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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 13, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

KERNEL THE KENTUCKY situation, but now we particularly beseech the women of the University to realize their opportunities and to feel deeply grateful to those who have conceded them. It is a triumph, yet wc urge them not to receive it in a triumphant manner, rather wc urge thnt they show their appreciation in a most maidenly mnnner, and on every opportunity that they are fortunate enough to be accorded, to bow humbly to the donors of such a gift in honest appreciation of the recognition they have received in being allowed to issue one thirty-sixt- h of the Kentucky Kernel for 1916. The Kentucky Kernel (Formerly The Idea). PablUhed every Thursday throughout tho College year by the student body of the State University of Kentucky, for the benefit of the students, alumni and faculty of the institution. THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Is the official newspaper of the University. It It iuued with tho view of furnishing to its subscribers all the college news of Kentucky, together with a digest of items of interost concerning the universities of other States and Canada. INSCRIPTION, ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR. Entered at Lexington I'oBtoffice aa second-clas- FIVE CENTS PER COPY mail matter. s EDITORIAL STAFF. Creatures of Habit. Tho young Indies of Patterson Hall request that tho luncheon menus shnll not ho changed around. Ono enn never toll what day of tho week It Is! Honest Confession. To run skin games at dear old Slate, Commend tho "frails" To got a Kernel wo donnlo To Homo Ec candy sales! that there arc two seniors who bcllovo iln prcparEDNESS. t Anita D. Crnbbc Elsie Heller Alice Gregory Editor-in-Chie- Hcbeccn W. Smith. . .Managing Editor Society O Athletics Annie L. Whltworth Campus Julia Van Arsdale. .Home Economics f La Luke. : FIVE YEARS HENCE From the Kernel Flics of 1921 O t. I We ,the with formally make our bow to the University at large, but most particularly to the masculine element in our midst I Not humbly, d however, nor reverently, nor even apologetically as the contingent, we feel sure, undoubtedly expects us to do, but with faces beaming with pride and self assurance and hearts aglow with the realization that our edition is far superior to any ever before issued by this University, with the possible exception of that gotten out by the girls in 1915. last-name- If, in boasting thus, we appear unbecomingly conceited, we earnestly request that our critics be lenient and reflect that we have only the example set by the regular Kernel staff, to follow and we find ourselves wondering, with kindest intent, if a more body of honest citizens exists, than that conceited, composed of our contemporary brethren. They have requested that in our issue we stick as nearly as possible to the path they have so nobly hewn this year, and have beseeched us with eyes not to lower the high standards they have steadily maintained nor in any way besmirch the Kernel's good name lest it reflect discredit on them. We have done our best. Believing their greatest fort and strongest policy to be and have adopted a similar one and feel sure that we under their guidance we cannot fail to bring credit on our institution. We know that after perusing our columns every student will go to chapel. We are equally sure every matriculate in the University will straightway read the new dictionary recently advertised in these columns. Likewise, every man will automatically become a self'appointed custodian of our "crazy-quilt- " bulletin finally they, each and every one, will be inspired to boards and purchase at least six tickets to "Father and the Boys." self-satisfi- tear-dimm- What Next? In getting out the Girls' Issue this week we have become more and more impressed with the remarkable strides woman is making in every land along every line. It is not our intention in saying this to throw bouquets so directly at ourselves by any means, but rather to take up the subject from a less evident phase and call to the minds of our readers the great concessions that are being made to us. Foremost, woman has, by mere man, finally been accorded That means something, but it is not all, woman has, during the last two centuries developed (?) a mind and the actual power to use such a faculty intelligently. Not too intelligently, we hurriedly add, in an effort not to misquote our masculine t friends, but after all, intelligently enough in some States, the cli- 7fr ate being wholly to blame for the rapidity of development of course, to be permitted equal suffrage, and as yet nothing dire has resulted. We do not, however, lose sight of the fact that in all probability the attendant calamity so confidently predicted, will fall upon the nation in due time. Creatures who have so recently acquired both soul and mind are not of a variety to be reckoned with with any degree of confidence. a soul. Getting back, however, to our local territory, woman suffrage ' A Freshman Wllllo: '"Pa, what Is n REPORTERS. matriculation fee?" Mildred Graham. Mildrod Taylor. Edncss Kimball, Pa Darker: "A trick that tlioy got Our Contribution. by with, my son." The campus now Is dotted o'er April Greetings. Ma OIlHs: With loving couples by tho score, "Wllllo, If you don't go And that Is why wo think once moro right upstairs to bed, I'll charge you Spring has cornel another fco!" staff of the Girls' Issue of the Kentucky Kernel, here, April Eliza Plggott. II 0 1 t 4.1 11 . . 