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Image 448 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1947-1948)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

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i ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEES* · 1947-1948 Commencement Exercises—A. E. Bigge, Anne Callihan, Alexander Capurso, Dorothy Evans, E. B. Farris, Jane Haselden, Helen King, Mildred Lewis, Colonel G. T. Mackenzie, Mary Page Milton, A. J. Olney, Maurice F. Seay, R. W. Wild. Foreign Students-A. E. Bigge, Jane Haselden, A. D. Kirwan, ' Dorothy Linville, W. L. Matthews, W. A. Price, Alberta Server. Founders Day—Leo M. Chamberlain, Paul P. Boyd, G. D. Buckner, — E. B. Farris, E. L. Gillis, Jane Haselden, J. F. Hopkins, Helen , King, Margaret King, Mildred Lewis, L. N. Plummer, Maurice . F. Seay, E. G. Sulzer, W. S. Taylor, R. W. Wild. Freshman Week--Lysle W. Croft, W. A. Heinz, Sarah B. Holmes, J. S. Horine, A. D. Kirwan, R. L. Mellenbruch, Maple Moores, Bart N. Peak, Maurice F. Seay, Herbert Sorenson, Dewey G. A Steele, W. A. Tolman. Haggin Fund Publications-Frank L. McVey, Howard Beers, T. D. 4 Clark, E. F. Farquhar, W. D. Funkhouser, Edward Wiest. Honors Day—L. J. Horlacher, Ralph Cherry, Sarah B. Holmes, A. D. Kirwan, Maple Moores, E. J. Stahr, DI V. Terrell, R. H. Weaver, R. W. Wild. Insurzmce-—Edward Wiest, Charles Barkenbus, C. C. Carpenter, Alvin E. Evans, E. F. Hartford, J. B. Kelly, L. H. McCain, . Frank D. Peterson, H. A. Romanowitz. p Library—J. W. Martin, George K. Brady, T. D. Clark, C. S. Crouse, R. H. Deily, H. B. Price, Frank H. Randall, Herbert P. RileYy Maurice F. Seay, W. S. Taylor, Music—Alexander Capurso, Howard Beers, Frank C. Fowler, John Kuiper, Mildred Lewis, Herbert Riley. Non-Resident Fees—Maurice Seay, Frank Murray, Frank D, /7 Peterson. "V P2.tel1ts—L. A. Pardue, Alvin E. Evans, Carsie Hammonds, Sh€lbY · McCloy, J. W. Martin, H. B. Price, C. E. Snow, D. V. Terrell. Personnel 0ffice——Lysle W. Croft, Thomas P. Cooper, Sarah B- Holmes, A. D. Kirwan, Maurice F. Seay, W. S. Taylor, D. V. Terrell, M. M. White, Edward Wiest. *When not otherwise included, the Vice President of the University is exofficio a member of each administrative committee. The first named , member of each committee is the chairman.