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7 > Image 7 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-10-01

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

areas: engagement, research, and education. He reiterated that it is not the tyranny of "or. It should be the tradition to embrace the genius of "and. M. Michael Kagpf" s Remarks Dr. Karpf spoke on the analogies of undergraduate education and the Medical Center and talked about financial planning. He referred to the hospital and said it went through a process to make sure all areas work together. In a study done by Kaufman Hall, an independent consulting finn that offers integrated, strategic, capital, and financial advisory services for health care, it was noted that in tenns of resources it would take talented people to become a major medical center to serve Kentucky well. In order to transform the University to where it needs to be, it will take a lot of money and resources. Dr. Karpf noted that the hospital project brought workers from all over Kentucky to the University. He said that it is important to understand, focus, plan, and put it together. This is one thing that has worked very well. Undergraduate education is going through the same process that the hospital previously went through. The University of Kentucky has a special mission in the state, and getting the University to the next level will have a major impact on the economy of the state. N. Richard Messina Priorities/N ext Steps in Advancing the Institution Mr. Messina distributed a list of categorized comments and challenges provided by the Board members at the retreat on Saturday and received input from the Board. The list follows: Undergraduate Education l. Strengthen Student Population Quality Aggressive marketing/leveraging UK brand Outreach to elementary and secondary schools Scholarships 2. Strengthen Student Experience Facilities and infrastructure Technology Sense of community Academic program quality Placement Diversity and inclusion Honors Program 7