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6 > Image 6 of Basketball, 1956

Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Media Guides (Men)

ADOLPH FREDERICK RUPP Won 519, Lost 85 85.9% When the sport of basketball is mentioned today, a direct chain of thought eventually will bring out two names which have become virtually synonymous with the gameUniversity of Kentucky and Coach Adolph Rupp. Such unprecedented recognition for the fabulous cage mentor At the close of his Silver Anniversary season at Kentucky last March, Baron Rupp and proud supporters of the Wildcats (who evidenced their thanks for a job well done by presenting the coach with a shiny new Cadillac) could look back over an unparalleled honor roll of 16 Southeastern Conference titles, three NCAA Tournament championships, a National Invitation Tournament title, a trio of successes in the Sugar Bowl Tournament and a pair of championships in their own recently-inaugurated Invitational Tournament as well as is only natural since his deeds over the past 25 years as head man of the Wildcats have resulted in phenomenal success as witnessed by the record of 519 victories in 604 startsa winning average of better than 85 percent. To adequately describe the amazing success of the famed "Man In The Brown Suit," one must start with superlatives for Coach Rupp's record stands as the greatest of any coach in any sport. He is recognized as the nation's winningest basketball coach and his nationally-famous Kentucky cagers have picked up just about every team and individual honor that the basketball world has to bestow. 4