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436 > Image 436 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1947-1948)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

432 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY ` OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR Maurice F. Seay, M.A., Ph.D., LL.D., Registrar Lee Sprowles, M.A., Ph.D., Assistant to the Registrar - Maple Moores, Assistant Registrar Dorothy Linville, A.B., Admissions Officer Mary Page Milton, A.B., Recorder Lucille Hope Newton, A.B., Assistant Recorder Sarah A. Utterback, M.A., Assistant Officer of Admissions Anne Elizabeth Garrison, A.B. in Ed., Secretary "Cornelia J. Clarke, Recording Clerk *Frances Ann Daniel, A.B., Admissions Clerk *Mabel Claire Gumm, B.S. in Mus., Admissions Clerk Allene Harrod, Admissions Clerk Mary Campbell Humphress, Stenographer i Betty Lawrence Shepherd, Recording Clerk Naomi McCracken, A.B., Graduate Assistant Willis Caldwell, A.B., Graduate Assistant *Betty Adair Nickel], B.S. in Com., Stenographer . Mildred Oliver, Transcript Clerk Betty Virginia Pearson, Recording Clerk *Martha Robards, Transcript Clerk I Evelyn Merrell Talbott, A.B., Recording Clerk *Lois Thompson, Stenographer Marilyn Wheeler, Clerk-Stenographer *Radie Whitcomb, Stenographer Jane Williamson, Clerk-Stenographer Martha Short, B.S. in Com., Admissions Clerk LIBRARIES Lawrence S. Thompson, M.A., Ph.D., Director of Libraries Margaret Isadora King, A.B., B.S., University Librarian Ruth K. Allender, A.B., Gift and Exchange Assistant, Order Department Judith T. Berkowitz, M.A., Assistant, Order Department Bessie M. Boughton, A.B., B.S., Senior Cataloger Amelia K. Buckley, A.B., Part-time Assistant, Order Department Jacqueline Page Bull, Ph.D., Head, Archives Department /1 Norma Beatrice Cass, B.S., M.A. in L.S., Reference Librarian - i Margaret R. Coakley, A.B., Assistant, Circulation Department i *Daisy Taylor Croft, A.B., B.S., Head of Circulation Department Algernon S. Dickson, B.S. in L.S., M.A., Assistant Cataloger Frances L. Dugan, A.B., B.S., Associate Archivist Betty Lee Fein, A.B., Assistant Archivist *E1izabeth F. Fowler, A.B. in Journ., Assistant, Order Department Mary Elizabeth Hanson, A.B., B.S. in L.S., Periodical Librarian ` * See appended list of changes of status, p. 439.