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PREFATORY NOTE performance, it was just as timely as ever; and the characteristics which raised it out of its locale into a larger study of feminine lying, seemed to have gained more poignancy with the years. In actual date of composition, "The Truth" was preceded by "The Woman in the Case ", the latter attaining a popularity abroad which did not exceed that of "The Truth ", but which still continues, inasmuch as preparations are now afoot for its presentation in Spain. During that period of his career which brought forth "The Woman in the Case ", Mr. Fitch met with many failures; and that despondent tone, detected in the letter previously quoted, was only a cul- mination of the repeated lack of sympathy which met him journalistically on all sides in America. A characteristic letter was written by him from "Quiet Corner ", just after the failure of "The Coronet of the Duchess." "Midnight. Dear : A log fire, Boots, Fiametta, and Clan, all sprawled about, and ME at the table writing. I feel very small in this house alone, and somehow the failure of the play seems bigger! I have worked hard to-day, though; just as if I felt the public was crazy for me! I go to rehearsal of the 'Her Own Way' company to-morrow." Another one of his failures at this time was the slim little viii