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2 > Image 2 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-10-01

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

C. President Eli Capilouto How Retreat is Designed to Achieve End -goals President Capilouto thanked everyone and reiterated that there is a method to the agenda process. He said the goal for Saturday is to listen and interpret data. He asked the Board to think independently and give their objective views. The goal on Sunday is to give advice, direction, and talk about the challenge. The issue of a flagship university would be discussed as well as renewing and rebuilding the core ofthe campus. He reviewed the agenda for the retreat and then asked Provost Subbaswamy to talk about the Strategic Plan and Top 20 Business Plan. D. Provost Kumble Subbaswamy Progress to Date Provost Subbaswamy gave a PowerPoint presentation about both plans. He provided infonnation on what it means to be a Top 20 institution and the idea ofthe Business Plan. The Top 20 plan shows where the University began, where it is currently, and its goals for the future. He reviewed various measures in attaining Top 20 status and talked about the gaps between UK and the Top 20m. He also discussed the Universitys trends vs. projections in the Top 20 Business Plan. The conclusion of his presentation follows: There has been good progress made in undergraduate recruitment and retention, but the gap with Top 20 is growing. There has been much progress in diversity. Faculty salaries relative to Top 20 benchmarks have fallen slightly. Enrollment growth is behind the Top 20 Business Plan projections. Despite improvement, research expenditures from Federal sources trail Business Plan growth and Top 20 peers. There is a vast and growing gap between projected and actual state funding. Throughout Provost Subbaswamys presentation, the Board engaged in discussions seeking answers to questions about some ofthe goals and clarification on some of the infonnation. E. President Eli Capilouto Perspective on the University Current Status President Capilouto thanked the University staff and Mr. Messina for their good work in assisting with the Board retreat. He began his PowerPoint by presenting five questions: l. What are the 2lSt Century implications for UKs status as a flagship and land- grant university? 2. What does the Top 20 quest signify for the University today? 2