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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 13, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY TRACK FATHER AND THE BOYS UNIVERSITY PUTS OUT STROLL UP TO CHAPEL TEAM ROUNDS INTO GOOD CONDITION Hickerson, Hogrefre, Hay-do- n and Their Teammates Show Class MEET GEORGETOWN Daily work-out- mid nn hicrcnslng amount of Interest nnionf? the asplr-nnt- s for bortlis on the trnck team Indicate a victory for Kentucky In tho dunl moot to bo hold with Georgetown College on Stoll Field April 20. Tireless efforts on tho part of Mr. Stack, the physical director, who is in chargo of tho track squad, and his assistants arc being put forth to produce n winning team. Their chief desire and aim is to atone for tho received at tho hands of Georgetown Inst year. Mr. Stack states that no unusual developments bavo been observed within tho past week, but a steady Consistimprovement is noticeable. ent training and regular practices are rapidly developing a speedy team. As to tho individual candidates, Woods, Hogrefre, Mayhow and Clark, the long distance men, and Mullen and Logan, tho quartor-milors- , are all holding their own. Hickerson, with tho discus and hammer, and Faulkner and Lancaster with the weights, are right in tho game. Grabfelder is working to make a sprint record all bis own. Charles Haydon and Karl.Zerfoss in their respective feats of and vaulting promise to maintain their records made in other activities. Marshall and Brittain aro showing good form on the hurdles. Mr. Stack also says that at present there are no prospects whatsoever for a dual meet with Vanderbilt. do-fo- Father and tho boys woro all at chapel Friday morning, and hoard Doctor Tigcrt champion tho causo of tho Strollers. Harking back to tho days when ho began his theatrical career with George M. Cohan and Richard Mans-HolDoctor Tigcrt declared that dramatics should bo encouraged from tho viewpoint of tho student who participates, of tho spectator, and of tho institution which benefits from tho favorablo publicity of such performances. Mr. William Shinnick, Btago manager of tho Stroller play, "Father and the Boys," which will bo staged April 13 nt tho Lexington Opera House, appealed to the student body for its support, nnd warned it of tho rare opportunity offered in this play. Tho members of tho cast wero seated upon tho rostrum, and a large crowd was present. col-log- o Alumnae Club. Tho April meeting of tho Alumnae Club of the University of Kentucky was held at tho Phoenix Hotel Saturday. May 26 is the dato sot for the annual party to bo given for tho senior girls. DARK SECRET. There will bo another student rally in chapel Friday at tho regular hour, with music and yells and tho ceiling as tho limit for enthusiasm. Tho yell leaders will be on hand to help out in the celebration. President Barker, Doctor Mackenzie and others will be speakers. The purpose of tho meeting is still a dark secret, but it is certain that it will bo a "joy fest." CO. N INCORPORATED CLOTHING, FURNISHINGS, SHOES. HATS AND TAILORING PHONE 903 PUBLICATIONS 140 W. MAIN STREET Show Good Taste in Xmas Gifts Miss Holladay's Candy and Belle Meade Sweets are Unequaled LEXINGTON DRUG COMPANY Recent Numbers of Papers Show Marked Improvement In All Lines SENT OVER STATE Five University publications besides tho Kernel and Kentuckian, Is not a showing for bad Kontuc k y. Thcso aro "Tho Transit," from tho colj. logo of Civil Engineering; "Tho High School Quarterly," from tho Department of Education; tho Farm Bulletin," from tho Extension Department of tho College of Agriculture ; "Tho Kentucky Alumnus," and "Tho Rural Kentuckian," tho first copy of which will appear this week. "Tho Transit" is published monthly by tho students of tho College of W. M. Adams is Civil Engineering. Tho artitho present cles in this magazine deal with any-- ' thing of interest in civil engineering. Eacli class is represented on tho staff, which is made up entirely from tho student body. "Tho Transit" has been published for a number of years, but has gained particular notice in the last two or three. f of Professor Noo is the "High School Quarterly," which promises to develop into a real literary magazine. Tho April number, one of tho best, contains an excellent article on the meaning of tho "Ancient Mariner," by E. E. Wood, Pres- uno 01 Ulentot uumuerianu college, poems, Noe's latest Professor "Aphasia," appears in this issue, and a masque by Professor C. P. Weaver, in high arranged for presentation Terrell, Baker schools. Professors and Melcher haVo articles relating to their respective subjects, in the same number. This magazine has been in publication only two years, but has made great progress during that time. Tho Extension