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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 11, 1927

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL DEPARTMENTS! SOCIETY NOTES CALENDAR .Saturday, February 12 Kappa Kappa Gamma Founder's day card party in the afternoon at the Phoenix hotel. Kappa. Kappa Gamma Founder's day banquet in the evening at the Iifayette hotel. Chi Omega formal dance from 9 to 12 o'clock ,in the ballroom of the Phoenix hotel. 5 Engineer Dance The members of the freshman engineering class of the university entertained Saturday evening with a delightful dance from 9 until 12 o'clock in Dicker hall. Mr. J. B. Dicker was in charge of the arrangements for the dance. Music was furnished by the orchestra. Yellow and purple, the colors used in the decorations, were attractively placed about the hall. Several hundred guests enjoyed" the affair. The chaperones were: Dr. and Mrs. Frank L. McVey, Dean and Mrs. F. Paul Anderson, Prof, and Mrs. W. E. Freeman, Dean and Mrs. C. R. Melcher, Dean Sarah Blanding, Mr, and Mrs. J. B. Dicker, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Horine, Mr. and Mrs. Richard . Bozeman. - Cadet Hop The second of the series of cadet hops which are sponsored by the advanced corps of the R. 0. T. C. of the university was given in the men's gymnasium from 3 until G o'clock Saturday afternoon. All advanced, corps men attended the dance in uniform, adding to the attractive scene. The music was furnished by Peck's Bad Boys' orchestra and several hundred guests attended the dance. The committee in charge was composed of Messrs. William Richards, Charles Heidrick, and Watson Armstrong. The chaperones were: Dr. and Mrs. Frank L. McVey, Dean Sarah Blanding, Colonel and Mrs. Horace P. Hobbs, Captain and Mrs. James Taylor, Captain and Mrs. Basil Spaul-din- ' g. Catholic Club Meets Sunday morning the Catholic Club of the university hold a meeting in the palm room'of the Phoenix hotel at 11 o'clock. After a business discussion, the Rev. Francis Howard, bishop of the diocese' of Covington, who was honor guest at the meeting, made address to the members. a. short University Club Meets The regular meeting of the Woman's Club of the university will be held February 15, with the president, The Mrs. C: R. program is in charge of the art comincludes a lecture on Spanmittee and ish Art by Mrs. Alfred Zembrod. Mrs. Zembrod has visited the art galleries of Spain and is well equipped to give the club a most entertaining lecture. Melcher-presWin- Committee Meets Tuesday morning at 10:30 o'clock the executive committee and chairmen of the standing committees met with the president ,of the Woman's Club of the university, with Mrs. presiding at .Columbus R. Melcher the meeting, which was held in the law building. Study Group Meeting Tuesday evening tha study group on international relations conducted by the Woman's Club of the university, held the first meeting at 7:30 lUHH 0-- CREATED AT U. K.i o-- PAGE THREE HiiiiiiiiiiiMHiiimim Out of the Past The General Assembly and Governor Morrow entertain 50 university T. J. Barr and C. S. Crouse Will students representing various organo'clock in Patterson hall. Head Mining and Metallurgy-Division-s izations on the campus. The class which has been opened of Former to both men and women has been wel Department corned with enthusiasm by the facHayden stars as Wildcats sink ulty of the university and the towns Clemson by a 38 to 14 score. On a TO BE MADE trip "up East" they lose to Virginia people. in over time period, 0 arid then The department of mines and metPhi Kappa Tau Dance by Georgetown Uni3 are nicked Kappa chapter of Phi Kappa Tau allurgy of the College of Engineering versity after leading most of the game fraternity entertained with the first has been separated into two depart- which was played in Washington. formal dance of the season in the ments, one of mines and the other of men's gymnasium Saturday evening metallurgy', this action being taken Students hold mass meeting and by the executive committee