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430 > Image 430 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1947-1948)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

426 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY ` Chester M. Ferguson, Maintenance Sergeant, Department of *j Military Science and Tactics C Emily Frank, Clerk-Stenographer, Department of Physical L _ Education Constance W. Gallant, Secretary, Department of Chemistry A *Norris C. Goldben, Assistant Secretary, Department of Chemistry Marie K. Graves, A.B., Secretary, Department of Art *Z Bill L. Gray, Administrative Assistant, Department of Military R Science a-nd Tactics *Charlotte Gray, A.B., Clerk-Stenographer, Office of the Dean K Henry Gullett, Attendant for Equipment, Department of Physical J Education Mabel Claire Gumm, B.S. in Mus., Clerk-Stenographer, Department E of Music F = Nancy Taylor Hayes, A.B., Librarian, Department of Art lt Faye Hays, Part-time Secretary, Department of Mathematics Gloria Hedges, Part-time Secretary, Department of Radio Arts R Joseph V. Hendricks, Storekeeper, Department of Chemistry Charlotte Hobbs, Part-time Secretary, Department of Psychology It *Juliette Jones, A.B., Clerk-Stenographer, Office of the Dean Mary Fulton Jones, B.S. in Com., Secretary, Department of Botany * *Ima Moe Junkins, B.S. in L.S., l\/LA., Secretary, Department of V Library Science *.Iulia Leach Kincaid, Part-time Secretary, Department of A Psychology Rowland Chontrelle Layson, M.S., Lecture Assistant and Store- keeper, Department of Physics P Irving Lieberman, A.B., D.V.M., Part-time Technician, Department E of Bacteriology [ , Lee McDaniel, Sergeant, U. S. Army, Military Storekeeper Clemons C. McMurtry, B.S., Technician, Department of Bacteriology ( *Margaret Mae Mack, Part-time Secretary, Department of Mathematics and Astronomy Barbara D. Mackay, Part-time Secretary, Department of Philosophy Evelyn Louise Midkiff, Secretary, Department of Sociology X Willie Prater Mills, Librarian, Carnegie Record Set, Department of Music John Horace Mulberry, Caretaker, Department of Physical /7 Education 1 *Floye Mullinaux, Clerk, Office of the Associate Dean I Beckham Newkirk, Assistant Storekeeper, Department of *] Chemistry Katherine W. Owens, Secretary, Department of Hygiene and ( Public Health *Frances Parsons, Secretary, Department of History E Fannie Belle Pherigo, Secretary, Department of Military Science , * See appended list of changes of status, p. 439.