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437 > Image 437 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1947-1948)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

` OFFICE ORGANIZATION AND PERSONNEL 433 } Dorothy C. Hill, A.B., Reference Assistant I Margery P. Hornsby, B.L.E., A.B., Part-time Arrears Worker Austell Beaton Hulett, B.S. in Com., Accountant, Order Department V Kate Tipton Irvine, M.A., Head, Circulation Department Catherine Lynn Katterjohn, A.B., B.S. in L.S., Assistant Cataloger Mary W. Lassiter, B.S., Assistant, Archives Department Margaret C. Meadow, A.B., B.S. in L.S., Part-time Assistant, Order . Department I Millicent M. Mercer, A.B., Assistant Reference Librarian *Juanita C. Moberly, A.B., Assistant, Circulation Department Mary A. Nooe, A.B., Assistant Cataloger Maxine L. Perrine, A.B., B.S. in L.S., Document Librarian, Reference Department Mary Frances Pope, Librarian, Engineering Library Carolyn Reading, A.B., B.S., Head, Order Department . Carolyn H. Reed, B.S., Librarian, Geology Department Margaret E. Roser, A.B., Librarian, University School Library r Margaret Dorothy Salmon, B.S. in Com., LL.B., Librarian, College of Law Emilie Varden Smith, A.B., Assistant Cataloger Grace L. Snodgrass, A.B., Librarian, Agricultural Experiment Station Ellen Butler Stutsman, A.B., M.S., Head, Cataloging Department *Stella Sumner, A.B., Librarian, Biological Sciences Library _ Artie Lee Taylor, Librarian in Charge Reserved Book Room Margaret Helmsing Tuttle, A.B., B.S., in L.S., Librarian in charge T of Department Libraries Lou Ada Wells, A.B., Assistant, Circulation Department _ *Virginia C. Withers, B.S. in Ed., Librarian, Biological Sciences Library A Dorothy B. Bach, Part-time Typist, Cataloging Department E lF Gertrude W. Champion, Part-time Assistant, Periodical Department { Margaret E. Clegg, Part-time Secretary, Librarians Office " Marie Crawford, Typist, Order Department p *Mary W. Dooley, Part-time Clerical Assistant, Archives 9 Department A *June Everman, Clerk, Order Department Marjorie G. Giles, Clerical Assistant, Order Department i Frances S. Huddleston, Part-time Clerical Assistant, Archives Department ` l Harriet Pierce, Part-time Assistant, Periodical Department Nannette Smith, Part-time Typist, Catalog Department , Bess Stapleton, Part-time Mender, Catalog Department nf Allan C. Watson, Part-time Typist, Order Department t, Kathleen S. Webster, Typist, Cataloging Department * See appended list of changes of status, p. 439. Z Univ.15 F M I' Q.