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13 > Image 13 of 1943 Kentuckian

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS Keen Johnson Governor of Kentucky John Brooker Superintendent of Public Instruction W. H. May Commissioner of Agriculture Keen Johnson Governor of Kentucky EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Richard C. Stoll Chairman R. P. Hobson James Park H. S. Cleveland H. D. Palmore FROM THE STATE BOARD OF AGRICULTURE Robert Tway Louisville H. S. Cleveland Franklinton Harry W. Walters Shelbyville MEMBERS AT LARGE Richard C. Stoll Lexington R. P. Hobson Louisville Lee Kirkpatrick Paris Mrs. Paul G. Blazer Ashland John S. Cooper Somerset Harper Gatton Madisonville OFFICERS OF THE BOARD Keen Johnson Chairman Richard C. Stoll Vice-Chairman Frank D. Peterson Secretary John Skain Treasurer ALUMNI MEMBERS H. D. Palmore Frankfort Marshall Barnes Beaver Dam James Park Lexington Frank D. Peterson University Comptroller Leo M. Chamberlain Univetsity Dean and Registrar