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42 > Image 42 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1947-1948)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

Q yn A as UNIVERSITY or KENTUCKY _i i' Judge of the U. S. District Court; Simeon S. Willis, Governor of T " Kentucky; Herman Lee Donovan, President of the University of Kentucky; and Henry Goddard Leach, former Editor of Forum and A] Century magazines, and an authority on Scandinavian literature i and international education. j Musicales. These musical programs are arranged for the en- Al l joyment of the students, faculty, and friends of the University. There is no admission charge. The program for 1947-48 follows: Sunday Afternoon Series A November 2- February 15- 01 Tossy Spivakovsky, Violin- Tom Scott, Folk Song Re- al ist, Columbia Concerts citalist, Management of Ber- W nard LaBerge, Inc. Pi November 9- D R o b e r t Morgan, Pianist, University of Kentucky Febrlmry 2- , H University Womens Glee a November 16_ Clutb, Mildred S. Lewis, Di- 0; , Artiss deVolt, Harpist, Man- mc Or Y 7 agement of Bernard La- tl A Berge, Inc. February 29- te Ford Mtgmery. Pianist, Ruth 11mie11, Soprano, Uni- fi UI1iVISlfy of Kentucky versity Of Kentucky 2 December 14-(4:00 p. m. and cl 8:00 p. rn.) M3.rCh Christmas Carol Program by Almf) Kwmlemh T01`i Um vi The University Choristers, Verslty Of Khhhhhhy P Mildred S. Lewis, Director April 11-(4:00 p. m. and 8:00 (' g January 25- p_ m_) lf * p Fhhhhhs Yhhhde Shhhhhw University Mixed Chorus j 1 z Columbla Concerts and Orchestra, Performance ei F t of Verdi Requiem", Alex- il i February 1"` _ _ ander Capurso, Director; in Phhghhm hx Unlverslty Mildred s. Lewis eiiei Aime Chapters Of Phi Beta and Kiviniemi, Associate Direc- ; { Phi Mu Alpha, Honorary mrs Music and Dramatics Fra- g ternities sl May 30- r , February 3- University Baccalaureate a * University Mens Glee Club, Service ti l Aimo Kiviniemi, Director 1* I 1 \ . R e