Department of tho College of Agriculture is putting out Farm Bulletin," 5,000 the copies of which aro published and sent to the pres sand farmers all over tho State. Tho paper contains practical information on all agricultural Smith, Rebecca subjects. Miss senior in the Department of English, edits it. Another paper from the College of Agriculture will appear this week, tho "Rural Kentuckian." Leon Leonian is and Miss Elizabeth Farra represents tho Department of Homo Economics on tho staff. It will bo published under tho auspices of tho Agricultural and Homo Ecouomics Societies, and is devoted to tho interests of tho collogo students as well as to tho farmer at largo. Tho Experiment Station will publish tho results of its experiments through this paper, which will greatly enhanco its value. Tho "Kentucky Alumnus" is published monthly and sont to all alumni mombors. It is chlolly designed to kcop them in touch with tho University and with each othor. Tho last bavo ' contained numbers threo on tho Origin and Growth "Sketches of tho University of Kentucky," by Dr. Jas. K. Patterson, which aro very interesting. Mr. J. D. Turner, odltor of tho "Alumnus," is rosponsiblo for its vigorous editorial policy, and tho work of Miss Margaret McLaughlin of tho Department of Journalism, special mention. Those publications bring to tho of tho Stato nu idea of what tho University is accomplishing and it is justly proud of them. editor-in-chie- editor-in-chie- "Lexingtons Bigger and Better Men's Store" Now Showing Spring Hart, Schaffner & Marx Clothes for College Young Men Also complete line of Hats and Furnishings that are really individual Kaufman Clothing Co. Y. M. C. A. FORMS MJJLE CLASSES AND BLUE RIDGE CLUB THESE LEXINGTON FIRMS IN THE KENTUCKY KERNEL, NUF CED editor-in-chie- THE TOGGERY SHOP GRADDY-RYA- MANY I KERNEL poo-pl- W. A. Ganfield, President of Centre College, Hpoko to tho University men Sunday night In tho Y. M. C. A. rooms, on "Moral, Muscle and How To Uso It." About sixty boys woro present and enjoyed a half hour of gripping oratory. Biblo study classes for tho men who signed cards during tho Robins campaign will moot onco a week in tho Y. M. C. A. rooms. Professors Tlgort, Noo, Uoyd, Freeman, Rowc, Bryant and Anderson will take chargo of tho classes and tho "Call to Sorvico" will bo used In tho work as a A Blue Hidgo Club has recently be'en orgnnlzcd by tho University students who bavo boon to Blue Rldgo Summer Conferences. Great results aro expected from this co operation. School Books and Suppltea. Tho Unlvoralty Book Store. Lunch Counters and Restaurants. W. F. Oldham. Metropolitan Restaurant. Martin & Stockwoll. Amusements. Orphoum. Colonial. Ada Meado. Men's Clothing. Graddy-Rya- text-boo- MARGARET INGELS IN CLASS BY HERSELF Miss Margaret Ingols, senior mechanical, received special notice in the Sunday Leader as tho only woman mechanical and electrical engineer in the United States. When asked by the reporter if she were sorry she took tho course, Miss Ingols replied: "Xo, I'm not. There wero some things to give up that wero hard at tho time, but I haven't missed them much. The worst feature is that it keeps me away from the other girls and I haven't any real girl friends at all." To the all important question, "Will you ever marry?" Miss Ingles replied: "No! It will be four years boforo another leap year, and by then I hope to bo independent." col-leg- o BARNSTORMERS. John March and William Shinnick addressed the young ladies of Sayro Collogo Tuesday morning on behalf of the Stroller play to bo presented April 13. Mr. Shinnick spoke to tho students of Morton High School last week. & Co. Graves-Co- x Kaufman Clothing Co. Soda Luby & Aloxander. Cluott, Peabody Co. Hardesty's. Women's .Clothing. Purcell's. Barber Shops. Eaglo Barber Shop. George T. Martin. Fountain and Confectionery. McGurk Brothers. Calagis & Co. Phoenix Fruit Stand. Photographic Work. Franz Josef Spongier. Humphrey's Studio. Jewelers. Fred J. Heinta. Sporting Goods. Calloway & Co. Shoe Store. Special Shoe Co. S. Bassett & Sons. Drugstore. W. E. Stagg. Lexington Drug Co. Insurance. Joe M. Robinson. Hotel. Phoenix Hotel. Tailors. P. B. Robards. Railroads. Queen & Crescent Printing. Welsh & Murray. ' Dentist. ' J. T. Slaton. Taxlcabs. Tho Taxicab Company. LUBY & ALEXANDER MAKE THEM BETTER HIGH GLASS TAILORING, MODERATE PRICES A Wonderful Range From $25. OO to $35, OO $45 As Low as $15 AsHigh as YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT WILLIAM E. STAGG, Your Druggist PHONES 2871-91- MAIN & MILL 3 THE PHOENIX HOTEL RESPECTFULLY SOLICITS THE PATRONAGE OF r State University Men and Womer, Special Attention Given Fraternity Banquets and Social Fundi C. D. Calloway & C KOr BASKET BALL SUPPLIES 146 WEST MAIN STREET