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65 > Image 65 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1947-1948)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

. ARTS AND SCIENCES 61 wer A. B. or B. S. with Department Honors The degree of A. B. or B. S. with Honors in the students major vish subject will be conferred upon the student who, in addition to hav- ary, ing completed the requirements for the degree, shall have (1) the attained high standing in his major subject; (2) passed with dis- tinction a thorough, comprehensive examination in his major sub- zine, ject; (3) been recommended for the said degree by the faculty of his the department in which his major work was done. Students tool. majoring in those departments that require the final comprehen- sive examination are automatically candidates for department _ honors. opic tml Independent Work Courses The A junior or senior, if his particular excellence in the depart- Hy` ment warrants it, may with the approval of his major professor and mes dean, register for an independent work course in his major subject. z' _If Such a course is characterized by special assignments for study, Wm weekly or bi-weekly conferences, reports, and semester papers of Dry' some sustained effort. Credit for such courses may be granted to the undergraduates to an amount of not more than 12 credits. At the of end of the semester a written report of the work in such a course, 1Sh or a paper representing part of the Work must be read before the l staff of the department. A copy of this paper must be filed in the the office of the head of the department concerned. m Independent work courses are defined by their larger scope, for wider content, advanced point of view, and by a more rigorous demand of reading, writing, and thinking. E; Credit f01 Beginning Foreign Languages ical A passing grade in the first semesters work of a beginning mm modern foreign language will not entitle the student to credit for that course until he has gained a passing grade in the second semesters Work. YSL Classification in Foreign Languages HEP a. The student who presents one unit of high school foreign thy, language will be permitted to enroll in first year work for full me credit. red b. The student who presents two units of high school foreign dor language will be permitted to enroll in first year work, but will ,r_ receive credit only if he makes at least a B standing in this course. S is Electives in Othe1 Colleges gx; The 'Student is permitted to elect and count toward graduation dor 0Ou1Ses in the other colleges of the University not to exceed 30 nal C1`