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38 > Image 38 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1947-1948)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

*4 V 34 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY .*.' ll dean of the college, and the head of the department concerned. ' Application should be made in writing to the Registrar. A student li who visits a class as an auditor is not allowed an examination for Y i Credit. t i Extension Work. Not more than thirty-two of the credits i ? required for a bachelors degree may be gained by extension, t special examination, or both. A student may not satisfy in excess of one-half of the requirements for a major by extension, special examination, or both. I Not more than twelve credits of extension work done by a student during one calendar year will be accepted by the Univer- sity unless it may be definitely shown that the work has been done under conditions where the student has been engaged in full-time study and has not been otherwise employed. This in- l cludes extension work done in other institutions. A A minimum of thirty of the last thirty-six credits presented for an undergraduate degree must be completed in residence (exclusive of credit by extension and special examination). Entrance Examinations. All new students, other than those entering the Graduate School, are required to take the University classification tests and the University physical examination. 7 Absences. Absences shall be counted beginning with the first - day of recitations. 1 The instructor shall keep a record of absences for each student. When, in his opinion, the number of absences for any student l becomes excessive or appears to be unjustified, he shall report such l student to the dean concerned. A student may be dropped from a course for excessive absences by the Registrar upon recommenda- tion of the dean and the instructor. When a student is so dropped, l : the instructor shall report the grade the student is making at the gl time he is dropped. ` Any student absent from class on the day immediately preced- ing or following a holiday shall have a penalty of one credit and ` one quality point added to his requirements for graduation. Absences due to officially authorized trips, such as those of l athletic teams; musical, oratorical, and dramatic organizations; and University classes, shall be considered as being excused absences. l The faculty member in charge of an authorized trip shall give to i-Q 1 each student concerned a statement to present to his teachers certi- 5 fying that the absence is official. i I No report of absences shall be required for graduate students. 2 . Any undergraduate student whose standing on the work of the E previous semester is 2.4 or better, upon application to the Registrar, shall be extended the same privilege relative to absences as grad- uate students. E . Q