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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 10, 1928

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1 PAU THHCB THE KENTUCKY KERNEL o- - nillIMMMlllMIUiniMMU)IIIIIUMINIIMIMMMllllMlilMUIi1lUllliMiUnnIMUIIIIIIII SOCIETY NOTES CALENDAR Friday, February 10. Kerncl Staff dinner at 6:30 o'clock at the Lafayette hotel. Saturday, February 11. luncheon, Lafayette Chi Omefira hotel. Second Cadet hop, C to C o'clock, Men's gymnasium. Kappa Kappa Gamma banquet, Lafayette hotel, 6:30 o'clock. Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumnae Association benefit bridge. University of Kentucky and Georgia Tech Basketball game, 7:30 o'clock in the Men's gymnasium. Sunday, February 12. Philharmonic Orchestra of the university concert, 3:30 o'clock in the Men's gymnasium. Governor Sampson Entertained Last Friday was a brilliant evening at the university with the visit of Governor and Mrs. Sampson, and other notables to witness the basketball game between Washington and Lee r.nd the University of Kentucky. It pleased all to have the university team victorious before these prominent guests and also that the university band and the military department were able to show what a really distinctive welcome the university could give to the chief executive and his party. The Governor and Mrs. Sampson came from Frankfort to Maxwell NELL OSBORNE o- - Place and were met guard of honor, Captain five of the cadet officers, ed the honored guests, dent and Mrs. McVey, Judge Richard C. Stoll, to the gymnasium where the game was played. As the distinguished party entered, they were welcomed by a fanfare of trumpets, all the students arose and then the band accompanied by the new sponsor, Miss Mary Lewis Marvin, played a special selection, called "The Strength of a Sampson," which was composed by Mr. Elmer G. in honor of the governor. After the basketball game, which so thrilled all the spectators, President and Mrs. McVey entertained the Governor and Mrs. Sampson with a very informal buffet supper at Maxwell Place. The table was decorated in blue md white carnations in a blue vase ind blue candles in silver candlesticks. The host and hostess were assisted in entertaining by their daughter, Miss Janet McVey. Sul-ze- r, Jf wTfi VyryffcfQjfjr col-le- two-pie- fifth-rate- rs Professor Webb Speaks Professor W. S. Webb of the uni- An-nt- y Wrinkles, like Arabs, will silently steal away in the night if you follow our advice and use aa- vantage of our offer. Try our facial treatment to enhance your charm. Phoenix Barber Shop Phoenix Hotel Building Eleven First Class Barbers and Two Manicurists YOU'RE erend William Punch officiating. The ceremony, which was read before a beautifully arranged altar of pale yellow roses, cathedral candles and ferns, was witnessed by 150 guests. The bride looked lovely in a ivory, transparent velvet gown with gold belt and trimmed with rose point lace. Her bouquet was of yellow roses and lilies of the valley. Her maid of honor was Miss Noma Hammons, of New York, and tho best man was Dr. Clarence DeWeose. Dr. and Mrs. Williams left in the afternoon for a motor trip. They will visit Cleveland and other northern cities. Upon their return they will live at the Phoenix hotel where Dr. Williams is resident physician. versity gave an interesting talk last Tuesday night at the meeting of the lohn Bradford Historical Society. Alpha Delta Theta Tea The subject of his speech was The Alpha Delta Theta sorority Culture in Kentucky as Illusntertained with an informal tea Fri-la- trated by Curtis Collection in Lexafternoon at their chapter house ington Library. "n honor of the new girls of the university. The house was1- - decorated International Classes with red and white roses, and the Tuesday night the class in internacolor scheme of red and white was tional relations met in Patterson hall. carried out in delicious refreshments Mr. William Finn led a discussion on "Internationalism and Agriculture." Next week a dinner will be given 'n honor of Dr. Roselli, tho convocaBEAUTY SHOPPE tion speaker. These classes will be Call us on the phone, 7225. "WHERE Thursday morning Dr. Frank T. Mc- - of intellectual education. With NaFarland lectured on fungi, and pre- than, he holds that its greatest benesented interesting illustrations. fits are social." Of compulsory military training, Sorority Party the editor of the Mercury said: "The The active chapter of Beta Sigma military training idea seems to be Omicron sorority, assisted by the absurd. I see no reason why the pledges, entertained Monday after student should be conscripted noon at the chapter hose