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440 > Image 440 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1947-1948)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

\ 436 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY John A. Baker, M.A., Testing Assistant Dorothy Dean, A.B., Secretary Hele, *Margaret Bruce Cruise, A.B., Testing Assistant Jeani - Marjorie Orr, A.B., Clerk Anne A. Lewis, Receptionist Anne Wells, Test Clerk Fran Alice Jane Street, A.B., Testing Assistant Davi John B. Freeman, A.B., Research Assistant Ena Helez DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC RELATIONS Ed (3 Raymond W. Wild, A.B., Ph.M., Director of Public Relations Kenneth L. Kuhn, A.B., News Editor Betty Longsworth Kindred, Secretary *Li1 ` . Walt \ UNIVERSITY RAmo STATION Clay *Elmer Griffith Sulzer, A.B., Director ga? Lolo Lemme Robinson, A.B., Program Supervisor Kate Gloria Henderson Hedges, Secretary Ruth Paul W. Holton, Transmitter Engineer Emu Lewis H. Sawin, A.B., Assistant in Radio Virg. V Cam DEPARTMENT OF ATHLETICS Nels, Bernie Armstead Shively, M.A., Director of Intercollegiate LEG] Athletics Dore Paul William Bryant, A.B., Head Football Coach MHFE Adolph Fred Rupp, M.A., Head Basketball Coach Eliza Ermal Glen Allen, B.S., Assistant Football Coach Rklbl Joseph Gwynne Atkinson, B.S., Assistant Football Coach Mai? Michael Balitsaris, B.S., Assistant.Football Coach EVl Harry Current Lancaster, M.A., Assistant Basketball Coach BU? Carney Graham Laslie, B.S., Assistant Football Coach Ami Frank ORear Moseley, B.S., Assistant Football Coach and Baseball Coach Clarence Emory Underwood, A.B., Assistant Football Coach Km Wilbert Eugene Burger, B.S., Trainer *Mh Harry G. Dickerson, A.B., Manager, Ticket Sales Ark N Joy Woodhead Broyles, Bookkeeper Wl . ; Louise Loving Gilchrist, A.B., Secretary to the Athletic Director Edit { Mary Jane Jacoby, Secretary to the Football Coach . Jam Mary Louise Monarch Topor, Account Clerk gn? a BUREAU OF SOURCE MATERIALS IN HIGHER EDUCATION gill Ezra L. Gillis, A.B., Director Mary Hester Cooper, M.A., Assistant Director Hm, ` ' See appended list of changes of status, p. 439. '