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Image 69 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1947-1948)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

l · ARTS AND SCIENCES I6 3 SOPHOMORE YEAR J hird Semester Credits Fourth Semester Credits l T l Sociology 3a—Societies Around Sociology 3b—Societies Around g the WO1~ld 3 the “'0I‘ld 3 German or French 3 German or French 3 8 {Chem. 30a—Organic Chem. or 5 T*Chem. 30b—Organic Chem. or 5 rl TChem. 21a—Qua.ntitative TChem. 2lb-Quantitative Analysis 5 Analysis 5 .- , Humanities 2 Physics lb—General Physics 4 Physics la—General Physics 4 l\lil. Sci. 6b—Second Yr. Mil. Sci. Ga--Second Yr. Elem. Course, Infantry 2 Elem. Course, Infantry 2 **Phys. Ed. "Phys. Ed. LS Upper Division 1 E The student in his junior and senior years will proceed to com- , 5 plete the group and field requirements and the additional specific ' requirements demanded by the medical school to which he will apply for admission. He should consult both his major professor tO and his pre-medical adviser. nl 5** · PRE-DENTAL coURsE s- . . hh Students who wish to take up the study of dentistry are ad- vised to follow the two year’s Pre-Medical Course. This course more than meets the pre-dental requirements which have been ?€· specified by the Dental Education Council of America. With the Lt` two years’ course, entrance may be gained to all Class A dental its schools with the exception of a very few which require three years S' of preparatory work. er OU PRE-LAW COURSES » mi Two years of college work (exclusive of certain specific ·a courses) with a minimum standing of 1.0 will be required for ‘ `n' admission to the College of Law, but in other than exceptional · cases an applicant will not be accepted unless he has maintained r a standing of 1.3 on all previous work. Students expecting to enter ' the College of Law later are advised to lay special emphasis on ms English, history, economics, accounting, political science, and psy- . chology. See page 17. r ; ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY , The courses offered by the Department are prepared with the purpose of making them of educational value and at the same time, sity providing a preliminary training in the theoretical aspects for those hus students who plan to study for advanced degrees in Anatomy, Physiology, or related subjects. 3 or . tim ’Some medical schools require only an abbreviated course in Organic ‘ ”· Chemistry. the TChoice depending on length of preparatory course desired. "Students required to take physical education will enroll each Sler semester until the physical fitness standard is completed. This require- { be ment may be satisfied in one or more semesters. - Univ.—3