1 e ance in our own University world, so much so that we august readers of our paper to stop for a moment and editions of the Kernel each year, out of the thirty-siiris of the University are accorded the privilege of issuing one. be-th- re-th- at x 'e are proud of the place we have assumed. We believe concession on the part of the men of this institution is as nt in the history of woman as the discovery of her soul and e have asked that our readers, as a whole, reflect on the Our best girl has a brand now hnt, She says It cost twelve dollars flat, And we're a bit more certain that Spring has come! 81c Transit. Every fall Wc get a hunch April Trains will haul Another bunch up this Of Tho chilly winter wind still blows freshmen way Upon tho callow youth's silk hose, s one knows "The saddest freshman class In years," But by those new April Spring has come! they say. 7 10 11 sorry-lookin- Wlnslow Street and beautiful driveway to Stoll Field completed. Patterson Hnll announces board rates of $20 a week with special terms of ?2.i0 a day for visitors. Kentucky Legislature changes official name of to tho tho University "Kentucky 'iStntcCollego-Unlvcrsity.- " low-cut- 13 Basketball K sweaters 191H-1awarded. for 0 Every spring FINNEY CALLED HOME Long in Juno wishes to regulate the length of women's skirts by Seniors sing Carroll M. Finney, a student in tho Same old tunc law. If suffrage ever becomes uniJournalism Department, was called Of how they hate to finish up the race. versal, the track and basketball men home to Frankfort Tuesday morning We wonder "Who will ever fill their better look out! by the illness of his mother. Ho left place!" immediately for her bedsire, and at Got One? the last reports she was seriously ill. In the spring a young maid's fancy Stand Back, Gentlemen, Don't Shove! In view of the mad rush among Uniever turns to clothes, yes but never PRESIDENT DABNEY, to red, yellow, blue and green plaid versity of Kentucky cadets to enlist OF U. OF CINCY., for active service in Mexico, we nomshirts. TALKS IN CHAPEL inate the cannon for Militarist. The Brutel Dr. Charles William Dabney, Presi"When I sit by the fire with my heart's dent of the University of Cincinnati, Apropos the statement of tho peace red desire," addressed tho student body in chapel advocates that the present war is the Tuesday Isn't that the most tactless thing morning. "Preparedness" surest sign of future peace, Doctor was could be said? the subject of his talk, and, unWhy, "auburn" or "Titian," or any- Tuthlll facetiously regrets that there like the cry going out through tho should be a fist even In pacifist. thing else whole country for military preparedWould! be better than calling it ness, ho discussed preparation of tho Murder Will Out. "red"? whole man. Funny things do happen. When tho Doctor Dabney traced the evolution new Exchange Editor of the Girls' Is- of nature and said it was so with each Who's Who. deplores the omission sue bogan her work, the first exchange living being. Nature, theology, hisThe year's Kernel of the old she picked up was a highly decorated tory and philosophy teach that tho from this from tho National whole universe has to be prepared, Who's Who Department which paid communication Wholesale Liquor Dealers' enduring tribute to the stars of the and he divided his talk into three departments. senior firmament. Therefore, we ofHe first said that physical preparedfer a few well deserved tributes to Shush! Not So Loud! ness was the most essential thing prominent members of '16. The expenses of the Junior Prom at in lifo, and before military excellence Noys E. Discord. tho University of Kansas are paid by could bo obtained, good health is necNoys E. Discord is the most promi- the women as well as tho men. essary. He did not dwell on intelnent member of the senior class. He lectual preparedness, for ho said that has dominated all '10 class meetings as the students are in tho University and made his influence felt among all for tho purpose of learning,, that phase Well? factions. In social affairs, elections In a recent examination in domes- of his talk was unnecessary. and class publications he has been tho Preparedness of character In tho tic science in Scott County, a young best liked person in tho class. feminist declared that "tho reason end Is tho most important, as tho women ought to take Homo Econom- world is a school of preparedness for Polly Ticks. is a prepared placo for There has never been a better loved ics was so they could run their hus- heaven and it prepared people. bands' business." or more popular person in tho class of '1C than Polly Ticks. Tho men purlooks like a big nite sue her, and tho girls try to keep up "Father and the Boys" with her. She has been versatile, too, and has shone in athletics, dramatics and social spheres . ! Tit For Tat. A Virginia legislator , it COLLEGE MEN Betcha Didn't Know. Professor Melchor Is tho Dean of Men. Wo Beat Purdue. Stags must not stand in tho middle of the floor. Tho Y. M. C. A. will meet Sunday at 0:30. Tho Strollers will present "Father and tho Boys" soon. All's Fair in War and In spito of tho peaceful disposition of Kentucky students, it is rumored Have you seen those swell English Last Shoos we aro showing this season? They aro euro beauties; made in mahogany calf and gun metal calf. They fit like a glovo and stand the knocks. They aro just tho Shoo for U10 Dressy Young Follow. Prices, $4, $4.50 and $5.00 the pair. The Special Shoe Co. 206 West Main Street, Lexington, Kentucky. Cy Hanks, Manager.