hotel Wednesday night by the "K" Advocated Five Day Week Should Be The men representing the univer Indianapolis, and Professor Elmer G. In accordance with the usual custom plan and a delightful comedy entitled lege of Arts and Sciences, and is a men of Lexington and Fayette county Throughout Industry." Kentucky will T. Sulzer, of the university, in the in- of the university, enrollment for the member of the Phi Delta Theta fra- in honor of Harry Gamage, new ath sity in this match are: Herman side. have the affirmative (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) ternity. He starred in many of the letic coach at the University, of Ken- Combs. Edward F. Crady, Robert C. stallation. second semester fell considerably beDarsie, Clay D. Fyffe, James R Members of the Henry Watterson low that of the first semester. HowThe Kentucky speakers will meet Romany productions last year, and tucky. b. Hester. the representatives of Michigan State great as ever, the decrease Cooley, Michigan, took the male lead in the Stroller James Park, president of the alumni Johnson, Karl P. Hohman, Albert C. (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) was expected, thewas not as dropping . Jess tM. Laughlin, Earl College on March 14 when they will number which is considered association acted as toastmaster. The play only 142, which is not as much as in debate the question: "Resloved That one of the best productions that has speakers of the occasion were Presi- May, John J. Richardson, Jr., Robert u. While previous the League of English Speaking been given by the campus organiza- dent McVey, William Rhodes, and S. Sauer, Stanley M. Stagg, Virgil Group hundred years.students more than two Weems, and Ray People Should Be Reformed in Behalf Topic Is "Engineering Dreams;" tion. Johnson. William E new entered the Coach Gamage. mond H. White. Holds university this semester, about four of World Peace." At the meeting many plays were Lecture at Dicker 'Hall The members of the Athletic coun hundred, old students did not return. There is a total of eight targets Sometime after March 5, Kentucky discussed in the light of their adap- cil of the university were guests at Next Wednesday not rewill meet Berea and Centre College tability as a campus production for the banquet. for each man. There are four stages Doctor Vandenbosch, of Political Various reasons given entering are graduation, acceptance of to the match, two targets to each teams, and will discuss the question: Science Department, Speaks Dean M. E. Cooley, of the "Unive- this year. .."Dover" and "The Truth positions, departure for new fields to stage. The stages are as follows: "Resolved That a Federal Department rsity of Michigan, gave a very inter About Blayds" were especially conon Word Problems , conquer, and poor scholarship. first staee. one target prone and one of Education Should Be Created With, esting talk to the engineering assem- sidered but no definite decision was Dr. P. L. McVey prone For the benefit of those who were sitting; second stage, one target a Secretary in the President's Cab- bly Thursday afternoon on the sub- made. The play will be selected in The first meeting in the study stage, one course in iniernational relations con- not able to register at the regular Cald-w- ll and one kneeling; third inet" a few days, according to Dow "Engineering Dreams." ject, president of the university dra- Subject of Talk Before Virginia target prone and one standing; fourth ducted by tha Woman's Club of the time, Monday, January 31, special On March ID, Kentucky debaters Dean Cooley told of the many great k stage, two targets prone. will meet representatives of the Uni- engineering problems that had been matic society. university was attended by" about six- hours have been set aside both of, Alumni Association Is Value and this week to take care The universitv is in the Fifth Corps ty persons Tuesday night. versity of the South in debate here. solved because of some one having Dr. A. of Higher Education Area and this is one of the regular .Vandenbosch, of the political science them. Although the number register-Th U. of K. speakers will be Burnett a vision and working toward their To matches for the championship ot tnif and Skinner and one other who has goal. Several other visitors were President McVey spoke on the area. The university win aiso nom department of the university, was the (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) Be Given present at the assembly and made "Practical Value of Higher Education matches with several other colleges speaker and outlined some European (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) short talks to the assembly. The factors in world politics. in an American State" before the Seven To meeting was held in Dicker Hall and Omicron Delta Kappa