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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 13, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

iinimriiiiil(irr---i- THE KENTUCKY Mutual Program FIR8T-CLAS- 8 IN EVERY Suits Made to Order MEET APPOINTMENT Dry Cleaning P. B. ROBARDS, Tailor i iriiftli KERNEL Go Where the Go's Go. ME AT. THE ORPHEUM THEATRE. J. H. STAMPER, KENTUCKIAN WILL A. M. TO 11:00 P. College Hoys' Tailor 9uit Dry Cleaned and Pressed - - $1.00 CHAPEL "I certainly am glad to hear that "Well, confidentially, It is Just about Suits Pressed 3.")C All work Guaranteed tho young ladles are going to turn of tho year, hone 1550-152 S. Limestone the biggest nnd best thing out this edition of the Kernel," said or last five years," was the remark Seniors Will Not Get Their Manager Gurneo of the Ada Meade, of ono who has some Inside InformaRewards Until Comwhen Interviewed by a fair member tion of the Kcnutucklan. mencement Week of tho staff yesterday, "particularly so When Interviewed by the Kernel great Inrepresentative on the subject tho Doctor Tigert announces that tho because I have something of to tell them." I am busy!" chapel said: "Get out, hour on Friday, April 21, will terest SUPERIOR VAUDEVILLE "Coming Monday is another one of Mr. (Jullen, business manager, said, bo given over to tho awarding of "Graham is busy now putting on the "K's" to the e football those splendid tabloid musical comer finishing touches, nnd won't talk, but men of tho 1915 team and to the 1910 dies from tho pen of W. D. 2 NEW SHOWS WEEKLY I nssure you It will be the 'biggest and Will Hough who wrote the basketball squads. An address and 3 - - SHOWS DAILY - 3 and best ever.' There are to bo some an appropriate speech season's greatest previous successes, presentation rnro things in the way of snapshots, are being planned. The senior "K" "The Night Clerk" and "Tickets and the 'fun comer' of It Is really men and women will receive their re- Please." MATINEE 10c TIiIb ono Is called "Tho Four Husclever. wards commencement week. NIGHT . "There Is color work in the book A recent ruling of the Athletic Com- bands," and If reports from Chicago $1.00 WORTH FOR 10c that is unsurpassed. The cover, mittee provides that a man is entitled are any criterion, it is the best one of in straight grained leather, is to a "K" sweater on first making an the lot. Now for the particularly inan innovation that you will like. Fra- athletic team and to a "K" certificate teresting point, every one of the sixSAME MANAGEMENT ternities, sororities, clubs, societies thereafter until his senior year. If a teen girls in the show had their gowns and all athletic teams are represented successful candidate for the 'Varsity specially designed for them by a synChicago and New York of in this book as never before. in his senior year, he will receivo his dicate "Now, I could talk to you all day second sweater. modistes. Don't forgot the date, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and alabout the many attractive features, so the fact that all seats will be rebut the main point is this: The 107 WEST MAIN STREET K. E. A. SPEAKERS. served. I might add that the leading BEST SODA FOUNTAIN IN THE Contest is closed. Many Hustlers' (Continued from Page 1) HOME-MADCITY. FINE persons bought Annuals from those in man is quite a matinee idol, has grey Doctor Mackenzie will deliver an ad CANDIES eyes and a pompadour, but that might the contest, but the business staff is dress on "Are There Modern Classics? cause complications, so we won't mengoing to take hold now, with the deStudy Them?" Miss Mary Shall We (Adv. tion it." termination of getting 400 or 500 more Sweeny will give a talk before the subscriptions. Of course it would Home Economics Department, and please us just as much to sell every-- ' SHAKESPEARE PAGEANT. When you contemplate Professor L. L. Dantzler will address thing during the few days following (Continued from Page 1) securing Life or Accithe annual meeting of the Kentucky May 15, when the books will be oif dent & Health Insurance e Society, of which he is pres the press, but our order must be in sity, not from the English Club alone. ask the K. S. U. student ident. about April 25. I expect the sale to representing a conserva-tive,Bostoo. Barker is a mem are: "As You Like It," chairman, President ti. run around 800 copies. It may go cast, Rosalind, Mass. , Comber of a committee on "How to Fi Christine Hopkins; higher than that, but we can not get Christine Hopkins; Orlando, Waverley pany to submit a proposinance a State School System." Docany more copies than the number orCelia, Josephine Farrell; tor Tuthill will make a report of the Briggs; tion. dered before the book goes to press. "MidTouchstone, Addison Foster. on "History committee the in You need Insur"There. You see now the reason summer Night's Dream," chairman, ance. He will apGrades" before his department. Prowhy everyone must get in an order preciate your Busifessor Noe is on a special committee Professor E. F. Farquhar; Queen Ellzness. early. President Barker and the facibeth, Katherine Mitchell; Theseus, on "Teachers' Institutes in Kentucky," ulty have given us their earnest supAddress 