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32 > Image 32 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1947-1948)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

il ` 1 28 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY 'L ' . ` information is presented on the extra-curricular activities of the University. The Director of Personnel also conducts meetings for , interpreting to the new students the results of the placement tests. Q Orientation Programs are planned for each of the two _ semesters and for the summer session. Inquiries about Orientation ; . Week should be addressed to the University Personnel Office, Room { 9, Administration Building. University Health Service a The University recognizes a special obligation in the health of the students. To meet this obligation it maintains the University Health Service. The service consists of an out-patient clinic and a forty bed \ inflrmary for the more acutely ill. X-ray and clinical laboratory . services are provided. In a case requiring major surgery a consultation is held with the student's parents or his home physician. The student is then either sent to a local hospital for the surgery or returned to his home. In a serious or chronic condition requiring long periods of hospitalization, the parents or home physician should remove the i student from the infirmary to a hospital. THE UNIVERSITY AND THE VETERAN The following paragraphs summarize the policies respecting the veteran who wishes to begin or to continue his education at the University. Additional information may be obtained by writ- ing the Registrar. Initial correspondence with respect to entering the University should be similarly addressed as should requests for catalogs and bulletins. A Where the Veteran Should Report The veteran should report to the Veterans Personnel Office. which is located in Room 204 in the Administration Building. This office has been designated the receiving center for all veterans g wishing to enter or reenter the University of Kentucky. Here the applicant will be given information about applying for federal assistance, and general guidance with respect to vocational oppor- { tunities, courses of study, etc. From this ofiice he will be referred t for further assistance to other persons as the individual case re- tQ E! quires. Generally speaking, the division of functions will be as A F follows: H I University Persormel Office (Veterans Division): Federal as- E sistance and initial vocational and educational guidance. 2 24 I Registrars Office: Admission, advanced credit from other a colleges or for training received while in military service. fl Q fees, and registration. e E .