Desires to council of the alumni association of told the study Dr. (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) group Vandenbosch Develop Tradition Withm a large number of engineers and Coaches that tha increased imperialistic Richmond, Va., Wednesday, February guests were present. Student Body tendencies due to heavy foreign debts Alpha Delta Sigma Will Take 9. This was the first conference on Will Vote on and trade barriers were important in New Members An illustrated lecture will be given higher education to be held in VirginDevereaux, Brady and Pribble relations. Omicron Delta Kappa, campus lead ia, and the alumni association is comin in Dicker Hall next Wednesday afterSystem Soon factorssaid international the principal Alpha Delta Sigma, men's profesAre Chosen for Spring Work He that one of noon by several men from the Balti- er's fraternity of the university, at a posed of representatives from the night The subject Pat Devereaux, former coach of more and Ohio railroad. "Washington, meeting held Tuesdaydecided in Presi- University of Virginia, Washington Student Governing Organization problems had made its appearance sional advertising fraternity will held to issue and Lee, William and Mary College, since the restriction of immigration by initiation services for seven pledges dent McVey's office Tmnsvlvania Colleire baseball and of the lecture will be, To Submit Ballots to Stuquestionnaire concerning campus Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and City." the United States, forcing the coun- next Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock trnMr tpams. was chosen to coach the America's Most Interesting dents in Near Future tries of Europe to fight out their' in the rooms of the department of University of Kentucky baseball team The men who will lecture have not problems. The main points to be con Virginia Military Institute. problems within their own boundaries. journalism in the" Science building. Today President McVey is in Washthis year, and James Brady, captain been announced but will be from the sidered in the questionnaire are and Kernel the announceIn last week's regard to developing tradition ington, D. C, where he will meet the He also pointed out the possible Following the initiation, a dinner will of the Wildcat harriers in 1926, was Cincinnati office of the railway made that the W.S.G.A. and dangers due to dictatorships, especial- be given at the Lafayette hotel at 6 spirit within the student body. The alumni of the University of Kentucky ment was temporary trcak coach by the pany. The lecture 'will be given government organiza- ly the type established by Mussolini o'clock. questionnaire will also contain points at noon, and in the afternoon he will other student council of the university stead of the regular Wednesday tions had begun a movement to spon- in Italy. The second of the series of Those to be initiated are Fred night, Birkett Lee Pribble ernoon moving picture and will be regarding the governing of freshmen be engaged in business matters. The car parking problem was also After completing his work in sor the introdupction of the honor lectures will be given by Dr. J. Catron Conn, Ray King, Virgil Couch, Philwas elected to the football coaching illustrated with interesting slides Further Jones on next Tuesday night in the lip Glenn, Charles Honaker, Hayden the meeting but nothing Washington, President McVey intends system at the university. staff to assist Coach Gamage with the showing things of interest from our considered at Ogden and William Luesing. definite was decided. The fraternity to go to New York City where he steps are being taken, and every stu- recreation hall of Patterson hall. spring practice vhich begins today, capitol city. thinks that the number of cars on will be engaged in affairs pertaining dent will soon be given an opportunthe campus is. .increasing and that to the university, and he plans to ity to vote whether or not they want something must be done about the meet the Kentucky alumni during his the honor system. in Honor systems have proved sucparking situation. stay there. cessful in other institutions which are Several important matters were on larger and smaller than the Univerbrought up and referred to other or Student governsity of Kentucky. ganizations. The burning of fresh ment associations recognize the demen caps on May Day was referred to the SuKy circle. It was also sug Takes on Several New Activities sirability of the system as a prevencouncil tion of cheating. As usual, the stufor Semester elaborate inspection trips. The cam that. The mortality rate for all fe- gested that the (By A. P. ROBERTSON) (By DOROTHY STEBBINS) dent body is the real determining fac consider a system of deferred rush journalists takes liberties It is a practice of modern