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8 > Image 8 of Guide to civilian organizations. Union County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

-2- AMERICAN LEGION.AUXILIARY, GRIGGS-ALVEY UNIT #48 (American Legion Depart- ment of Kentucky; National American Legion Auxiliary), c/o Mrs. RubyBrown, Q Court Street, Morganfield. Founded 1954. President, lhs. Roby Brown, g Telephone 92. Secretary, lhs. Betsy Stoll, Morgan Street, Morganfield, g Telephone 257. Terms expire June, 1942. g Membership: '40, Open to wives, mothers, sisters or daughters of American i Legion members. Committees; Rehabilitation, Mrs. Francis Tucker; Child Welfare, Mrs. ~ Sara Clements; Reemployment, Mrs. D. C. Donan, all of Merganfield. Q Purpose: Promotion of child welfare, assisting needy veterans and their Q families . . S Normal Civie_Activities: Cooperating in all community activities, par- g ticularly Red Cross work. _ Defense Activities: Engaged in Red Cross Assistance. Training for Sewing .E and Preparation of Surgical Dressings, First Aid, Family Social Service Q in Industrial Areas, Child Care. Interested in Hospital and Clinical As- gg sistance, Entertainment,Recreation, Library Service, Collecting Books. ag Local=Publications: None. } AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY, RIDDLE UNIT #106 (American Legion Department ig of Kentucky; National American Legion Auxiliary),_American Legion Hut, ; Sturgis. Founded l920. President, Miss Lucy Dyer, Washington Street, $ Sturgis, Telephone 7l. Secretary, Miss Helen Sizemore, Adann Street, Qi Sturgis,Telephene 187. Terre expire August, 1942. i ii? Membership; 7l. Open to wives, daughters, mothers and sisters of Amer- ig ican Legion members. i A Q Committees: Publicity, Miss Lila Holt, Sturgis. QE Purpose: Aid to disabled veterans and child welfare. gl Normal~CivicmAntiyities: None. ` A A . Q2ense;Aetivities: Engaged in Red Cross Assistance, Sewing and Prepara- ig tion of Surgical Dressings. Interested in Hospital and Clinical Assistance. gg Local Publications: None, ` "-Q-<`-i`-` *" "" ` " ` """';M`W~_ 47. *-.-7 rw-__ 7