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7 > Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Johnson County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

E 0 s 1 ;- 1 I ` I II JOHNSON COUHTY CIVILIAY ORGANIZATIONS r AMQRICAE LEGION, JOHFSON COUNTY POSTg#ll7 (National American Legion), q/o C. - K. eooper,~Amer1can Legion, City Building, Paintsville. Founded 1920. Comm- j ancer earl H. Fiaim, Paintsvillc. Acgutant, C. R. Cooper. Telephone Bc. .- . H #crms`expire July, 1945. `Vv UcmB*rsh` 178 O =- t t= ' C;* H`* A `~ U ht l 1 U LQ ip. . pen o ve trans ox Jorla nar 1 with honorable discharge. *p Cmmnittees:-Americanism, John G. Newman; Child Kblfarc, Hatler Johnson; Civic IVQFOVUHGHU, Chas. Tells; Preparedness, Heber Hard; Subversive Act-. I ivities, C. H. Cooper; henbership, Elbert Brown, all of Paintsvillo. I Eprposc: To uphold the Constitution of thc United States, maintain law endl order, foster and perpetuate 100% Americanism. Iornal Civic Activities: Aid to veterans and their families and cooperating W with civic organizations for community imnovement. Defense activities: Engaged in Collection of Scrap Metals and Other hotels, I I Public Speaking, R;serach Assistance, Typing and Other Clerical Assistance, Interviewing. I ~ | - ; I _ Y I p Iocal Puolications: rene. _ _ I I__ E _ I _ J1EDICnH LEGION nUXILInRY,IJIHHSCH UH T; 117 (National m;arican`Lcgion Auxilr iary), c/o Howard Hotel, Paintsvillc. Founded 1956. ?resident, Irs. Boone Howard, Laintsvillc. Telephone 2G. Secretary, hrs. Lelson Howard, PrintsL ville. Telephone 462. Terms expired July, 1942. _ , -_ Yemhorship: 16. Open to mother, wife, widow, sister or daughter of a Legion- naire. ` -m I Committees; Membership, Mrs. John Chandl r, Paintsville. ~#? ~ ~ Q Purpose: To assist the American Legion and cooperate with civic organiz -. tions. QI Yorxel Civic Activities: Cooperating in child welfare and charitable work, ` f also donations of vnrious items to hospitalized veterans. i Defense Activities: Engaged in Hospital and Clinical Lssistance,-Sewing ` and Preparation of Surgical Dressings, Red Cross nssistance. Interested In Collection of Scrap Metals and Other Metals, Research Assistmce. '_ Local Publications: hone. _ - Z, I LNJUIC H RED CROSS, JOINSCN CCUITY @i;PTQP (nnerioan N tional Ped Cross),.c/E $ hrs. E. J. Evans, Paintsville. Found d 1917. Chairman, nrs. B. J. Evans. Tcl- . ephone 23. Secretary, Miss Jevall Burchall, D nitsville. T rms indefinitcp N