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9 > Image 9 of Guide to civilian organizations. Johnson County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

L Daughters of imeriea, Paintsville Council5#72 (Continued) V Q Normal Civic Activities; Maintains home for orphan children and provides for y the aged and infirm. V ji Defense lctivities; Engaged in Child Care, Collecting Books. Interested in .:` "T""*' *"""iI""*""""" . ";"T'*; . . . g Library Service, Discussion Leaders, Public Speaking, Interviewing, Teaching p; Classes in Mechanical Skills needed in Defense Industries. I T Local Publications: None. ?. D;UGHTERS GF nLERICQHREVOLUTIOH P;IHTSVILLE CHRPTER State and National V 3 Q. Society, Daughters of imcrican Revolution), c/o Miss Nay itafferd, Paints- ,f ville. Founded 1925._Regent, Mrs. Herbert Wheeler, Stafford Street, Paints- ville. Telephone 545. Secretary, Kiss Kay Stafford. Terms expire hay, 1945. Lemborsrip: 24. Open to female lineal descendents of those who assisted the American cause in the Qmerican Revolution. . Cmemittoes: Qmericanization, Mrs. J. G. Henman; National Defense through I Patriotic Education, Kay Stafford; Approved Schools, hrs. Harry LaViers; Ellis Island, Hrs. G. H. Rico; Correct Use of Flag, Stella itkinson; Motion _ Picture, hrs. Z. Wells, all of Paintsville. o Purposca To perpetuate the memory of the soldiers of the Revo1utienaryWar I, and tc foster patriotic citizenship. f Lormal Civic Activities: Sponsoring contogts for better citizenship in pub- or lie szhonls, locating graves of Revolutionary soldiers and marking same. ; Defense Qctivities; Engaged in Entertainment, Recreation, Library Service, **-*:"**" -- . " :ii- . . . Sy ; Collecting Books, Discussion Leaders, Public Speaking, Research nssistanee. Q Interested in Hospital and Clinical nssistance, Sewing and Preparation of ii" ` "*""*""?'_' . . . . . . _ . _ ,-.,\ j Surgical Dressings, Red Cross nssistance, First nid, Preparation and Scrv= jj ing of Fned, Child Caro. 2 Local Publications; Year Book. f FREE QLD nCCEPTED LLSOES, P;IHTSVILLE LODGE $581 (Gr nd-Lodge ef Kentucky, * { F. &. 4. M.), e/e Elmer Lyon, Kasonic Building, P intsville. Founded l85b. , yi Lister, Ray Spears, Paintsville. Secretary, Elmer Lyon. Telephones 29 and Q. 275-TL Terms expire 1943. ` { , V ;? [ombership; 197. Qualifications, white male adults, goyd citizenship and , subgoet to the approval of the members. Cmmittoos; gdvissry, Guy J, Bond, G. F. Pneston, D. H. Dorten, J. U. Turner, . E all oi Paintsville. , . Purpose: Fraternal and charitable. _ `;*- .