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6 > Image 6 of The Cats' Pause, April 2, 1988

Part of The Cats' Pause

VIEWPOINT Letters To The Editor Mail All Letters To: VIEWPOINT, The Cats' Pause, P.u. Box 7297, Lexington, KY 40522 And The Winner Is... Dear Sir: I'm writing so I can express my feelings about Rob Lock. I have enjoyed watching him play the last four years. It has been interesting to say the least. I admire Rob for the way he held his head up and kept going when he was booed. Most players would have given up, maybe even transferred to another school. But not Rob Lock, he went on to become one of the most improved players in college hoops. I would hate to think of the kind of seasons we would have had the last two years without Rob Lock. And from interviews I've seen with Rob Lock, I would have to think that he is one of the most personable players ever at Kentucky, and this guy is very funny. So thanks Rob Lock, you're a winner. Don Wildcat Young Louisville, Kentucky P.S.~Go 'Cats Go! 1988 NCAA champs. Sounds good to me. Congrats, 'Cats Dear Sir: I wish to congratulate the players, coach (Eddie) Sutton and his staff on a very fine year. They won the SEC regular season, the SEC (tournament) championship and had a very impressive non-conference schedule. Some nay-sayers might say they were lucky and could very easily have had three to five more losses, but, as Mr. Combs pointed out, the reverse is also true". With a break here and there, they could have won three of the games they lost. The fact that they won more close games than they lost is a mark of a good team. Now on to the NCAA. How will Kentucky fare the rest of the way? I don't know, but if they play as well as they did in 30 of their 32 games to date, they will be competitive. A loss in the NCAA will hurt, but face it, luck has as much to do with who wins as talent. When was the last time the best team in the country won the NCAA? Maybe Georgetown in 1984, UNC in 1982, and then you have Indiana in 1976, Kentucky in 1978 and Michigan State in 1979. I don't recall 1976 and 1979, but I remember the scares Kentucky got from Florida State and Michigan State, not to mention the late run Duke made in the championship game. Who will forget the Georgetown pass to a UNC player at the end of the 1982 championship game? Georgetown vs. Kentucky in 1984: How often will you run into a team that shoots only three of 30 (33?) for a half? What happens when more-talented teams run into truly inspired teams: Alabama vs. Providence 1987. . .Kentucky vs. LSU 1986. . .Georgetown vs. Villanova in 1985. . .everybody against N.C. State in 1983. . .and you could go on and on. My thoughts on this Kentucky team: ?Winston BennettA great role model both in the classroom and on the court. Outgrew his foul-prone reputation and started to shoot the ball to score rather than to draw fouls, thereby eliminating many foolish offensive fouls. Always a good defensive player and strong rebounder. ?Ed DavenderA fine defensive player who can rack up points and assists with the best of them. Accused at times of forcing his shots, but what player worth his salt has not forced a shot or two? ?Cedric JenkinsAnother great role model, both in the classroom and on the court, graduated in three and a half years while playing basketball. Always gives a 100-percent effort on the court and can play defense both inside and on the perimeter. I think Cedric would have been awesome if he had not been injured his junior year. ?Rob LockThe most improved player on the team this year, has learned to play within his limitations and, as he did against Georgia, comes up with some big offensive rebounds and putbacks. ?Richard MadisonA great athlete with limitless untapped potential. I don't know why one player blossoms and another doesn't, but Richard accepted his backup role without hanging his head, played with enthusiasm and was a good example to others who were not getting as much playing time as they would have liked. Mike ScottWelcome home to Kentucky and sorry you did not get your shot right out of high school. Totally unreasonable expectations placed on this young man last year when you consider how long he had been away from organized basketball (coaching staff and media should be ashamed of themselves). ?Rex ChapmanProbably not the best guard in college basketball today, but not far from it. The thing I like about Rex is that he has improved defensively and. especially lately, is letting his shots come to him rather than forcing them. His play in the SEC tournament was very impressive. ?Derrick MillerAnother example of too high expectations placed on a young man who was not ready for it. Needs to realize that he does not have to score a lot of points to be a valuable team member. ?LeRon EllisWould have played more on a less-talented team. Showed flashes of greatness, best years should be ahead of him. ?Reggie HansonNot as much of a contributor as the preseason hoopla led us to expect, not surprising considering Kentucky's returning experience and depth in the front court. Hopefully, best years are ahead of him. ?Eric ManuelMay have been the Rookie of the Year on a less-talented team. If he continues to improve, the best "pure" small forward since Jack Givens. ? Sean SuttonPlaying time was understandably limited. Will find out next year if he can be the No. 1 point guard. As for the redshirts, only time will tell how much or how soon these