with a Val-- i and not the young man outside." entire party for rushees. And of the lecture system: The Valentine motif was carried "The American system, it seem3 to out in the decorations and refresh-- ! me, is better for America than the ments. Oxford system. It is obviously more in accord with the habits of mind of Parent Teachers Meet our people." Dr. C. C. Ross, of the educational And of fraternities: department of psychology in the uni"Regarding fraternities, I know versity, was the speaker at the meet nothing. It is commonly alleged that ing of the Parent Teachers Associa- they foster snobbery. But I see no tion of Maxwell school Wednesday. objection to snobbery per se; all raDr. Ross plans to conduct a class tional men are snobs in some way or study ctoud for mothers the second another. That the fraternities exalt and fourth Monday at 3 o'clock in the and overlook men of merit Education building. may be true, but the accusation might be leveled against any other human II. L. MENCKEN SCANS institution." THE MODERN COLLEGE Mr. Mencken urges all who feel the urge to write, first to obtain steady ITHICA, N. Y. (By New Student employment. Until recently he sugService) "I am thoroughly convinced gested bootlegging, but the strength that too many young Americans are of competition has led to advocacy of now going to college and that their taxi driving and similar occupations. . Smooth out the wrinkles and little worry lines that betray the passing years. OCJLt djTVar leties Baker-Willia- Miss Margaret Baker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Auval Baker, of East there by a Maxwell street, and Dr. Earl WilTaylor and liams, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Wilwho escort- liams, of North Broadway, were married Wednesday, January 25, at the with Presi- home of the bride's parents, the Rev- 2nd Floor J. D. Purcell's JfftOOTh ALWAYS NEXT" APKNICOFATREAT Sorority Bridge Party Beta Chapter of Alpha Delta Theta entertained in honor of rushees yesconcluded G. terday afternoon with a bridge party at the sorority house on East New Play Maxwell street. .The prize for highThe next play to be given at the est score was won by Miss Gertrude lomany Theater is scheduled for Anderson. Gladys Rice received the during the first week in second prize. March. The title of the play is The color scheme, which was carand will be ried out in the decorations, the reby the senior class of the Enfreshments, the place cards, and the gineering College. tallies, was in harmony with the sea son, being red and white. Music was Bridge Party furnished by different members of the The Zeta Tau Alpha sorority en- chapter. Many guests were present. tertained with a bridge party at the chapter house last Friday afternoon. Alpha Delta Theta Party Cut flowers and colors emblamatic The Alpha Delta Theta entertained of approaching Valentino's day fur- Thursday afternoon with a theater nished the decorations. party at the opera house. After the Five tables of guests were present. play the guests were entertained with a tea at the Canary Cottage. FRATERNITY ROW "Jus-:ice- ," pre-ent- Mr. W. O. Blackburn of Dry Ridge spent Sunday at the Alpha Gamma Rho house. Messrs. Guthrie Bright, Peter Lewis and Sam Hinkle, of Shelbyville, spent the week-en- d at the Kappa Alpha fraternity house. Pledges to the Sigma Chi fraternity are Messrs. H. C. Smith of Birmingham, Ala.; P. T. Wells of Ashland, and Edward Goldsmith of Charleston, W. Va. Mr. Herbert Wilkins of Louisville, has reentered the university. Misses Mary Allison Waddell and Margaret Owens of Somerset, were guests at the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority house last week. Miss Eleanor Trapp has returned to her home for the rest of this semester. Miss Lilliam White, of Mt. Sterling, was a guest at the Delta Zeta sorority house last week-enMiss Nancy Kittrell, of Dover, is pending this week at the Delta Zeta house. Miss Bena Latta, of Water Valley, Comparison of this superfine ice cream, so generously coated with the most delicious chocolate you've ever tasted, will thereafter cause you to insist on Pik-ni- 13eafonoss3oddCo INCORPORATED ' Leading Department Store Engineers Dance The senior engineers of the were hosts for a dance Saturday night in the Men's gymnasium. Sev eral hundred guests enjoyed the affair. Dean" and Mrs. F. Paul Ander son, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Hawkins, Miss Marguerite MeLaughlin, Miss Sarah Blanding, Mr. Carol M. Sax, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Dicker, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. R. W. 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