of the from 9 until 12 o'clock. adopt resolutions concerning an ap The decorations were in the fra- university at their meeting held Wed ternity colors, harvard red and old nesday, February 2. Prof. T. J. Ban-wa- s propriation for the university. A del appointed head of the department egation of students was named to pre gold. Crepe paper streamers in these sent the resolutions to the Governor colors formed an enclosing canopy for of mines and Prof. C. S. Crouse was the orchestra and the dancers. Light- chosen head of the department of and the General Assembly. ed fraternity shields hung at each metallurgy. Baseball candidates report to Coach Both of this new department heads end of the room. Music was furnishParks for initial practice of the sea ed by Peck's Bad Boys and the have been professors under the late son. Rhythm Kings orchestras. Attrac- Dean C. J. Norwood, who was head tive fraternity pennants enclosing the of the combined department. cards were given the Professor Crouse has been profes Canary Cottage Sunday evening in girls. About 500 guests were pres- sor of metallurgy at the university at honor of the new pledges. e ent for the affair. since 1919 when-haccepted a posi fi He had, nouncesnappa Aipna iraternity an The hosts were the members of "the tion in the department. Mr. David the pledging active chapter: Messrs. Warren Hay-do- previous to his teaching exper Young of Lexington; of Mr. Try on Olva Lindle, ience, 10 years practical work in the Robert McGary, Richard Hicklin, Fred Drake, Charles metallurgy field, working in the iron Smith, of Princeton, and Mr. William Adams, Clyde Markham, Squire Cum- mines of Minnesota and the copper Durbec, of Louisville. Mr. Clyde Norris of Covington mins, Karl Hohman, Robert Dodson, mines of Arizona and northern Mex- spent the week-en- d at the Phi Kappa . During the World War, Profes. Ray Bowser, Birkhead Barnes, Ray Schulte, S. A. Belt, Charles Wert, sor Crouse was in charge of heat Tau house. Phi Kappa Tau fraternity announKenneth Poison, Ray Bryant, Herman treatments on the large forgings for Congleton, cannons at the govern- ces the following pledges: Clarence William Yates, Edward the Jarvis, Joe Holton, John Ross, Beech-e- r ment munitions factory in New York. Rothenberger, of Lexington; Hise Adams, Elmer Gilb, Ben Davis, He came to the university from that Stephens, of Princeton, Edward position. Steers, of Lexington; and Thomas William Harmon. And the pledges: Messrs Clinton Since coming to Kentucky, Profes Cochran, of Marian. Autenrieb, Harry Bolser, Lawrence sor Crouse has invented a retort for Marian McHenry, of Newport, spent Casner, Dudley England, Bruce Fields, the extraction of oil from shale and the week-en- d with Miss Elizabeth George Greenup, Charles Hartford, is still experimenting with the retort Erschell at the Alpha Gamma Delta Robert Goad, Robert Rhode, Clarence to make the plan commercially prac- house. Rothenburg, William Schell, Thom- tical. He is a graduate of the ColMiss Lillian Rasch spent the weekas Stephens, John Tompkins, William lege of Engineering of the University end at the Delta Zeta house and atUtley, Bowman Webb. of Minnesota with the degree of E.M., tended the Phi Kappa Tau dance SatThey were assisted In entertaining and has done some special work in urday evening. by the chaperones, President and the Carnegie School of Technology. i Mrs. McVey, Dean and Mrs. C. J. COLLEGIATE Professor Barr, new head of the Turck, Dean and Mrs. C. R. Melcher. mining department, is a graduate of Dean Sarah Blanding, Miss Margie the University of Kentucky in the You Jcnow, I really have just one .McLaughlin, Prof, and Mrs. W. E. class of 1902, graduating with the Great wish in this world. Freeman, Prof, and Mrs. C. S. Crouse, degree of B. M. E. from-th- e College I'd like to be collegiate. Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Boyd. of Engineering. He was employed I'd like to wear a loud sweater for six years with the Kentucky Block And baggy pants Phi Mu Meets Cannel Coal Company at Cannel, Ky., With a coonskin coat Phi Mu Alpha, honorary musical his graduation, and was also fraternity, held the first of their ser- after connected with the Chicago Alton And not "Wear garters. ies of meetings Friday railroad and the Lake Shore and I'd like to put college stickers on night at the home of Professor Carl Michigan Southern. He became an My car Lampbert. instructor in the mining college in And learn to play a ukulele After the business meeting, the 1909 and was made professor of min And sing those cute college songs musical problems of ing in 1914 under Dean Norwood. And go out with girls every night. were discussed and it was decided to Professor Barr states that no But, really, you' know, I've hardly got put out a book of university and. frachanges will be made in the cur enough time to do all that stuff ternity songs. Refreshments of sandwiches and riculum of the mining college this I go to College. hot chocolate were served to the year and that the present adminisW. R. H. (Exchange) tration will attempt to carry out guests. the ideals and aspirations of Dean A library is being erected at ImperNorwood. Stroller Meeting ial University, Tokio, Japan, which is The executive committee transacted modeled after the library of the UniThe monthly meeting of the Staroll-e- r dramatic club was held at aour only routine business after the matter versity of Minnesota campus. o'clock last Monday afternoon in of the mining and metallurgy depart- White hall. "Mr. Dow Caldwell, pres- ments .was disposed of. All the mem ident of the organization presided. bers of the committee were present The annual spring production was dis- and included Judge Richard C. Stoll, The play has been selected of Lexington; Prof. McHenry Rhoads, cussed. of .Frankfort; H. M. Froman, of Lex and will be announced soon. ington; Robert G. Gordon, of Louisville, and Frank McKee, of Versailles. Afternoon. Tea VIA ALL LINES Dr. and Mrs. McVey entertained AND TO ALL PARTS OF delightfully with an afternoon tea, Wednesday afternoon from 4 to C ished by the Rhythm Kings orchestra. THE WORLD o'clock at Maxwell Place, in honor of Punch was served to the guests during the afternoon. the students and faculty of the University. Chapter bids were sent to the var ious fraternities on the campus. Tea Dance Miss Nma Howard entertained with Thursday at 7:30 p. m., the regular a tea dance Thursday from 4 to "6 meeting of the Patterson Literary so o'clock at her home on the Nicholas-vill- e ciety of the University of Kentucky road, in honor of the active was held in White hall, Mr. H. H. chapter and the pledges of Kappa Del- Davis, presiding. ta sorority. The decorations carried out the A. A. U. W. Meets Valentine motif and music was furn- The v American Association of Uni PRICES INCLUDE Round versity Women met Tuesday after Trip Ocean Fare, Hotels, Meals, noon at 3:00 o'clock at the home of Railroad Fares in Europe, Mrs. Good. Guides, Museum Entrance Fees, all Expenses. The program was under auspices of he Wellesley alumnae, with Miss Information Without of the enRuth Melcher as chairman Obligation committee and Mrs. tertainment Harry Wise as chairman of the hos tess group. Afternoon tea was served to the M. Molloy quests after the enjoyable program. Authorized Steamship Agent 646 E. High St. FRATERNITY ROW Phone 3561 Lexington, Kentucky Alpha Sigma Phi announces the pledging of Mr. William Douglas, of Lexington. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Craig, of, DRY CLEANING Rochester, were guests at the Alpha Sigma Phi house for the week-enHe came back with a new video. OF Phi- - Sigma Kappa announces the Sold out to his brother, interested pledging of Mr. Henry Vinson, of a man with some money, and built one TO WOMEN Cadiz, Ky.; Mr. John Major, of Illiof our big iron frame houses for grow nois; and Mr. Eugene Royse, of Mays- ing just cucumbers. ville"; Ky. PLAIN DRESS Misses Adeline Sanford and Ruth That was about i years ago. Kennedy, of Carlisle, were week-en- d Silk or Wool Now, although still a young man. guests at the Zeta Tau Alpha