406 City Bank Bldg. and Doctor Mackenzie is a member of Franklin Corn; HIppolyta, Mary Sayre port, and I know the book will be unWilliams. Other members of the cast the Resolutions Committee. equalled by any other college annual." Important speakers at the associa- - are yet to be selected. Students who have never bought an "The Tempest," chairman, Rebecca tion will be President G. Stanley Hall, annual before have dragged out "rus 'of Miranda, Rebecca Smith; Clarke University; Dr. G. D. Smith; ty dollars" to pay the business staff Shayer, of Columbia University; Prospero, Emery Frazier; Ariel, Dew for reserving a copy of the 1916 Ken- Flanery; Ferdinand, Ector Lawson. Chancellor James H. Kirkland, of tuckian. Subscriptions have been re"Winter's Tale," chairman, Profes University, and Miss Ida ceived also from alumni in Missouri, who will speak on "Give the sor Li. u. Dantzler; Perdlta, Jane Far Colorado, New York and elsewhere. rell. Florlzel, Harold Pulliam. Girls a Chance." Local alumni also have given the as Franklin Corn will act as Master of The second annual dinner of the surance that many more "old grads" alumni of Kentucky University, held the Revels, and Falstaff portrayed by will take this means of getting in in connection .with the K. E. A., will J. L. Hammond, will make merry closer touch with their Alma Mater. be given Thursday evening, April 20, throughout the afternoon. The date has been happily chosen at the Henry Watterson Hotel. The MELCHER GIVES TALK dinner had an attendance of 77 last between the week of senior an undergraduate examinations and admission ON GERMAN CASTLES year and 125 are expected this year, to the performance being free, it is It will be a convenient reunion for Dean Melcher delivered an illus- University alumni, especially from hoped the entire student body will assemble for such revels as the camtrated lecture on Heidelberg, Cologne Western Kentucky. pus has never seen before and will and Paris to German students in the 'oubtless never see again. photography room of Mechanical Hall MICHIGAN GAME. (Continued from Pago 1) Monday morning. ADA MEADE undcr-graduat- Fried-lande- semi-flexibl- e CALAGIS & CO. cnl prizefighter, ns big of voice as ho Is of brawn. Misses Virginia Stout and Eliza Spurrier take the parts of society matrons of tho most exclusive set, with cn80 and grace. Herbert Graham, as the cool, suave lawyer, Mr. Ford is very natural. Tato Bird, the clerk, and Preston Cherry, the butler, are splendid In their parts. Franklin Corn Is good ns Cal and "Babe" Lawson gives an original touch to his playing of tho proprietor of a Western hotel. Tho scenic effects are In charge of Eugene Gribben and Herbert Felix. James MacConnell is proving a most efficient business manager. Seats went on sale Tuesday morning and the house Is well sold out. However, there are a few left, in case anyone has neglected to get one. Several box parties have been planned, enthuslam is running high and every one is anticipating a most enjoyable evening. E j Folk-Lor- n, tie (0 i COLONIAL Van-derbi- AIlFeatureProgram Young Men Best Screen Graduates Tar-bel- l, Best Actors Best Artists Best Pictures Best Producers Franz Josef Spengler The Photographer in Your Town Has pleased the exacting student and the best people generally for fifteen years. Can he show you? 311 r W. Main St. Hair Cut Shave Phone 1092-- y 15c 10c (EXCEPT SATURDAYS) GEO. MARTIN'S IARIER SHOP. assment, 139 East Main, Opposite Pheenlx Hetel. The students in these classes have just finished reading "Karl Heinrich and the description of Heidelberg Cas tie and student life at Heidelberg Uni verslty aroused so much Interest that Dean Melcher and Professor Cannon selected 55 of the pictures they col lected during their visits in Europe, and by means of the projectoscope showed the cathedrals castles and uni versities of Germany and France to their interested students, and to the many other pupils who had heard of the lecture and desired to hear It. "Father and the Boys" Get Your Seats Now April 28 and 29 University of Ten nessee at Knoxville. May 3 Centre College at Danville. 8 Georgetown May College at Georgetown. .May 12 University of Hawaii at Lexington. May 18 Depauw University at Lex ington. May 26 Centre College at Lexing ton. NOTICE! All students who expect to participate In the peace oratorical contest next Tuesday night, April 18th, will meet In Professor Noo's room In the Education Building at 10 o'clock Satur day morning. ENGLISH CLUi. The English Club will meet in Pro- Cassldy Speaks. fessor Dantzler's room, Wednesday, Mr. Perry Cassldy, instructor in the April 19, at 3:30. Mr. R. A. Foster Mechanical Engineering College, ad will speak. dressed the Woman's Club of Central Kentucky, April 8, on "Mothers of IT'S TONIGHT. Men." M. "FATHER and the BOYS ADA MEADE OFFERS (Continued from Pago 1.) SPRING STYLE HINTS "K" SWEATERS TO BE BE "BEST EVER" Admission 5c OPEN 10:00 Jr., Owner and Manager. "Father and the Boys" will find this store better than ever prepared to cater to your needs New Suits, Spring-weig- ht Overcoats, Hats, Shoes, Shirts and Other Haberdashery Dress Suits Reasonably Rented Graves, Cox & Co. INCOUPOllATED College Fellows Shop Hlg-be-