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69 > Image 69 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1947-1948)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

l ARTS AND SCIENCES I6 3 SOPHOMORE YEAR J hird Semester Credits Fourth Semester Credits l T l Sociology 3aSocieties Around Sociology 3bSocieties Around g the WO1~ld 3 the '0Ild 3 German or French 3 German or French 3 8 {Chem. 30aOrganic Chem. or 5 T*Chem. 30bOrganic Chem. or 5 rl TChem. 21aQua.ntitative TChem. 2lb-Quantitative Analysis 5 Analysis 5 .- , Humanities 2 Physics lbGeneral Physics 4 Physics laGeneral Physics 4 l\lil. Sci. 6bSecond Yr. Mil. Sci. Ga--Second Yr. Elem. Course, Infantry 2 Elem. Course, Infantry 2 **Phys. Ed. "Phys. Ed. LS Upper Division 1 E The student in his junior and senior years will proceed to com- , 5 plete the group and field requirements and the additional specific ' requirements demanded by the medical school to which he will apply for admission. He should consult both his major professor tO and his pre-medical adviser. nl 5** PRE-DENTAL coURsE s- . . hh Students who wish to take up the study of dentistry are ad- vised to follow the two years Pre-Medical Course. This course more than meets the pre-dental requirements which have been ? specified by the Dental Education Council of America. With the Lt` two years course, entrance may be gained to all Class A dental its schools with the exception of a very few which require three years S' of preparatory work. er OU PRE-LAW COURSES mi Two years of college work (exclusive of certain specific a courses) with a minimum standing of 1.0 will be required for `n' admission to the College of Law, but in other than exceptional cases an applicant will not be accepted unless he has maintained r a standing of 1.3 on all previous work. Students expecting to enter ' the College of Law later are advised to lay special emphasis on ms English, history, economics, accounting, political science, and psy- . chology. See page 17. r ; ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY , The courses offered by the Department are prepared with the purpose of making them of educational value and at the same time, sity providing a preliminary training in the theoretical aspects for those hus students who plan to study for advanced degrees in Anatomy, Physiology, or related subjects. 3 or . tim Some medical schools require only an abbreviated course in Organic Chemistry. the TChoice depending on length of preparatory course desired. "Students required to take physical education will enroll each Sler semester until the physical fitness standard is completed. This require- { be ment may be satisfied in one or more semesters. - Univ.3