house. Cleaned he owns four big ranges of green Sigma Omicron sorority anBeta bouses in different parts of the country. nounces the pledging of Miss Geneva $1.50 Rice, of Richmond. Spends his winters in Florida and A reasonable, extra charge for Mrs. W. Wallace Fry, national presall that sort of thing. pleated work, amount of time ident of the Beta Sigma Omicron soThere's money in growing green consumed on finishing to govrority, was a guest at the house for house cucumbers. ern. the week-enMr. Silas T. Wilson, of Frankfort, If J. W. Davis can become a mil guest at the Sigma was a Aveek-en- d lionaire at it, why can't you? FELT HATS Chi house. CLEANED Start small. Grow big. Mr. Dave Mclntyre, of Evansville, Here's something to get right into visitor at the Ind., was a week-en- d 50c after graduation. Delta Chi house. Misses Evalee Featherston and Start making money the first year. GLOVES Margaret Treacy have returned from Cleaned and Finished Write us asking all the questions Danville where they attended the Sig- Graves, Cox & Co. Incorporated 32-3- 28-2- UMiiMMumMMiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmsa: miiiinniiiniiniiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiini n, , T $255 to $275 ' i CHfARTER HOUSE TOPCOATS and SUITS in the new spring styles Charter House Suits and Topcoats are now ready for your review in all the snappy new patterns and colors for spring. Authentically styled in the English university manner sponsored and tailored by Fashion Park for the American college man. Exclusive at this store. $40. and $45. Steamship Tickets Student Tours To Europe . New Spring Dobbs Spring OXFORDS HATS snappy Collegiate styles oxfords inthe season's colors and leathers for the yong. follow who wants the newest right price, too. In Keen Snap Brim Styles Hie Money Making Secret of J. W. Davis' J.W. DAVIS The Cucumber King DOUBTLESS you already If you don't, he is the Cucumber King.' Grows cucumbers in greenhouses. Acres and acres covered with greenhouses, growing "painless cucumbers" as he jokingly calls them. Just a few years ago, I sat in the twilight beside his open fire. He is a modest man and it's hard to get him to loosen up. But few of us can withstand the influence of an open fire. r, f So he told me about how he started with a little old fashioned greenhouse and used to peddle the vegetables and flowers abouttown. For several years, he and his brother worked hie dogs, and had no more at the end of the year. Then one day he took some of his meagre savings out of the ginger jar, and took a trip to see how other greenhouse men made all the money he had beard they made. d. you want to. You can't ask too many for us. Tell your Dad about it. Get Mother interested. Let's put this thing over together. vice Dept., 30 East 42nd St., New York City, who will give your letter his personal attention. 3fr ((Wy - SILK with SCARFS fancy New bands. shades for spring. KENTUCKY BELTS V 1 ' $5. INTEREST d. If interested write to the Manager of our Ser- A James Success Vf- - ci ma Chi dance. Kappa Sigma fraternity announces the pledging of Messrs. Salem Moody, Roland Gibbs, Russell Hughes, Ned Warton, Marion Ross, Henry JohnCaudel, Ed son, Al Tipton, Dick Hill, Riley Johnson and Bob Oliver. Kappa Alpha fraternity announces jthe pledging of Mr. Donald B. of Lexington, and James B. Hayes, of Shelbyville. Mr. James Baxter, of Stanford, has school for the spring term. Dr. Oliver Lambert, of Winchester, was a guest at the Kappa Alpha house last week-enThe active chapter of Kappa Sigma 'fraternity entertained with a dinner For-ma- n, Lj hmimiiiiiiimimiiiiiiiimiiiiuuuuws iiiimMiiwmiiiiwiiiiiiiiiiimiiiMiiiin A numwimiiMiniminiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiii nnmMMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiitmmmnat NEW I SPORT ' ' - " M SWEAT " NECK ..WEAR SHIRTS $2.50-- spring , $1-0- 0 15c We call for and deliver any items. See Our Windows All Work Guaranteed Becker GRAVES, COX & CO. "Cleaners That Satisfy" 212 S. Limestone Incorporated Phone 621 H11MMMMI