education pus Lexington Herald on one daywith is males in tips country is very much ing and also a plan whereby a stuto give the With the second semester work de tor, so students are asked . My countrywomen! A champion out theoretical instruction the less than the rate for all males. Which dent to be initiated into a fraternity veloping rapidly to a coherent state, matter serious attention when they to combine An editorial in one of the come! of each year. country has seems to mean that women stand ill- must have a grade higher than the the art department is taking on new are afforded an opportunity to ex- with as much of the practical apleading papers of our Now this writer is about to suggest plication of that instruction as is posChief of these are the press their opinion. activities. tired of the inordinate pride and vain- ness better than men, and so live regular school requirement of one. to the curriculum of the The honor system requires that sible. Educators are agreed that an addition preferrably to It was decided by the fraternity to two new extension classes for teachglory of man and "taken him down a longer. Moreover, though few men that of the amount of university, peg." More boys than girls are born will agree with this, women Jn gen- hold regular meetings the first Tues- ers to whom a comprehensive study in each student be a committee of one" theory without a certain unbalanced College of Commerce which is the colper unit population, he says the cen- eral have nearly always done more day of each month in President Mc- art structure is offered on Monday to report any person whom he sees practical application is an lege perhaps best fitted to handle it. inand unwise combination. Thus from 3:45 to cheating. and sus bureau finds. Why? Because work than men, and probably still do." Vey's office. structors take advantage of all oppor- This would be a course to give instruc5:35 o'clock. What treason to hallowed tradition! they have to be. And why do they tunities to perfect this combination. tion in an accompolishment much GOODWIN WITHDRAWS The "design classes are at work ADVANCE CORPS TO MEET be ? Because boy babies can't What a blow at the very foundation have to Instructors in heredity and genetics needed to be developed by college completing the details of the Romany the hardships of early life so of man's superiority! Yet we are stand would combine theory Sidney J. Goodwin, senior in the take their classes on inspection trips students. It So many more strongly tempted to suspect that the There will be an important meeting theater. well as girl babies. institutions. with application with especial emLawrence Cammack, a student in Colleire of Arts and Sciences and of certain boys die in infancy that, at the end actuality is no complete surprise to of the advanced course R.O.T.C. at political phasis on the application. In short this of the first year, the girls, who start- the male. Else why the ostracism of C:45 o'clock Monday night in Dicker the ail; department is working out the cadet colonel of the R.O.T.C. regi- Instructors of history and would be a course in check cashing. independent fe hall. All members of the advanced design of a battalion flag for the R. O. ment, is not in school this semester. science take their students ed with a numerical handicap, have the trips of other and similar state If the university authorities show a big majority. Moreover, our cham male? Why the enthroning, enshnn- - courses are urged to be present at T. C. The flag will have the seal of He withdrew from the university to Geology classes have any interest in establishing such Colonels institutions. pion states "it is quite possible that' ing of the helpless, dependent little this meeting as there will be import- Kentucky in the center of a blue accompany the Louisville ant business to discuss, according to field with the letters R.O.T.C. placed baseball club on its spring training their regular field trips. The classes the gins keep tneir pnysical superi - i of the Engineering College have their (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT,) trip. ority, too, though no boy will believe (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) Captain Taylor who will be in charge. just below the seal. ROLL GIVEN OUT , 2126 try-ou- ts U.K.. HAS HEAVY DEBATE CARD MARKSMEN MEET MICHIGAN STATE CONSIDER PLAYS . STUDENTS ARE ENROLLED FOR STROLLERS Banquet Dean Speaks to Engineers ," Women's Study First Meeting Speaks Educational Meeting at last-wee- Questionnaires Students initiate Named Students Honor 'A Champion Is Come' Shouts Featurist, Recent Census Finds Which Undermine Masculine Superiority In Commenting Science of Check Cashing Much Needed at U. K. Says Writer, Proposing This Gurricular Addition Course Art Department Tuseday-afternoon-