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428 > Image 428 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1947-1948)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

424 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY n \ Wightman, Ernest Thomas, M.S., Associate Professor of Poultry Husbaindry, Assistant in Poultry Husbandry, Agricultural Experiment Station Wild, Raymond Wesley, A.B., Ph.M., Director of Public Relations; Part-time Assistant Professor of Journalism Wilford, Edward James, M.S. in Agr., Professor of Animal Husbandry; in charge of Meats Laboratory; Assistant in H Animal Husbandry, Agricultural Experiment Station Willson, Louise, M.A., Third Grade, University School L1 Wilmore, Helen, M.S. in H.E., Assistant Professor of Home A1 Economics M Wilson, Goldie M., A.B., Parttime Instructor in Commerce Wilson, William Clark, B.S. in Agr., Assistant State Agent, County Agent Work, Agricultural Extension Division JH - , *Wofford, Azile May, M.S., Associate Professor of Library Science *Wood, Kenneth Proctor, M.A., Instructor in Mathematics Wood, Lynne K., M.S., Ph.D., Spectographer and Research Chemist, Lf Agricultural Experiment Station Et Woodall, James Raymond, B.S., Instructor in English Wooldridge, Charles B., A.B., Instructor in Physics Wooldridge, Hilda Capablanca, A.B., Instructor in Romance M Languages Ri I Wooldridge, Mary Carolyn, M.S., Assistant Professor of Home Economics Wyant, Zae, M.H.E., M.A., Technician, Department of Animal M Pathology, Agricultural Experiment Station P2 *Wyatt, Charles Early, B.S. in Agr., Field Agent in Test Demonstra- Id tions, Agricultural Extension Division M *Yeardley, Kenneth P., M.S., Part-time Instructor in Mathematics W Young, Earl Robert, M.S. in Agr. Engr., Associate Professor of M Agricultural Engineering J Young, Harry Maxie, M.S., Field Agent in Farm Management, Agricultural Extension Division Young, Henry Clayton, B.S. in C.E., B.S. in Arch., Part-time Je Instructor in Architectural Engineering Young, Ruth Theobald, B.S. in L.S., Visiting Instructor in Library *I Science, Summer Quarter, 1947 Zemp, Gertrude M., Manager of Residence Halls for Women S2 /7 M I R G E; D * See appended list of changes of status, p. 439.