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6 > Image 6 of 1964 Kentuckian

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

Foreword A UNIVERSITYis many different things. To some it is a place to spend a few yearsto others, one to spend many. To some it is a beginning for intellectual stimulation and to others, an end. A STUDENTis surrounded by interesting and ordinary fellow students, faculty members, books and ideas. From each he will gain many ideassome of which will be retained while others will be discarded. Yet from this environment experiences are culled and the development of traits leading to maturity and usefulness to society is effected. A YEARBOOKfor every individual would be needed to illustrate each student's version of this way of life. Those experiences pictured in the KENTUCKIAN will mean something different to each of usand yet, to all, they portray those events of which we were partthose experiences which in some small manner made this academic year different from those in the past.