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3 > Image 3 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-10-01

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

3. How can the University enhance its culture of academic excellence? 4. How should UK continue to elevate the quality of incoming students? 5. Should the University increase the number of non-resident students and how will this affect resident students? He provided contextual data about students and presented a chart showing educational trends which included the "New Nonnal: federal support, state appropriation, and tuition revenue. Through a series of charts, he presented responses to the "New Nonnal and elaborated on each chart, which included discussions about an increase in personnel, a focus on administration cost, student retention, in-state and out-of-state enrollment, transfer students, ways to grow revenue, scholarships, student housing, adult on-line course offerings, tuition and fees, grants, summer programs for gifted students, and partnerships with other institutions. President Capilouto concluded the PowerPoint presentation with the following questions: l. What are the implications for the University of Kentucky? 2. How will the University further strengthen the undergraduate population? 3. How will the University strengthen the undergraduate experience? The Board asked questions and participated in discussions throughout this presentation. F. President Eli Capilouto Perspective on Universitys Current Status President Capilouto presented another PowerPoint presentation regarding a summary of what he leamed from meeting with Board members, faculty, staff; students, donors, and legislators. He talked about the legislative climate and said that the state is committed to having more Kentuckians with college degrees. The Board had a very lengthy discussion about the legislative climate and offered suggestions about improving the relationship and work between the legislators and the University. Mr. Mobley pointed out that the University has a plan in place and said that the University needed to activate the program and the process to do it. G. Chair Hollie Swanson University Review Committee Dr. Brockman introduced Dr. Hollie Swanson, chair ofthe University Review Committee. He noted that Dr. Swanson was a member ofthe Presidential Search Committee, and because of her efforts, the University of Kentucky was able to recruit President Capilouto. He asked Dr. Swanson to give her report on the Committees work. Dr. Swanson thanked the Board for the opportunity to give the Committees report. In fonning the Committee, they looked for people who would work collaboratively but give strong opinions. She saw the work ofthe Committee to be about painting a picture of the University and said this body of work represents twelve facets as the overall goal ofthe Committees work. 3