young men will contribute. Wish List: Kentucky sign Richie Farmer and, scholarships permitting, another Kentucky player, even if that means foregoing Don MacLean. The reason for foregoing MacLean is that, based on what I have read in the media (TCP), he seems to be too concerned with his playing time and therefore may not be happy at Kentucky anyway. Also, if they sign a full complement of 15, they should redshirt two or more players. Jim Russell Marietta, Georgia Happy Fan Dear Sir: I believe Happy Chandler deserves a Gram- my Award. How many people do you know that can sing "My Old Kentucky Home" and make so many grown men misty-eyed? This man is truly unbelievable. It just goes to show year in and year out that Kentucky is the No. 1 basketball program in the world. The midnight practices, seniors' last home games, championships and the following we have are the best. So let's all stand behind our beloved 'Cats no matter what. Sincerely, Tony Fawbush Fern Creek, Kentucky '88 - Good; '89 - Better Dear Sir: The Wildcats were great in '87-88, for it is tough to win the SEC outright. It took good coaching plus lots of talent, and UK had and still has plenty of both. Winston Bennett proved that he could play with the big boys. (Ed) Davender was always consistent and could make some pro team a good guard. Rob Lock, who was fun to watch, saved his best to the last and really came on strong. Not many teams can lose five frontline players and be better the next season, (but) the reason we are going to be better is better shooting forwards. Plus (LeRon) Ellis can shoot the jump shot. Sean (Sutton) must improve his shooting to take the pressure off of Rex (Chapman). I think the UK fens are going to be pleasantly surprised with the redshirts and the new recruits. We already know that Eric (Manuel) and Reggie (Hanson) can play the game, and (Mike) Scott and (Derrick) Miller are no slouches. Scott has a nice touch with the jumper. UK has lacked good-shooting towards since the Jack Givens and Kevin Grevey days. Well, we have them now, plus a great coaching staff to guide them to a national championship soon. Now about The Cats' Pause: There is none better, all the writers are very talented. And contrary to popular belief, I think that Bob Watkins is the !..->', keep telling it like it is Bob. There is always good reading in The Cats' Pause. Sam Shepherd Pineville, Kentucky P.S.The future looks good for UK basketball. On The Road Again Dear Sir: We set 7 a.m. as the time and Wednesday as the day. . .for what? Why, of course, to leave Bowling Green for Baton Rouge, the only place to be to weeks ago. Our destination that night was Brookhaven, Miss., where some 50-odd years ago, I had attended Whitworth College, no longer in existence. Thursday morning before leaving town, my husband and I went out to see the "remains." It was ever so sad a sight, the buildings crumbling, etc., but he took a picture of me beside one anyway. Then we were on our way. Before long, we heard, "honk, honk," and sure enough, more Kentuckians. On to the Louisiana Welcome Centermore Kentuckians, some from Paducah, some from Leitchlield. And that was the way it was on to Baton Rouge. There is nothing like "Wildcat Fever," especially this time of year. And of course, there's no team like our team! We just had a great time down there, two very nice couples from Madisonville sat in front of us at the games. And Kentuckians were all around us. Friday, as I was walking around the concourse, a lady walked towards me and said, "You were in Lexington two years ago at the tournament weren't you?" My reply: "Yes, and you flew into Lexington from Baton Rouge, right?" It's a great place to beat the tournament. Thanks to our team, the Big Blue especially, to the others also, for it was a good time for everyone. Good luck 'Cats, the rest of the way. Mr. and Mrs. George Saunders Bowling Green, Kentucky P.S.I agree with Sean Murphy ofOle Miss, that player he mentioned (Dwayne Schintzius) is very moody. It was very evident at the tournament. Wesley, That's Who Dear Sir: I am writing to answer the question: "Who's The New Wildcat?" under a photo on page 18 of your March 19 issue. He is my son, Wesley Corzine. Wesley is 11 year sold and lives in Baton Rouge. He and his brother, Chuck, are without a doubt the biggest Wildcat fans in Louisiana, and possibly anywhere. We attended the SEC tournament in Baton Rouge and Wesley was talking with Rob Lock when his picture was snapped (Rob was on the other side and not in the picture). The players and Rob Lock in particular were very kind and patient to talk with the children. Chuck and Wesley have been to UK basketball camp, to see the Wildcats in Freedom Hall, watched them practice in Baton Rouge and, of course, play in Baton Rouge. Every time we have been around the players they have conducted themselves in a very commendable way in dealing with the young fans. I feel they should be complimented on this. It means so much to their young fans. As you can imagine, Wesley was very excited to open up The Cats' Pause and discover his picture. He insisted that I write and identify him. I am a native of Paducah and a life-long Wildcat fen. Chuck and Wesley have followed in their mother's footsteps and are Big Blue fens in spite of living in Tiger country. Thank you for running the picture. It certainly made one little boy's day extra special. Sincerely, Charla Corzine Baton Rouge, Louisiana